NHL Trade Rumors – October 26, 2011.

Is Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Cody Franson available? Are the Calgary Flames interested in Daniel Alfredsson or Kyle Turris? Are the Jets seeking a quick fix to their scoring woes? Are the Ducks and Bruins thinking about trades? Read on for the latest trade rumors from the mainstream media.


Franson's days with Leafs already numbered?

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun recently claimed Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Cody Franson is available, noting the Montreal Canadiens, NY Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning were in the market for defenseman, though he wasn’t sure if those teams were interested in Franson. LeBrun followed up by responding to a Leafs blogger’s question if Franson was being shopped or if the Leafs were listening to offers, claiming it was the latter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Franson, the centerpiece of a four-player swap this summer between the Leafs and Nashville Predators, has only played in 3 games with the Leafs this season. It remains to be seen how long he’ll be with the Leafs at this rate. GM Brian Burke is reportedly seeking a top-six forward, preferably an impact player, but Franson alone might not be enough to attract that kind of player, at least not at this stage in the season.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis shoots down speculation the Flames might have interest in 38-year-old Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson, but reports the Flames were among six teams that have made serious offers to the Phoenix Coyotes for holdout center Kyle Turris, though Coyotes GM Don Maloney insists Turris won’t be dealt. Francis also claimed Flames GM Jay Feaster continues to field inquiries from curious GMs about winger Rene Bourque, but keeps telling them defenseman Mark Giordano isn’t available. Center Olli Jokinen will be a UFA this summer but Francis reports he wants to re-sign with the Flames, a decison Feaster will have to make before the February 27th trade deadline. Tim Jackman and Tom Kostopoulos are also UFAs and could attract minor interest, while  every effort will be made to re-sign versatile forward David Moss.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting bit about Turris, though while I understand he would provide depth at center and youth for the Flames, I’m not convinced he would address their need for first/second line depth at center. Jokinen’s having a good season so far with the Flames, but I can’t see Feaster committing much money or seasons toward him. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports there’s no quick fix trades out there which can address the Jets offensive woes, or bolster their depth on defense. He also reports the Jets aren’t going to shop struggling forwards Blake Wheeler and Bryan Little.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I must confess I’m surprised by the Jets poor performance so far, as I was expecting much better from this team, especially from Wheeler and Little. Still, the season is young and there’s plenty of time for those players and their teammates to turn things around.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray doesn’t see the need to make a panic move eight games into this season to bolster his offense. Stephens noted Calgary’s Rene Bourque and Columbus’ Antoine Vermette appear to be available, but Murray currently isn’t interested in making deals like the one the Vancouver Canucks recently made to acquire David Booth from the Florida Panthers, and will give young forwards like Brandon McMillan and Andrew Gordon more time to develop.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The problem for Murray is rival clubs with scoring forwards available might want him to part with one or two of his promising young players, something he’s unwilling to do.

ESPN: James Murphy reports Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli admits he’s reluctant to tinker with his roster, which has gotten off to a 3-5 start.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s easy to understand why, given they won the Stanley Cup earlier this year. The Bruins have the talent to turn things around, they just need a little more time to get over their “Cup hangover”.


  1. I honestly don’t get Maloney right now. If teams have made serious offers on Turris then MOVE him and try to get something that will actually help the organization which is struggling right now. Its not like HE is helping them …

  2. I agree with JJB, if Turris has no intention of ever playing for the coyotes then get someone for him. This attitude of you screw with me then I screw with you is doing no favours for either party. As for Franson I am really surprised with his play because he was good enough for one of the best defensive teams in the league last year. Burke should package him with someone else and maybe a draft pick to get that top 6 guy he covets. They have Aulie and even Lashoff to replace him. As far as the jets are concerned I find it funny that people thought they would be much better, I told those I know who jumped on the bandwagon to expect a very long year. They just dont have enough forward talent.

  3. Franson my have once been the centerpiece of the Leaf/Predator’s deal, but it’s becoming more clear that he may have talked his way off the team. That said, move the guy to another team if you’re not going to play him; preferably outside your Conference and get something for him.

  4. The question should be “What do Calgary have that Phoenix would want for Turris?” Nothing that would make sense. Kipper? that would just cripple the Flames. Iggy? again, that would just cripple the Flames. After that, there isn’t much else.

  5. Alfredsson will only be leaving Ottawa — if he wants to — to go to a contender which is something Calgary is not right now.

    As for Franson… why would you give up on a young defenseman? They take longer to develop than forward prospects. The Leafs must really be desperate to make the playoffs this year if they are going for a quick fix and getting rid of their young players. I really don’t understand.

  6. If Franson keeps on talking that he isnt playing, he should get moved to a team that would give him minutes on a top 4 dman pairings, as long as the Leafs would get something valuable for him and the fact they have defensive depth that some teams dont at this point, go get a bona fide top six forward!!!

  7. Kevin, I think the Coyotes would have interest in a few Flames. Obviously Iggy and Kipper wouldn’t be involved in a Turris trade, but the Coyotes could be interested in Glencross, or Backlund, but I can’t see the Flames moving either for Turris. Well at least I wouldnt move either for Turris, maybe Feaster would.

    And Cody Franson – This is a good player, but Wilson/Burke have some weird loyalty to Mike Komisarek. I really think Franson should be playing right now. Granted, Phaneuf has been great, so has Gunnarsson, Liles has been very soild and Schenn has been a bit slow but deserves a chance to play his way out of his slump. So that leaves 3 – Komi who again, won’t come out of the line up on a regular basis (right or wrong), and Gardiner who has just been fantastic, and finally Franson.

