No Sharks for Doan?

The San Jose Sharks are considered among the clubs interested in Shane Doan, but he might prove too expensive.


No Doan for Sharks?

CSNCALIFORNIA.COM: Kevin Kurz noted reports suggesting Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan was seeking a four-year, $30 million contract, which would be $7.5 million per season. Kurz cites a source claiming if those demands are accurate, the Sharks won’t be among the suitors, as they won’t offer more than three years at $4.5 million per.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Doan’s agent denied his camp was seeking that much. I think what happened is the rumor several weeks ago of an unnamed Eastern Conference team offering a four year, $30 million contract got blown up into speculation Doan was seeking that much. I realize over half the league is interested in Doan, but most of them won’t offer up that kind of dough.



  1. So we can scratch the sharks off the list. Oh wait.. We can’t? Ugh! Lol
    A team that would benefit a lot from having Doan that would have to overpay to get him would be islanders which is who I think that offer came from. I would think the contract we will see signed is 3 or 4 years at 5-5.5 mil

  2. I think the Rangers are out since they won’t offer more than 2 years. The Pens are offering a heavily front loaded 4 year, $24 million deal, which pays 18 million in the first 2 years. I think it is down to the Canucks and Penguins. It is hard to tell which would get him, since one would be just as good of a choice as the other.

    • we have the better team and chance of winning the CUP!!!

      • yeah but getting rid of Staal and Michalek made you guys better. And oh yeah the 30 games a season you’ll get from Crosby is going to take you over the edge. No it must have been the strong off season you guys had in picking up some really big names to bolster line-up. The only way Doan helps Pitt is putting some more butts in the seats. face it your just not that good anymore and when you lose Malkin, because you will, then what will you have to talk about??? Exactly………… nothing.

        • And you are stupid.

          A. Malkin will take the same as Crosby
          B. We already sell out all our games
          C. Doan will only have a $6 million salary
          D. Sutter is really good I’ve heard
          E. Crosby is healthy now
          F. Losing Michalek gave Despres a spot
          G. You’re a dumbass.

          • can we cut it with the childish name calling?

            the loss of Staal and gain of Sutter accomplished something for the Pens. Sutter is a very solid bottom 6 guy. He can eat up minutes on the PK and play great defensively. Almost as good as Staal. He just doesn’t have the offensive upside that Staal has. Did it make the Pens weaker defensively? nope not at all, they remained about the same.

            Malkin will take a salary around the same as what Crosby is getting. It seems to be what they’ve been doing their whole careers and I don’t anticipate it changing in the near future.

            The Pens do have a weakness on the wings in their top 6. If they get Doan they will be a seriously difficult team to contain. They do have a lot of prospects in the minors who are of good quality. Crosby is healthy and will return at full force this year, wait and see. The one thing with the pens that concerns me is grit. I think that they need to get a little bit meaner and grittier in the bottom 6 just to give their team that edge.

            Jayz needs to learn his facts before he makes an opinion.

          • Yeah Genius,
            As a franchise player (crosby) they will not give Malkin the same, and is done playing second fiddle to crosby. Parise is getting a hit of 7.5 a year now Malkin is a much better player, so any team will be willing to pay around 8.5-9 a year unless a NYR goes crazy. So he has no reason to stay. They do sell out. You dont have one Defenseman on your team that played a full season last year so it makes total sense to open a spot for a 20 yr. old who has what 17 games under his belt (thats pretty common) Sutter is supposed to be good, but as we’ve seen more times than not players that are supposed to be good that never pan out and if he’s going to play with crosby he’s screwed. Your in idiot to believe that he is fine he missed almost a year, oh wait only in Pitt do they completely heal from concussions and obviously you are as smart as pitts management, seems how they dropped a proven forward(even though he wasnt going to resign they still had him for 1 more year) and a provern D-man for what two rookies or did they have something else in mind ala Parise/Suter and were convinced they would get them and had no back up plan. You cant tell me that 2 rookies in the show replacing two proven vetsis a solid plan. Oh wait you will try too. Great job you struc out its ok a lot of teams did.

