NHL Trade Rumors – November 9, 2011.

A look at several goaltenders of possible interest around the league…Hurricanes GM shopping around…Could David Krejci be dealt?…Is the Blue Jackets acquisition of Mark Letestu just the start of more deals to come? 


Harding's strong play could interest rival teams.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance yesterday looked at several goalies who could attract attention in the trade market. Among them: Vancouver’s Cory Schneider, LA’s Jonathan Bernier, Minnesota’s Josh Harding, Florida’s Scott Clemmensen and the Islanders’ Evgeni Nabokov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What do all these goalies have in common? Yep, they’re affordable backups. Of these five, three – Schneider, Bernier and Harding – have starter potential. Nabokov is trying to prove he can return to the form that made him the Sharks starter for many years. Clemmensen is an established backup but could be of value to teams seeking depth behind a starter. Schneider and Bernier could prove expensive to acquire, and Custance reports the rumored asking price for Nabokov is a second round pick. Harding has a lengthy injury history which could make potential suitors leery of acquiring him at this point. The Wild aren’t believed shopping Harding, though that could change if starter Niklas Backstrom starts winning with more regularity.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun, responding to an e-mail from a Carolina Hurricanes fan, claimed sources saying GM Jim Rutherford is shopping around for help for his struggling roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the recent vote of confidence from Rutherford toward his coaching staff, it appears any changes in the near future will come via trade. The Hurricanes have depth in defense and could shop one perhaps for a scoring forward. It was assumed early last month Joni Pitkanen might be available but it appears there was nothing to this.

CSNNE.COM: reports the recent upswing in the Bruins fortunes have silenced the David Krejci trade rumors…for now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has been patient with his lineup, including Krejci, during their early season slump, and I expect he’ll continue to be so in the coming weeks. It could take a serious slump for Chiarelli to consider moving Krejci.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson said his recent acquisition of center Mark Letestu from Pittsburgh is not an indicator other moves could be coming soon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a puzzling move, as the Jackets are already deep with centers.


  1. I was a little surprised at the acquisition of Letestu. However, he is pretty solid at faceoffs .. sitting around 55% .. it doesn’t appear to be a fluke or early season success as he took over 700 faceoffs last year and was also around 55%. Perhaps this is a move that could facilitate a trade involving Vermette? All I know is that the way the Jackets are playing, anything is possible at this point.

  2. I’m still believing it’s Brassard that will get the boot out of CLB. His points are low and his minutes have dwindled badly – at least twice (and maybe more) this season he has played under 10 minutes. He got bumped up to the top line, got 2 pts, and two games later played 8 minutes. I think he has worn out his welcome. He might still fetch a decent player in return, so his time in Columbus looks about done, to me.

    Also, depending on Reimer’s status, which nobody seems to *really* know, Clemmensen could be a fit with the Leafs. A talented backup who can handle a workload until their starter returns – whenever that is. Gustavsson clearly can’t and Scrivens is talented, but could use more seasoning in the minors, I think. Having someone like Clemmensen come in for 5-10 games to stabilize the team, then back up Reimer afterwards, when he comes back would be good.

    [Note: if Reimer is coming back in 2-3 games, scrap that last part :) ]

  3. Also: I’m not a Leafs fan, so I’m not one of these “Every superstar in the NHL should be traded to the Leafs for a bag of pucks and a 10th rounder” kind of people; I just think Clemmensen – or someone similar – would be a good fit for the Buds!

  4. Judging by the sieve show put on by the goaltending in the last two games by Toronto, I would definately add the Leafs to that list of teams looking long and hard at goaltending as Scrivens is not NHL ready and Gus to me never was. Of the 3 potential starters in Schneider, Bernier and Harding, Bernier and Harding have the best chance to arrive in Toronto as Gillis likely won’t even talk to Burke about anything much less trading Schneider.

  5. I would love to see Clemmenson back with the Leafs again as a backup. Not sure why we got rid of him in the first place. Then again why would Florida give him up?

    As for Krejci on the market, I would live to see him as our first line centre, but do not believe the Leafs have anything the Bruins need or want, except for draft picks, and I don’t think they want to go down that road again…..

  6. Murph – Markstrom has played very well for the Panthers as a backup, so while they wouldn’t give up Clemmensen for a song, I think they would trade him if a fair deal showed up.

    Joey – I think the Leafs are very happy to have Reimer as their starter (when he comes back), so it would make sense for them to trade for a player who wouldn’t be competition for starting goalie. E.g. Bernier or Harding would push for 1a/1b status; I think Burke just needs a good career backup to hold the fort. (Think: Alex Auld, etc)

  7. @ Northby9

    Agree with your comments, but the reason I thought they would not want to move Clemmensen is because, although Markstrom will be really good, I heard they do not want to rush him, and he will get way more playing time in the AHL as long as Theodore remains steady.

  8. What about Anders Linhdbach?

  9. The CBJ trade for Letestu is not a bad one, 3rd/4th liner center or wing but doesnt address the biggest problem in goal. Mason is not the answer unless the question is who is the modern Hardy Astram. Any of the goalies listed would be a huge,huge upgrade, as would Rogie Vachon. Or Gilles Gilbert. Or Ron low. Or the backup on my kids pee wee hockey team.

  10. Its funny how a month ago, I was hearing Tukka Rasks name come up in rumors for a goalie that could be moved and now, his name isn’t on the list. I know he’s not happy being a backup to Tim Thomas, I know he feels he could be a number one on any other team. Any rumors on his name floating around as well?

