NHL Trade Rumors – October 13, 2011.

Could the Carolina Hurricanes consider moving Joni Pitkanen?…Would Daniel Alfredsson consider “the Ray Bourque option”?…Are the Columbus Blue Jackets planning a trade?


A luxury no longer worth keeping?

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock wonders if the Carolina Hurricanes can afford to retain defenseman Joni Pitkanen. They re-signed Pitkanen to a three-year, $13.5 million contract this summer, but DeCock wondered if they might’ve done the same thing if they knew Tomas Kaberle, who signed with them later in the summer for the same price, would be available to them? He pointed out the Hurricanes are carrying nine defensemen, and Pitkanen may now be a luxury they cannot afford, especially given the club’s need for another top-six forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Hurricanes should pursue a top-six forward later in the season, Pitkanen may be the best trade bait to land one. I don’t expect the Hurricanes to make such a move this early in the season, but the longer they go still lacking scoring depth at forward, the greater that need will be to be filled, and the more attractive Pitkanen will be around the league. I doubt Kaberle will have the same kind of trade value, and don’t believe he still has the value he did two years ago. This could certainly be worth watching as the season goes on.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Yvon Pednault wonders if Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson, his career winding down on a rebuilding team and with no Stanley Cup on his resume, might consider the “Ray Bourque option” and seek a trade to a Cup contender later this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen what this season brings. Alfredsson has spent his entire career as a Senator and loves playing in Ottawa, plus he’ll likely have a front office job with the club when he retires, which could happen either at the end of this season (depending on his performance) or after next, when his current contract ends. Alfredsson said he wants to remain with the Senators, but it’s a good bet his name could pop up in the rumor mill by next February, especially if it’s apparent the Senators are out of the playoff race by that point. Whether or not he seeks a trade to a Cup contender remains to be seen.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace noted there were 27 scouts in attendance at last night’s Blue Jackets-Colorado Avalanche game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A big reason the Blue Jackets are winless in their first four games is the absence of puck-moving defenseman James Wisniewski, who is in the midst of an eight-game suspension to open the season, but there may be more than that to the Jackets season-opening stumble. Beyond their first line, they’re getting no offense, as RJ Umberger, Derrick Brassard and Antoine Vermette remain scoreless. Their power play is a woeful zero for twenty in those four games.  Concerns persist over starter Steve Mason. The problems is more than just the absence of Wisniewski, which could explain the unusually high number of scouts in attendance for that game. They all weren’t there just to scout the Jackets or Avalanche for future games. 


  1. Well let’s start the rumor mill off Rick nash
    Wants to come to Toronto

  2. Please, someone take Mason off our hands… please. Hell we will trough in Russell as well..

  3. Rick Nash wants to come to Toronto? LOL I’m sure there are 20 other clubs he would prefer to be traded to first.

  4. Any contender taking Alfie next Feb will have another year of his contract to pay out at an almost 5M cap hit. Not too many ‘legit’ Stanley Cup contenders have the cap room to do that. Even if he retired next season, he was over 35 when he signed the deal… so it will still remain on their cap.
    I don’t see him going anywhere at the trade deadline..

  5. Hmm Pitkanen for the Titsyn, :oP Sorry I have not had my 1st coffee still in dream land ….LOL

  6. It’s apparent that Ottawa’s out of the playoff race now. It’s not an absolute certainly, but it is readily apparent.

  7. Ottawa IS a contender…

    For the first overall pick of the 2012 NHL entry draft

  8. didnt alfie already say in the preseason he wanted to retire a sen even if that didnt mean winning a cup? pretty sure thats what he said on TV. i know he COULD go somewhere then come back and retire as a sen, but it sounded like he wasnt interested in that option.

  9. He may not be interested in being traded now, but a few dollar bills thrown his way might make him change his mind…

  10. pitkanen for turris, even deep on D Tip and Maloney love hoarding them

  11. I thunk if the Sens were going to trade Aldredsson or if he was going to go the Bourque route it would have happened last year at the trade deadline. Sure it could still happen but it seems unlikely.

  12. Sens had the chance to trade him at the deadline to Detroit for a kings ransom back before he signed his current contract a couple of years ago. That was the teams best chance to get the most assets for him and start really rebuilding. Not only did they fumble that since he could have come back to the team in the off season that year anyway, but they are in no position to move him now since they signed him to that $5 million contract after 35. They’re pretty much stuck with him now and while he’ll retire a Sen, they’ll loose an asset in the process.

  13. If missing Wiz means starting 0-3-1 then I’d have to call out the Jacket’s blueline. This team could use a legit top 4 d-man or two.

    Tyutin is good. Not sold on Methot. And then it just kind of thins out in a hurry.