NHL Trade Rumors – Saturday, February 11, 2012.

The Wild could have interest in Tuomo Ruutu, Zach Parise refuses to discuss his contract status, Flames GM (again) denies he’ll move Iginla or Kiprusoff, Mike Knuble’s days in Washington could be numbered, and the latest on the Senators and Blues.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo recently reported he believes the Wild have interest in Hurricanes winger Tuomo Ruutu but GM Jim Rutherford told Russo his asking price was “high”. Rutherford is also talking to Ruutu about a contract extension and should reach a decision next week. Unless the asking price goes down, however, Russo doesn’t believe the Wild would part with any of their top prospects to get Ruutu.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports Zach Parise will no longer discuss his contract status, and he currently wishes to focus on hockey rather than allow negotiations over a new contract distract him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s ok, since the Devils apparently hadn’t opened contract talks with him anyway. And no, the Devils won’t trade him at the deadline, and certainly not for Columbus’ Jeff Carter.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark Spector (No relation) reports Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster (for the umpteeth time) claimed he’s not trading Jarome Iginla or Miikka Kiprusoff.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m going to avoid the summer rush and say he won’t move them in the off-season either, regardless of where the Flames finish the season. You’re welcome.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley wondered if veteran winger Mike Knuble being a healthy scratch in a recent game could mean he might be moved at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals have been spinning their wheels since Dale Hunter took over as head coach. A roster shakeup could be coming, so I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of Knuble being shopped, though given how much his production has fallen off this season, the Caps wouldn’t get anything good back in return which could improve their playoff hopes. He’d have to be part of a package deal as Gormley suggested.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray isn’t willing to overpay to bring him some help at the trade deadline. The Senators are believed among several teams with interest in Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As intoxicating as it’s been for Senators fans that their team has exceed expectations this season, it must be remembered they’re still in rebuilding mode. It would be foolish to part with quality assets for a quick fix, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Murray were to stand pat at the deadline.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeff Gordon commented on the recent rumors the Blues could be seeking depth on their blueline, pointing out they have sufficient depth on defense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Blues are shopping for anything, it’s for scoring depth.


  1. I realize there isn’t a thread talking about the need for a Leaf number one center but after considering all the trade rumours over the past few months there seems to be only one logical player that fits the role and that would be Getlaf (if he ever becomes available, even though i highly doubt it).

    Given the fact Kessel and Lupul need a big bodied play making center it seems to wipe out most guys on paper. Carter isn’t the right fit given his low assist totals over many years, Roy is to small for an already small top line, LeCavalier’s best days are behind him, Nash, Morrow, Ryan, Ruttu, Gagner aren’t centers which only leaves Stall who would be a good second choice but his assist totals aren’t as good as Getlaf’s. The rest of the top line centers either play for teams in the hunt for a playoff spot or play in the Leaf’s conference which makes a deal all that much more unlikely.

    Burke’s number one choice has to be Getlaf followed only by Stall and other than that i don’t see anyone else that would significantly improve the top line. Did I miss anyone? I think Burkie is screwed at this point and has to admit he won’t be getting his coveted top line center this year or next. To bad Grabo wasn’t 12 inches taller and 30lbs heavier. He does play with the heart of a lion for his small stature.

  2. Where was Spector talking about the Leafs in this article, can’t seem to find it….

  3. Burke will do shit this year same as last year,hey did anybody catch what Wilson said about Tim Connolly last night what a joke you pay the $4.5 mil and most games you don’t know he is out,and mr.WILSON was saying he is doing ok lol,if he was a good Canadian boy he would be on bus right playing in AHL 2 night but burke and his sidekick you don’t hurt the feelings of there yankie boys lol

  4. FireWilson, who is this Getlaf you speak of? New NHL player? Also if Grabbo as a foot taller that would make him 6’11… Again, repeat, rinse, wash… this is a rebuilding team and being such, if Burke doesn’t have a good offer that will benefit the team now and long term, he’ll do what any person will do and stand pat with what he has now. The offseason is another opportunity to add if he wishes. Why not lets see what we really have and go from there, what are you in a rush or something?

  5. Getting back on topic… the #1 thing the Caps need to do to shake up their team is strip the “C” from Ovechkin. Since getting it in Jan 2010 he has had horrible numbers (for himat least, they’re still better than Gomez’s) and has not been the force he once was. Maybe he could be Captain again someday, but right now he doesn’t seem to be able to handle the pressure.

