NHL Tuesday Evening Trade Rumors – February 21, 2012.

Updates on Zach Parise, Ales Hemsky, Evgeni Nabokov and Filip Kuba, plus the latest on the Washington Capitals.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports Devils head coach Pete DeBoer isn’t concern about Zach Parise trade status, because he’s not going anywhere.

ESPN.COM: Scott Burnside looks at possible trade destinations for Edmonton Oilers winger Ales Hemsky if he doesn’t re-sign, listing the NY Rangers, Predators, Bruins, Kings and Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dan Tencer of 630 CHED in Edmonton raised a good point, noting if Kyle Quincey could net the Tampa Bay Lightning a first round pick, Hemsky should be able to fetch the same. I just wouldn’t expect him to fetch much else, maybe a player or prospect in return, but certainly not as much as I believe they could’ve received a year ago.

Chris Botto of the NEW YORK TIMES posted via Twitter earlier today the NY Islanders “offering Evgeni Nabokov choice of 1 or 2-year contract, hope to sign him for 2.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite Nabokov’s name still floating in the rumor mill, Isles GM Garth Snow has repeatedly said he’s not trading him. Don’t assume Nabokov won’t re-sign with the Isles. A lot of folks assumed they wouldn’t re-sign Moulson, Tavares, Grabner and Nielsen, and all are under contracts with the Isles.

CITYNEWS TORONTO: Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray shot down rumors defenseman Filip Kuba could be dealt at the trade deadline. “At this point in time – unless I got something awfully, awfully good – it wouldn’t do us any service to not keep him here”, said Murray, adding Kuba has” great respect on the team and I’m not sure why his name has ever come up.”

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley wonders what Capitals GM George McPhee will do to shake some life back into his shell-shocked players. “Unless McPhee is willing to deal either top prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov or one of their two first-round draft picks (theirs or Colorado’s)”, write Gormley, it’ll be difficult to find a player to turn things around.


  1. Since when is a soft, injury prone, overpaid, career minus rental player player with only 4 goals this season worth a 1st round pick? Hell, Kyle Quincy has more goals and only 2 less points than Hemsky this season, and he isn’t even considered an offensive defenseman. Plus the fact that Quincy is an RFA and not a UFA makes him worth more than Hemsky.

    I would be furious if Boston traded anything for Hemsky, let alone a 1st rounder.

  2. Out of curiosity, how would Hemsky have netted more a year ago at this time when he was on the Long Term Injured Reserve?

  3. According to his profile, he wasn’t on LTIR at this time last year. And there was considerable interest in Hemsky at this time last season. As I recall, it was a toss-up between he and Penner over who could be dealt first. Indeed, if memory serves, it was Hemsky who was linked to the Kings.

  4. That is correct. You figure after all this time of Lombardi nibbling around the edges, picking up Penner, Gagne, Ryan Smythe, etc., he would finally deal some pieces for an established, elite forward. He is way too conservative sometimes. Good when it comes to drafting and developing players; bad when the team is close to being very good but needs readjusting by adding some missing pieces. Hell, Lombardi rarely even takes a chance when drafting guys, which is why LA have few talented offensive players. Picking up Mike Richards was a good move but he needs a few more top six forwards and someone to motivate them properly.

  5. Hey Lyle, with the pick up of Quincey, could this be a set up for another trade? The Wings have 8 defensemen on the roster with Commodore a UFA maybe moving at the deadline? I know he is not a big name but could with another player bring somone in to fill a spot with Datsyuk’s knee being scoped today,

  6. I think Detroit will keep all 8. They realize they need depth for the playoffs. Look for them to acquire a depth forward also before the deadline passes.

  7. Mike: They could, but then again, having depth in defense is a must for the playoffs. Datsyuk’s only out for a couple of weeks, it’s nothing serious. I wouldn’t rule out another depth addition, but I see Quincey as the eventual replacement for Stuart, who’s a UFA this summer.

  8. Everybody is missing the irony here. The Kings picked up Kyle Quincey off waivers from Detroit. Now a few years later Detroit is giving up a first round pick for a player that they waived.

  9. He’s worth a “detroit” first rounder. That means he’s fetching a 23rd-30th position trade (let’s hope not the 30th… hate when the red wings win the cup). Hemsky is not going to be worth a … say… Nashville first rounder, though he might be 23rd+… MIGHT. Detroit’s made the second round for like the past four or five years. Nashville has only done it once in the history of their franchise.

    I don’t think Hemsky fetches a first rounder, sorry Tambellini.

  10. I hope the Preds pass on a guy like Hemsky and instead (and for once since the Forsberg deal) make a move of significance. Wonder if the Avs would consider moving Stastny considering how deep at center they are? That might just convince Suter to re-sign……..highly doubt bringing in Hemsky would.

  11. …or you could look at it like Detroit, “paid a price” to have him trained and motivated properly…

  12. JDBGiGC… If you look at what really happened it isnt as funny or ironic as some people think. The Wings didnt let him go just to realize that they shouldnt have. The Wings didnt have a spot on their roster with enough ice time for Quincey to develope. So they could either let him set in the press box and not improve or send him down and take a chance on wavers. The Kings picked him up. But he got a couple of years of NHL experience and the Wings got to see and evaluate what he could do in the NHL with a more ice time than they could offer him. It did cost them a late 1st round pick. Wings generally draft 25-30th. I am sure they first offered a 2nd round pick but that is a 55-60th pick.

  13. You could look at it that way Chuck, but I can’t imagine any better place to train and motivate a player than in Detroit. They’re not my team, but they are the class of the league in my opinion.

  14. If Hemsky is worth a 1st Rounder wouldn’t Andrei K be worth similar , yes both are inconsistent, but AK has more goals/gm in less years in the league , younger and less injury prone. Even Though Detroit’s 1st rounder is close to a second rounder , it is still a first that you can package with another pick to move up or get more picks with.

  15. I agree with Spec that Hemsky will fetch a fist round pick (at least). teams will be willing to pay for elite skill level, even if that comes in the form of a soft, underachiever. His playmaking ability will be very valuable to teams loading up for a cup run.

    My my my, hasnt Nabokov come a long way from, “I dont want to play for you,” to, “I’m wiling to sign here?” I don’t know what the Wanger puts in the kool aid, but these guys are certainly drinking it up!

  16. …good grief I can’t even fathom someone giving up a first rounder for Hemsky. He’s like a Havlat, with less skill.

  17. RE: Quincey – I doubt Detroit and Colorado have very cordial relations and perhaps Colorado wouldn’t have agreed to the deal with Detroit – they might want something else entirely.

    As far as Detroit re-acquiring Quincey, it shows why Detroit is the premiere organization it is – it doesn’t dwell on the past and makes moves appropriate to the now and future. Quincey fills a need because Kindl and Commordore haven’t been able to establish themselves.

  18. Huh. I’ve never thought of Hemsky as soft. Part of the reason he’s been so injury prone is that he absorbs a lot of punishment. He has his drawbacks — being injury prone and having offensive instincts that fall well short of his talent level being primary — but I don’t think he’s soft. He’s taken some HUGE hits in the last month or so and bounced right back up.

    And Kris, if Havlat can be traded for Heatley, Hemsky can be traded for a 1st rounder. He might not be (depends on the desparation level of the GMs) but it’s not unfathomable.

  19. The best thing the Caps can do right now is to trade Ovi. Even though he is playing better of late, his value now is probably the highest it will be for the rest of his career. Get some team players in return and make the playoffs. He is not the team player he once was and I doubt he ever will be…..at least for this team.