NHL Trade Rumors – Saturday, January 28, 2012.

Ryan Suter won’t re-sign with Predators before the trade deadline, rumors of Corey Perry and Travis Moen to Vancouver, shooting down a “P.K. Subban to San Jose” rumor, and more.


Suter puts off contract talks until season's end.

ESPN.COM/CSNPHILLY.COM: report Nashville Predators pending UFA defenseman Ryan Suter said he won’t re-sign a new contract with the club prior to the NHL trade deadline, sparking speculation Predators management will have to decide if they’ll retain him in hopes of re-signing him prior to July 1st, or trade him at the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize that news has rumormongers salivating over Suter getting shopped at the deadline, but while they dream up potential destinations, bear in mind the Predators don’t have to trade him by February 27th. They still have until July 1st to get him under contract. Also, Suter stated he loves playing in Nashville and wants to stay, but prefers to negotiate a new deal after the season. You know, that sort of thing has happened before with other notable UFAs, who wound up re-signing with their teams.

All this talk of “the Predators won’t get as much in return if they trade him at the June Entry Draft” is nonsense. Teams would be falling all over themselves bidding for Suter’s services, be it at the entry draft, or the trade deadline. Given the Predators current position in the standings, even if GM Davild Poile believes he can’t re-sign Suter, I don’t think he’d trade the blueliner at the deadline. If they were well out of the playoffs, yes, I could see it, but not with them jockeying for playoff positioning, hoping to build on last year’s playoff success. Their odds of doing that are better with Suter in the lineup. Maybe Poile will surprise me and trade Suter at the deadline, but I doubt it.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: reports one recent Canucks trade rumor has them shipping goalie Cory Schneider, defenseman Keith Ballard, and winger Mason Raymond to the Anaheim Ducks for Corey Perry. Another has the Canucks possibly interested in Montreal Canadiens winger Travis Moen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: OK, kids, see if you can guess what rumored deal stands a realistic chance of happening, and which one is pure fantasy.

TVASPORTS: Louis-Andre Lariviere recently spoke with San Jose Sharks  LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi, who said rumors linking his team to Montreal defenseman P.K. Subban were “ridiculous”.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch also reported on Suter’s decision not to talk contract with the Predators until season’s end…The Buffalo Sabres could get plenty of interest in Derek Roy if they decide to shop him. Garrioch suggested the Blackhawks and Sharks could be among them…The Panthers could be shopping for a defenseman, leading Garrioch to speculate they might have interest in Carolina’s Jaroslav Spacek as he “fits the mould of what GM Dale Tallon is trying to add”…Hurricanes GM Jim  Rutherford might go for a total rebuild. Eric Staal won’t be available but some NHL insiders wonder if goalie Cam Ward is part of the solution…Garrioch claims all the NY Islanders UFAs (P.A. Parenteau, Steve Staios, Frans Nielsen and Mark Eaton) are available…The Canadiens would shop winger Andrei Kostitsyn in a heartbeat.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve already said my piece about the Suter situation…The Blackhawks appear to have addressed their depth at center by acquiring Brendan Morrison last night…Rutherford stated last month Staal and Ward weren’t available, so I doubt he’s changed his mind about Ward since then.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger, responding to reader’s e-mails, has heard “rumblings” the Canucks and Red Wings could have interest in Canadiens winger Travis Moen…The Canadiens need a big center and a top four defenseman. GM Pierre Gauthier may be willing to move expiring contracts, like Moen, Kostitsyn, Hal Gill and Chris Campoli. There was “a suggestion” a couple of weeks ago the Canadiens might have interest in Buffalo’s Derek Roy, but it’s hard to get a read on how substantive that was…


  1. Lyle I agree that Suter won’t be moved at the deadline, but I disagree that he will be able to fetch Poile as much at the draft. Not to say they won’t get a lot if they trade his rights in June, but they won’t get the same value. I could list a few examples of a pending ufa being traded for a lower offer in June, but I’d actually have to do research on a busy Saturday lol! One off the top of my head is Bryz. Pheonix could have gotten more at the deadline.
    I think last nights trade was more about Chicago stocking up on veteran leadership then Calgary clearing space to make another move. The Flames might still do so, I just believe it was more Chicago contacting the Flames about Morrison.

  2. Travis Moen is a name that keeps popping up and would be a nice fit on the Canucks’ bottom-six, but unless Gillis finds a GM to take Ballard and/or Raymond off his hands, the Canucks are not in a position to take on salary.