  11. Murph – fair point! :)

  12. Getting Van/LAs backup is going to be steep… very… it will cost a prospect and probably a first or second, I’m certain (If Varly costed a first, I mean…)

    On the other hand, if I was Garth Snow, there’s no doubt in my mind I would be moving Nabokov out of the isle for ANY type of return, since there is about a 1% chance he resigns with the team that screwed him out of a playoff appearance last year. If no one is biting on the second rounder, then make them pay in prospects or someone with character… just get anything you can get out of another GM for him.

  13. As everyone here has already mentioned, the Leafs are in desperate need of a goaltender. Gust and Scrivens are not the guys to keep this team settled down and really, do we know if Reimer is for sure at this point… He has played 43 NHL games and the belief is that he is a definate bonified NHL starter. I sure hope he is but what if he isn`t. After only 43 NHL games can we really hang our hats on him being the guy to guide this team to the playoffs and through a run. If he is not then, not only would the Leafs be without a backup but also without a starter. Anyone think it`s time the Leafs aquired a seasoned Vet to help with Reminer and help take some of the load to secure a future playoff run for the Leafs. I`m not talking Clemmenson either. The Leafs have to offer up some good young talent for a bonified NHL tender if they hope to keep this team on track to get in the playoffs. If all else fails then I would consider taking a shot at Nabokov for a 2nd rounder.

  14. In regards to all who have posted about the Leafs adding another goalie, apparently the “Turco camp” reached out to Burke and was told not at this time. (heard this info on the radio today, no quotes from either side so take it for what it’s worth) this tells me two things, Burke is willing to ride out the storm and not make changes, and two, Riemer is probably close to coming back. Can’t say I agree, I’m not sold on Gus, but I trust Burke’s analysis of the team better then mine. Or who knows, maybe he just doesn’t want Turco lol!

  15. Krejci’s not going anywhere

  16. Just read an article on the Faceoff website and apparently Wilson has no idea which one of Scrivens or Gus to put in net tomorrow against the Blues who just got a new coach in Hitchcock. I wonder if maybe Carleton the Bear might help out the Leafs here seeing as how the other two don’t measure up.

  17. Burke should go after Nabokov and work the trade for Komisarek. The Isles could use a big defenceman and the Leafs would be well served by Nabokov who was always a top tier goal tender in both save percentage and goals against. The Leafs have a lot of depth on defence and Franson can step into his spot easily. I believe both teams would benefit immediately in areas they need assistance from this trade without hurting any of their current lineups.

  18. There are so many options out there, the problem is that the asking price is absurd right now and for good reason.. if you have schneider, bernier, harding, bobrovsky, lindback, rask or enroth as your back-up goalies, all of which have the real possibility of being average to very good goalies, it makes no sense to deal them for nothing when they’re gonna give you 20-30 quality starts, keep your goalie rested and give your team a chance to win every night they’re in net. The GM’s will wait for the proper offer and then trade them. Vancouver has another very good goalie prospect in their ranks in the form of Eddie Lack, so after the year, depending on who they choose between scheider and luongo (probably lou because of his contract), they will probably trade him for a few key pieces and or high draft picks. Bernier is stuck behind Quick in L.A. but i get the assumption that when Quick’s up for a new contract he’ll be the one traded to bring in draft picks and they’ll keep Bernier simply from a salary cap standpoint, they’ll be able to retain him at a cheaper cost. Harding can be a starter now on any team willing to give up the proper pieces the Wild would want in return, probably a solid top-4 defenceman which would fit their needs (Leafs trade Franson + for Harding? possible fit there perhaps), Lindback will be in Nashville for a few years i believe, Rinne has had some injury issues in the past, and they’ll probably keep Lindback around in case that occurs again unless they get a good offer for him, but he’s probably the most unproven of the bunch, and therefore likely won’t attract the same interest as the others, Rask will one day take over from Thomas again, so there’s no way he’s going anywhere.. If anything, i believe that Thomas, if he’s still playing at a high level will be traded in the last year or two of his contract and fetch a decent return. And then there’s Enroth, nobody seems to be talking about this kid, but from what i’ve seen he’s got all the makings to be a good goalie in this league, however i believe buffalo will keep him around to keep Miller fresh for the playoffs since they’re trying to win now, and with Miller struggling right now and Enroth thriving, he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. An interesting option would be Bobrovsky, he’s proven he can be a 1A/1B guy in net, and i’m sure Philly wouldn’t mind unloading his salary (it’s not outrageous by any means, but they’re so close to the cap it would give them some breathing room), at the same time however, Philly would probably like to keep him around to keep Bryzgalov fresh. I read one comment (can’t remember where) concerning Karlsson of the Flames, which would be intriguing because they do have Irving in the pipeline, many believe that Karlsson will one day take over from Kipper, which could be very true, but many believe Irving is the long-term answer for when Kipper retires. Saying that, Karlsson will likely not be available this year, but in the next year or two he could be a commodity teams will be looking at..

  19. @ Jamie,

    I like your thinking and I have said for over a year now how I think Komisarek would be a good fit in the Isle for a lot of reasons ( Home stae, family etc). Why I do not think it will happen is I do not think the Islanders want to spend any more money. Charlie and Garth are 14 million under the cap, which is well over the floor, but I think that is strictly to discourage players like Tavares from getting the idea that do not want to even try to contend. They are carrying 3 million per year in buyouts, and may need to py out up to 56 million in bonuses, So I think they would want more than Komisarek for the 5.4 million dollar privelige. I am sure the Isles would swap Ricky D for Komisarek though…..