NHL Trade Rumors – Saturday, February 18, 2012.

Why Rick Nash isn’t a good fit for the Sharks…an update on Mikhail Grabovski…the latest on Pavel Kubina…Devils seeking a defenseman…Crosby’s status could hamper Penguins at the trade deadline..

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports it’s doesn’t make sense for the San Jose Sharks to acquire Columbus Blue Jackets right wing Rick Nash, citing his expensive contract and the potential return. Kurz suggests if the Sharks have an abbreviated playoff run, GM Doug Wilson could consider pursuing Nash this summer if he’s still available, but now isn’t the right time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to G.J. Berg for the link, and I concur with Kurz’s take.

Grabovski unconcerned over trade rumors.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports Maple Leafs center Mikhail Grabovski is more concerned over his sticks than the trade rumors swirling about him. It’s been reported the Leafs have received an offer from an unnamed team of a second round pick and a prospect for Grabovski, whose agent is in talks with the Leafs over a new contract. Zeisberger doubts the Leafs move Grabovski, their top-scoring center as well as a pending UFA, just for help for the future, believing he won’t be dealt unless the return is significant.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, it’ll take a lot more than a second round pick and a prospect to get him.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero reports Lightning defenseman Pavel Kubina could provide his list of acceptable trade destinations as early as today.

WINDSOR STAR columnist Bob Duff reported via Twitter an NHL source confirmed the Detroit Red Wings have made an offer for Kubina.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps that explains why GM Steve Yzerman asked Kubina for a list of preferred destinations? To see if the Red Wings would be of interest to him? Regardless, if Kubina gets a chance to go to the Wings, he’d be a fool not to take it.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports the New Jersey Devils are looking to add a blueliner by the trade deadline. Options could include Minnesota’s Marek Zidlicky, Tampa Bay’s Pavel Kubina and Winnipeg’s Johnny Oduya, a former Devil.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like the Devils could have some options here, provided other clubs don’t beat them to the punch. Zidlicky wants out of Minnesota and apparently wants to join the Devils, but that could depend on whether or not the Wild get a better offer, and if he’s willing to accept going elsewhere.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Shelly Anderson reports the uncertainty over Sidney Crosby’s status could create a trade deadline problem for the Penguins. If they knew he’d be out for the rest of the regular season, they could exceed the salary cap up to use some of the cap space used to pay Crosby to invest in a playoff rental player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given how the Penguins have been playing over the past month, I don’t think this is a significant concern for management. Sure, they’d like to tweak if they can, but ultimately their hope is for Crosby to return at some point down the stretch.


  1. Tiring to hear that the kings were so close to trading for Nash then to find out that they weren’t even on his short list lol…. Sounds like some main stream media members are just as good in playing GM as us average joes lmao.

  2. @ Moleafs

    The Kings are on Nash’s short list based on every story I’ve read.

  3. The Pens need to shut down crosby. There is no point of him coming back during the regular season. Give him the next 6 weeks or so to rest and get ready, and get the pens a legit scoring winger to take the load off of Neal and Malkin

  4. Ya moleafs, where did you hear that?

  5. Detroit has the money for Kubina and I guess they could use him in the playoffs.

    But I believe Washington does too, and he might be the closest available player to having a similar game to Mike Green. The shared language between Kubina and Ovechhkin probably would not hurt either.

  6. Don’t know why you even put up that link about the Sharks and Rick Nash. Kevin Kurz the reporter, no absolutely nothing about hockey, he cannot even pronounce the players names right. He just a low level reporter who no nothing. Just disregard what his article says, because it is all non-sense, and right out of the Sharks propaganda handbook.

  7. On Grabovski,

    I think Burke is leaking the proposed deals for him not just to get a value on him but to persuade Grabo to tell his agent to make a deal. I think the Leafs want to keep him. He is one of the best 2nd line centres in the game right now. If he really likes it in Toronto, they will work something out. If his agent messes up, and becomes impossible, Burke will trade for the maximum in return.

    This scenario is from the Dominic Moore book called, Ready, Willing, and Damn, I just got Traded.(Again)

  8. Moleafs were you consulting Eklund?

  9. Murph – what language do Kubina and Ovechkin share, exactly?

  10. @ murph What shared language are you talking about. Ovie speaks czech. Man that guy is more talented than I thought. Or did kubina learn to speak russian when the soviets invaded czechoslavakia. If thats the case I think someone by the name of Datysuk speachs that as well in detroit. lol

  11. Now all i need to do is learn to “SPEAK” English or at least spell it. LMAO

  12. The funny thing is that the Leafs traded a 2nd rounder and prospect (Greg Patteryn) for Grabovski when he was a relatively unproven commoditty in ’08. Now 3 and a half years later after having established himself as a quality NHL’er the return for Grabo hasn’t changed? Doesn’t make sense to move him for that, unless there are literally NO other offers and there is ZERO chance of re-signing him. If that isn’t the case, then he won’t be moved for that package.