  3. With the move the Flames made last night there is a lot of speculation that it is a sign of more to come. Feaster has always said he will always tweak but not “blow up”. Some sights out there are saying Calgary is going to make a move for either Roy or Carter and i heard a new one today Hemsky. They are also suggesting that if they land Carter and it doesnt pan out this year Calgary could trade him at the draft (NTC doesnt kick in till next year).
    Lyle, I guess the question would be, is there really any chance of Calgary getting Carter (never thought getting Cammi back would happen) and what would they have to give up to get him. I’m thinking a package of Backlund, Irving or Karlsson and Sarich.

  4. I’ve gotta agree with DurtMCHurt. I can’t imagine any team giving up more than a 2nd round pick for Suter’s negotiating rights at the draft. My guess is they will get something similar in value to what the Panthers got for Jay Bouwmeester’s rights.

    Suter saying the reason he doesn’t want to re-sign before the deadline is that he doesn’t want to be a distraction is ridiculous. There is no way him re-signing would be anywhere near as big of a distraction as the constant trade rumors are going to be. I think it’s pretty clear he has no intentions of staying in Nashville beyond this season. That said, I do think think the Preds are better off holding on to him because trading him while they are in a playoff position will send a terrible message to the players and the fans.

  5. Clarke….There is no way in hell Carter ends up in Calgary for two reasons. 1 Calgary has no cap space right now so they would have to clear or send some to columbus to make it work, and 2 the package would have to equal what columbus gave up to get him in the first place, which was Voracek, a first rounder (Couturier) and a 3rd. The package you suggested doesn’t match what they gave up, not even close. Sarich is useless for Columbus right now.

  6. DurtMChurt…..I agree competely, Suter won’t land you anything more than a 3rd rounder IMO at the draft.

  7. crazycanuck, you mention two names I’d thought of – what about the odds of Moen for Raymond? (a pick might have to be included, but I don’t know how much). Salary for salary, a talented but underperforming winger for a gritty 3rd liner that might help get the Canucks the Cup.

    While it doesn’t address Montreal’s need for a centre or top 4 d-man, with Kostitsyn likely not returning, Raymond might match up well with Eller.

  8. Canadian King – It would not be difficult to package a deal for Carter, the QUESTION was what would they have to give in return and to say Columbus would have to get back what they gave up to get him foolish. Carter has not preformed this year, has been injured and it sounds like for the last month or so Columbus may want to part ways. Sure dollar value doesnt add up, thats benificial to Columbus their gain, to say to get equal talent for what they gave up, never happens. However they would get 2 first rounders in Backlund / Irving ,Sarich a tough dman in his own zone but as i said above what would they have to give in return to land him.

  9. Bruinsmike, I was thinking a second rounder and two mid prospects or one pretty decent prospect to land Suter at the draft. Compared to easily a first rounder, good second line player with upside, a top prospect and maybe another draft pick or prospect they could get before the deadline. Like Krejci (sp?) Caron or Hamilton, 1st and 2nd rounder now (maybe not the extra 2nd if Hamilton was involved) or Caron and a 2nd rounder in June. They’ll still get a decent return at the entry draft, but my thought is, far less. (just using Boston as an example)

  10. Carter + Vermette are going to Calgary for Sven Bartschi, Kari Ramo, Bouwmeester and a 1st.

  11. For those trade scenarios being thought up in June for Suter, keep in mind that it’s only Suter’s rights they’d be getting with 0% guarantee he won’t just wait a few weeks until he’s a UFA and start fielding offers from 29 teams. Also keep in mind that if Poile were to trade Suter prior to the deadline, the recipient team would only be guaranteed his services for the remainder of the season. How much do you give up for that? Perhaps I’m being pessimistic here but Suter sounds to me like a guy looking to test the UFA market.

  12. They won’t get more at the draft. Look at Bryz, Hamhuis just two that the Flyers had traded for in the past as far as rights go. Both were picks. You trade suter now you get a ton.