    So maybe they should trade Franson, Aulie is in the system and can step up, and if the Leafs can get a forward who can make an impact on the team for a D-man who is some what redundant with that deep blueline, then why not pull the trigger?

  8. If Alfredsson leaves Ottawa, it will be Detroit. Why the Wings ? Well, hmmmmmmm Lidstrom. If there is one guy that could convince him to come, would be the captain.One, it would have to be for a reasonable return.Holland is not stupid,he won’t give away a first round pick for a 38 year old player.Two, can Detroit take on his cap space ?

  9. det has plenty of cap space they can def take it on. Anything but a mid round pick and a mid prospect the wings won’t do it. They already have 2 many forwards as it is.

  10. Kevin- There is far better proven talent on the Flames than Turris- and to even mention Turris in the same breath as Kipper or Iggy is like me saying I wanna trade Stajan for Stamkos. Kinda silly. Turris is an unproven upper end talent that we do not know will bloom or not- he would not be the first high draft pick in history to not make the impact many were hoping for at the NHL level. Too many people in my opinion are looking at Turris through rose colored glasses- he may never amount to much and I certainly wouldn’t give up proven talent like Bourque, Giordano or even Glencross to get him as it would hurt the Flames more now and you are rolling the dice on Turris.

  11. @Mojo19: You were wondering about an apparent weird loyalty to Komisarek by Wilson and Burke but it’s just simply a bad contract in play that neither can do much about. Komisarek,and I’ve said this before has a full no movement clause so that means no minors for him that he would agree to. 2nd, once a year, he is to submit to Burke a list of 12 teams he would agree to be traded to should Burke find a deal to his liking. Dare we say Burke has contacted all of those 12 teams and to date, no takers and he’s got a $4.5 million contract good for another few years.

    If you play him, be prepared for bad plays and penalty trouble and if you don’t play him, you won’t be able to showcase him to anybody for a possible trade so you then have a $4.5 million contract in the pressbox and this problem is Burke’s fault as he signed him and agreed to these terms

  12. Franson and (either Scheen or Gunnarson) for Zach Bogosian straight up. I love the way that guy skates and carries the puck!!!!

  13. i feel sorry for cody frason he was on cloud 9 when he got traded to the leafs,the kid is a great d-man he has a canon of a shot,but he’s downfall is not being a from the U.S.A to bad what a frigging joke

  14. I wonder what it would take to get Turris out of Pheonix. Additionally, the reason he’s holding out is because they’re not even close in contract figures… Not sure why anyone would take a leap on this kid, unless it’s for a later-round draft pick or a prospect (Calgary: Bouma, Meyers, Goon/Grit player X in the organization). Appart from that… Don’t know. No need to throw something like Bourque at Pheonix… But if the price is less, might as well take a stab at this kid… Calgary has little to no top prospects (Sven was a wonderful draft); and it would be cool having him in the organization…
    Especially if things keep going this way for the Flames, then you could blow up the franchise and maybe this kid could step up =o) who knows.

  15. Turris would be a step up from almost anybody else in the Flames system. The reason why him and Phoenix are nowhere close in dollars is because Turris doesn’t want to play there so he commands a kings ransom in order for them to keep him. This essentially forces Phoenix to be unable to sign him with how cash strapped their team actually is. Turris has openly admitted that he would sign for much less with a different club. He wants out of Phoenix.

    Trading Franson would not be “giving up on him”. He’s one of the most tradeable assets which is expendable in Toronto right now. Granted, it would make perfect sense to deal Komisarek and be rid of his contract but the realistic nature of this is that Komisarek has a full NMC and a restricted NTC with a 12 team list. He’s not going anywhere unless Burke manages to take on a contract in return or somebody which is labeled as “damaged goods”. Or unless a team gets hungry for a trade to the point where Komisarek is attractive to them. The leafs sit Franson in favor of Komisarek because they need to play him to showcase him for a potential deal. pro-scouts don’t want an expensive press box heater.

    Alfredson will not be traded unless he absolutely wants out. I wouldn’t suspect he would be traded this year because he does still have years remaining on his contract which would still hit the cap even if he retired as it was signed past age 35. Realistically i can see something like a Ray Bourque style deal which sends him to a contender for one year in hopes that he will win the cup.

    Speaking of Bourque, Rene Bourque wont be dealt unless it’s in a major deal. He is essentially the one young bright spot on a team which is falling from favor faster than a kostitsyn in Montreal’s coaching perspectives. Plus, Feaster wouldn’t make a horrid deal like Sutter did with the Phaneuf deal. Calgary really got the short end of the stick on that one!

  16. DLS….you are on crack! Franson and Schenn for Bogosian? First, Schenn is a brilliant shut down dman. Second, give Franson a few games to prove himself. Third, although I like Bogosian why trade good players for one? The Leafs have been show casing Gunnersson for trade bait. If a dman goes its him.

  17. I don’t think its is a question of if but when Franson will be moved, and I would guess this was Burke’s plan all along to acquire an affordable, young defenseman to move for a top-six forward. The Leafs have Phaneuf, Gardiner, Schenn on the team right now and Aulie and Blacker playing with the Marlies. All of those guys will be playing with the team in the near future. I would guess Komisarek is untradeable at this point so that leaves Gunnarson and Franson as they need Liles for the PP. I could see him moving one of those guys and MacArthur who looks like a one year wonder to another team for a legitimate top 6 guy who can help Grabs and Kuli right now.