  13. cbj gm is at the flyers game right now

  14. Hey guys well Darren on TSN last night said LA was not on the short list and would probably make an offer for Carter instead. LA apparently made an offer for Nash however it was not approved by Nash. I’m as confused as anyone just ship him to Toronto already lmao.

  15. They all speak english, unless you’re in Montreal; then you speak french and tend to not bother with hockey skills :v

    Speaking of Montreal, and this is pure speculation because as far as I’ve read they’re not on Nash’s list. What would it take for them to land Nash? Prior to the Gill trade I’d say it’d be doable with Gomez, Gill and a couple prospects. Maybe a 2nd round pick this year to sweeten the deal (assuming they have theirs). Gomez expires in a year but he could actually have some synergy with Carter, and Gill is a pretty solid defender to mentor the kids out there.

  16. chaas you have to be kidding right? Tell me you are…
    Gomez, Gill, a couple of prospects and a second would not get you Nash.

  17. All the trade rumors are just something for the guys on tsn and all of the so called journalist that don’t know what there talking about . Gives them and us something to talk about . Us , to talk about what the journalist don’t know what there talking about . And them the journalist to talk about what they have no clue what there talking about .

  18. That would be montreal trade for nash is just absolutely dillusional lol… Gomez… Gill… And a couple of random prospects from the mtl organization?? Mtl has crap for prospects, just yemelin.. And cmon have you watched any hockey this year at all? Gomez is terrible, no team, i repeat that, no team would accept a trade where he is contract are the center piece..
    It was a funny suggestion tho – thanks for the laughs !! :)

  19. Huge Wings fan here. Is Kubina any good? I know we’re probably losing Stuart this summer. Could Kubina be his replacement?

  20. Chas……. buddy
    Gomez wouldn’t even get you a backup octane girl from Edmonton who actually lives in Calgary and has parents from Vancouver. Sheeesh

  21. Geez chaas.. stop making us Hab fans look silly. Start with PK, add a first rounder, and keep going if you wanted Nash (which I don’t).

    That being said… if Gill got us a 2nd rounder + prospect, Grabovski is easily worth a first +++

  22. Sorry guys, I had a brain fart and thought Kubina was Russian.

    Please note I have fired my entire research department.

    But for the record he is still a fit in Washington.

  23. MNyrk, I like Kubina when he was a Leaf. Big, nasty, pretty good canon. If the wings pick him up, you’ll like him.

  24. I can see how the name Pavel would make it seem like Kubina is Russian, but yea, he’s Czech :)

    I’m skeptical that the Wings actually made an offer for Kubina. Right now they have 7 defensemen sharing 6 spots, with Commo and Kindl splitting duty in the 6 hole. Not sure who’s spot Kubina would take? Commodore? I’d be ok with that, but he’s been playing decent and he’s tougher than Kubina. Kubina is an unlikely replacement for Stuart because they are both free agents to be and Kubina does not play a similar style. If the Wings made an offer, I hope it’s not a draft pick but instead a prospect like Tatar, who is unlikely to find a spot in the Wings lineup any time soon.

  25. if sidney doesnt come back you bet the penguins will go after and get him

  26. I have to agree with durt about Kubina. I think he would be a great addition to the wings lineup! As for Nash what about Kulemin Kadri Schenn and a 1st rounder?

  27. Re: Wings D : The big question is if Lidstrom retires and Stuart bolts who’s gonna step in to take the big minutes? Brendan Smith will move up to the big club next year , he has lots of potential and plays a chippy game. White was a good signing , Kronwall is the 2nd coming of Vlad K , Kindl has potential but is still kinda wet behind the ears. But I think the Wings are going to have to bust a move to obtain a top 4 D man.

  28. Nick Kypreos just announced on Hockey Central that Kubina and Grossman have been traded to Philly for draft picks.

  29. Flyers closing in on Nash apparently ?!?! Come on Burke !!

  30. @Dizzle I’ve been posting that deal since the Nash rumors started waiting for commentary on it.

  31. So I can expect no response then. Ok!