  13. @alex Thats why you ask to be able to talk to Suter to see if you can re-sign him or there can be conditional picks in the package depending on if he signs

  14. I took a quick look at Western Conf standing to try and figure out how many points will it take to sneak into the 8th slot. Gets you into the dance but many not get you many dances. I took the number of points each team has and divided by number of games played then x 82 games and here is how it projects out.
    Now we all know that it won’t end like this, some teams will fade, some teams will excel but it will give you a rough idea as to how well your team will have to do the next 2.5 months to get into the dance

    1) Detroit 110 points
    2) Vancouver 107
    3) San Jose 105 ( division winner)
    4) St Louis 109
    5) Nashville 105
    6) Chicago 105
    7) Los Angeles 95
    8) Minnesota 92
    9) Dallas 89
    10) Colorado 87
    11) Calgary 85
    12) Phoenix 85
    13) Anaheim 73
    14) Edmonton 69
    15) Columbus 54

    So right now it looks like to me 1-6 are a lock to make the playoffs.
    #7 LA should be in unless they have a prolonged losing streak.
    Columbus is OUT
    Anaheim and Edmonton are on life support and almost flat lined.
    Example Anaheim would have to win 72% of their remaining points ( 49 of 68 possible) just to
    get to 92, not likely.
    For Dallas, Colorado, Calgary and Phoenix – Minnesota is their target ( at this point at least)

    Have fun picking this apart and if you spend too much time picking this apart on a Saturday
    you really need to get a life. Someone else can do Eastern Conference

  15. The hole Suter thing is starting to remind me of the Rob Blake situation a few years ago….When Blake said i want to stay a King, but Taylors ( kings gm ) traded him as Blake wouldn’t sign a contract before the trade deadline…..LA got a pretty good return for Blake ie Deadmarsh and Aaron Miller and went to the playoffs that season…So if i was Preds GM try and get the best deal as you can for him…As if Suter really wants to say in Nashville he would sign a contract right now.

  16. I agree there will be a difference in Suter’s value at the draft vs. the deadline but I don’t think it’s substantial because he is just a rental at the deadline. The reason he’ll have pretty good value at the draft, even though it’s only to acquire his negotiating rights, is that just about every team will be seriously interested. That type of competition should drive up his value. Not sure what to, but I would think at least a late 1st round pick based on the fact that he’s one of the top d men in the league at the moment.

  17. how about Derek Roy to Montreal for Andre Kostitsyn and Danny Kristo?
    Buffalo then has the option to keep & try to re-sign AK47 or flip him at the deadline

  18. Fergy, buffalo gets fleeced in that deal.

  19. Durt , I’m lobbying for the Habs GM position

    maybe that won’t pan out but the Habs should pursue Roy

    I have not heard much of Kristo lately ( still at UND ) but he has shown well at a couple of WJC’s ( Kessel type player )

  20. Not that I am comparing Suter to Kaberle cause they are different players at very different stages of their careers, but I suspect that Boston will be somewhat careful in what they give up for Suter if they choose to go that way, because of how the Kaberle deal turned out. ( I guess it didn’t turn out to bad as they one a cup ), but no real thanks to Kaberle. I could see them being willling to give up Caron and draft pick for Suter at the deadline but that would be it. Then they should try to add some depth in the bottom six winger position not a big fan of Paille or Pouliot although Pouliot has been decent just not sold on him.

  21. fergy22 saw Danny Kristo play in Winnipeg and I wouldn’t put a whole lot of value on that guy, it was just one game but he did not impress.

  22. @northby9 Moen is a UFA, Raymond is an RFA. Highly doubtful that they’d do that deal straight up. Maybe if the Habs throw in a prospect or Gill, but the Canucks would then have to offload Ballard somewhere to make enough cap room.

  23. Habs: Kostitsyn, Tinordi, flames second rounder, habs second rounder
    Nashville: Suter, second rounder. If Canadiens can sign him. (would love weber as he and Price are off season training buddies but 7.5mill? Gotta dump Gomez either way but it’s still a lot for a Dman)

    I’m obviously not saying this is a realistic option, but I think it makes sense for both sides. Preds get affordable talent and future blue chip D prospect plus picks. Habs address need for top 2 D man and exchange draft position in the second round. I really don’t want Tinordi to be another McDonough deal but if the return is Suter signed up for 6-7 yrs then I make that deal. There’s Subban, Diaz, emelin, beaulieu (sp?) for young developing blue liners. Habs need a top level guy to take pressure off Subban do he can develop properly. You can throw Pleks in there too if Little comes the other way.

    Pure fantasy or does that make some sense to you guys?

  24. @DurtMChurt….I agree with you on Suter, so I guess that says I disagree with Spector on that analysis. If he stays, all teams will be able to trade for are his negotiating rights. Big deal….that trade amounts to nothing for Nashville. And of course Suter is going to say that he enjoys Nashville and wants to remain with them….he’d be stupid to say “Yeah, Nashville sucks, I hate this place and don’t want to re-sign”. C’mon man…this is a professional business. Polie has some hard decisions to make…because they could lose both Suter and Weber for nothing.