  6. Article = no Leafs
    First 4 comments = Leafs.

    Parise is gone from New Jersey in the summer. Although they’re playing well, he’s taken a back seat, big time, to Ilya.

    Ruutu will be moved at the deadline. Carolina doesn’t get anything from having him on their roster. He’s a decent player, but it’s a team that hasn’t done anything since that unlikely cup. So. I see them moving him to bring back some assets; may as well take advantage of other teams when you are so far behind. Additionally, Carolina is currently in the position to grab a player like Ryan Murray in the draft, and he should solidify that blueline.

    I cannot believe how bad the Caps are. I thought in the offseason, when they made the smartest moves… that’d they be fighting for a top 4 spot in the East… how things change. Right now they’re behind Toronto and Gomez scored two nights ago… Hell might be freezing over.

  7. @Donny

    You are soooo smart. How do you have time to even respond to most of these posts given the fact you are probably required back at the lab to complete your cure for cancer.

  8. Hey Lyle, I asked the following question in an older entry but didn’t get a response…if the Ducks were to trade Hagman, are the Flames still on the hook for half the contract since the Ducks picked him up on waivers?

  9. Low Blow by FireWilson on the cancer bit. Leafs are not making the play-offs, and they have nothing to offer to land Getzlaf or Staal.

  10. Hi, jerryALBERTA, sorry I missed your earlier question. Yes, the Flames are still on the hook for half. The Ducks would then be on the hook for half of their half of Hagman’s salary, and his new team the other half.

  11. leafs will not trade for anyone in their top 2 lines. 3rd and 4th line bit players that wont do much in the regular season but seem to once in the playoffs. burke will also try to get more speed on defense and move komisarek. leafs will be 6-8 for the playoffs, hopefully 6th as the 3rd place team is usually the weakest.

  12. I think the Sens will only go out to get a decent 3rd or 4th liner. Carkner or Lee and their 3rd rounder from Nashville are the only things they’ll peddle.

  13. LOL @ HABS_FTW….it happens all the time buddy. They even have a thread that’s about the Laffs today and yet…here they are….like a virus.

  14. does Feaster have Iginla confused with the captain of a ship cause he seems bound and determined to make him go down with the Flames. Calgary is not going to make the playoffs and it’ll be another year wasted if they don’t start a rebuild. the Flames don’t have much of a minor system thanks to Sutter’s unfortunate habit of trading prospects, picks, and young players for rentals so getting extra picks are crucial to jumpstart a rebuild. the one area Calgary seems to have a little depth is goaltending with Irving and Karlsson playing decent so this might be the time to see what they can get for Kiprusoff while he’s still worth something. Iginla has one more year on his contract before he’s a UFA and his value will only go down the longer Feaster waits, right now he could probably get a 1st rounder and a decent prospect or two for him. maybe Feaster doesn’t remember but before Kiprusoff arrived Calgary was a non playoff team for 7 years, it was a pretty dark time in their history and you can see it being worse this time due to the complete lack of depth in the organization (with the exception of 4th line types and 5th or 6th dmen).

  15. NJ sorry…but say goodbye to Parise.

  16. @Lyle You may want to consider a permanent Leafs post so their commenters don’t keep spilling over into your other ones. 😉

  17. I’m glad the Sens are not willing to deal high draft picks & prospects for rental players … when making the playoffs is still up in the air.

    It’s all about re-build… think long term not short term.

  18. surreal78, your suggestion has a lot of merit. How about it Lyle?
    farleybear, I’m not convinced Ottawa will do anything this year but if they do I could see Konopka moving to a western team. Good on face-off’s and adds an element of toughness. Vancouver perhaps?

  19. It would be sad to see Parise leave no as he is a big reason they are doing so well right now, ya kovalchuck is playing good again but without praise more checking on kovalchuck. The team seams to be dong really good now and could be a surprise in the playoffs. As for Ottawa I agree with the few posts above they should just let the team they have now finish the season together. They made their move earlier acquiring Turris

  20. NJ might want to trade Parise now while they can still get a decent return.
    If they wait till the off season all they can do is trade his rights which is usually a 3-4th rounder.
    I say resign him or trade him by the deadline.
    Any other option is a bad choice.

  21. Who if anyone gets traded from the buffalo sabres? (Roy, Ennis, Stafford, Gaustad, Hecht, Reghier, Leopold, Gragnani, and Boyes) who stays and who goes? Lastly what are these players worth ( draft value and player value)?