  25. what no hemsky rumor? did hell freeze over or was it baltimore?

  26. Smeilman, Poile would be instantly fired for shipping out a mediocre prospect, a less talented Kovalev and a second rounder (you said two, but Nashville sends one back to offset the other) that’s a terrible deal for the Preds and could easily be matched by anyone. Now if I said Komi, Blacker and a second rounder for Suter would you not laugh at me? I don’t mean to rip a cop from Windsor, but you get an epic fail.

  27. If both Weber and Suter were to be available, I am pretty sure more teams woul;d be willing to trade asstes for Sutuer and a better economic Cap freindly deal than UFA Shea Weber.
    Believe me, everytime I watch Nashville I don’t understand hcokey legend that Weber has been spun into.
    If a guy is bearing down one on one I want Suter between the attacker and the goalie, not Weber.
    Unfortunately the Weber heavy point cannon, size and point column is skewing the scale balance.

    It is funny to think there would be GMs out therewho would be willing to strip their present line-ups for Suter.
    Addition like these are ones made in June after organizations ssit down and decide just where the need to shore up the teams and are more hesitant to do that before the trade deadline.

  28. Fergy/Durt – how about AK47 for Gaustad?

  29. Steve, kostitsyn is a streaky goal scorer who lacks a bit of heart. gaustad hits when he doesn’t score. I wouldn’t do that deal. But not a bad pitch.

  30. Derek Roy is going against our mentality that we want bigger players. As for the deadline I do believe the Habs need to focus on the future. We already have guys in the spots like Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Eller, Gorges. Those guys are long term. The problem I see with the whole deadline thing is Moen fits perfectly into what we need more of. I wouldnt trade him. Players like Gionta, Cole and Plekanec are great to have around these players. So my mentality is, if we are gonna start trading players… where do we begin?

  31. Danky makes a good point with Plekanec, Desharnais and Eller , Montreal is already small down the middle. Desharnais has really proved he is NHL material but is he really a bonafide #2 NHL center?
    I just think Roy’s career could be rekindled with a change of scenery. The Habs have decent beef on the wings. What the Habs really need ( & I have said this before ) is a stud defenceman to take the pressure off Subban. Markov is a crap shoot for next year.

    Steve , Gaustad would be a decent pickup but both him and AK are UFA’s so they will likely test the market. If the intent is to help for a playoff push this year , perhaps.

  32. Agree with Durt on the Komi/Blacker and 2nd for suter. I actually would do that deal. As for Buffalo in the rumors, Roy really needs a change and looking at the habs roster I can’t see a deal that makes sense for both sides, Im from Buffalo but not a sabres fan (no heart, no interest) so im not biased but roy is worth a decent amount of return i think SJ is the best possible trade canidate out there

  33. I’m thinking about nashvilles budget too Durt. You think tinordi is a mediocre prospect??? I will respectfully disagree on that one. And I thought AK for his cost, bro connection. I’ve never even heard of the leaf prospects. Lol. But Komi is a horrible contract with no plus for anyone. AK is less than 4 mill and can score 20 goals. Just ideas. But I don’t think Nashville will be taking any more than 3.5-4 mill back IF they trade Suter. Personally I think they keep him and trade his rights for prospect and a 3rd rounder at most unless they have a condition if he signs with the team.

  34. What I believe Suter wants to see before he re-signs with the Preds is a commitment from them to add a significant offensive forward to the lineup, and not just a rental player for this season. Suter will get the money he wants from the Preds or any number of teams in the league as a UFA, so this isn’t a money issue here. Being able to compete for Stanley Cups on an annual basis is, IMO, the big issue, and as of now the Preds organization has done very little to show any commitment to being anything other than just a tough team to play against. They have about a month left to change that perception in the minds of both Suter and Weber.

  35. Agree with ya Grizzlebear, the money will be there for Suter at seasons end.. Nashville needs to show commitement to the players also.. It’s fine and dandy to keep them, but after Suter and Weber what else to they have? Ok add Rinne in there but he doesn’t score goals either.. Preds show that there serious about being contenders for years to come and players will take Nashville as a serious place to play..

  36. Clarke….and as I said, THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TO LAND CARTER! They don’t have the cap space on either team to make it work and the Flames don’e have the talent to land him. Also it is moronic to say that Carters value has dropped considerably in only a few months. If Calgary thinks it has dropped and only offer crap then there will be some team out there that will gladly give them what they gave up or close to.