          • Malkin already makes 8.7 million now, and as I have said like 10 times now, if he wants out, we will get a gigantic return for him. You gave no reason that he wouldn’t want to stay, except that you assume that he doesn’t want to be second fiddle. All just assumptions. Despres is a great prospect and will be a very solid D next year. That is like saying that Yakupov won’t be successful since he hasn’t played that much. Sutter isn’t a rookie, this is like his 4th year in the league. If you are going to try to argue, at least get your facts right. And Michalek wasn’t solid. Despres will give what he did and more. I’ve seen this kid play in both the AHL and NHL, he is going to be a stud. As I have said, they would have given Crosby a 1 year deal had they thought he still had a concussion issue. They were confident that he was healthy, so they gave him a 12 year deal

        • JayZ – I agree with Jose. The Pens are locked and loaded not only for this year but well into the future. Shero managed to do an awesome job getting value for Jordan Staal. Brandon Sutter is the perfect third line center. Losing Michalek does nothing to hurt this team. It still has a good, deep defense and they managed to add Pouliot and Dumoulin from the Staal deal as well as Olli Maata. They can afford to move pieces from that defense. The Pens should be considered a Cup favourite right now, but if they add Doan as a second line winger it gives them the strongest top six in the league. Oh yeah…they also have the best goaltending tandem in the league.

    • Hadn’t realized the Pens and Rangers had made their offers public.

  3. Camman Doan, you’re digging yourself a grave for any respect you had left. Don’t become another Kovalchuk saga and a money seeking leech.

  4. Overrated! This is getting real boring!

  5. While I agree the story is getting old (that’s hockey summer for you) Doan isn’t holding a gun to anyone’s head.

    He can drag his feet all he likes, and if teams want to wait for him, then not much one can do about it.

    He does need to uproot his family and be comfortable with where they will exist the next 3-4 years so I don’t have a problem with him taking his time.

  6. So Spector its not that his camp demanded that much but someone offered it. So now he has a decision, play for the cup or cash. Someone will pay it but more than likely a team that is to not be considered a contender and a contender is standing pat with a more reasonable wager. How long before the majority contenders are completely out of the race for him, their choice, and he is stuck with an average team. i get the feeling teams are starting to get a little impatient, much like with the Suter Parise debacle, with him waiting on to see what happens in Phoenix or he is he trying to hold out for the highest bidder.

    • the “Suter and Parise debacle” that you speak of that “teams got impatient with” happened less than 72 hours after the beginning of the free agency period. It was known in the very early hours of July 4th by the teams involved that the two had made their decision to go with the Wild. News broke around noon eastern about this as well.

      This did not drag on forever and nor was it a “debacle” as you put it. If you think about it like this; these players are making a decision on where they want to work and if they will enjoy it/have success as well as move their family to a whole new city. There’s a lot involved in that when you have young children.

      • This is the issue and debacle. They are no longer playing to win or choosing what gives them the best chance to win. 20 years ago who cared about the best place for their family. they primarily had a residence they lived in the off-season and played the season out. Minnesota is not 2 players away from a cup, so this big decision to sign was a joke. Who plays the game their wives or them?? I make it to the show and i have a choice of going to a contender or where im originally from i choose to win and buy a house there for the off season. Remember one thing most of these guys retire at 35-40 years old.Its not like us retiring at 70.

  7. The Pens have a better chance at the Cup???? They were smoked by the Flyers,their defense hasn’t improved,and Sutter is NOT an improvement over Staal. Try again.

    • But we also got a reliable backup that would be a starter on 15 other teams, Sutter’s D ability is just as good as Staal’s, and we lost dead weight in Michalek and replaced it with Despres. Oh and we have the 2 best players in the game. Nice try though

      • The Pens are not the team they once were the ONLY chance Malkin says there is Sydney takes the next check… and its his last. Your Defence is weak and the east is going to be better… except for the Pens… so while they will win some games they wont be going far. Sorry to say. Love Mario and they have done a good job, but the days of Pens being elite is done for now.

        • Not that it means a great deal but the Pens are favored to win it next year according to Bovada ( I point this out not because I believe it to be true but for the mere fact that others still believe the Pens are still elite. Any time you have the two best players in the world are one team, you are going to be considered a threat. And as for the East getting better, who exactly got that much better? Rags got Nash so they improved the most and Carolina did a good job but are they really contenders just yet? Maybe. You can argue that Philly isnt as good as they were to end the season and the same goes for Jersey. All these teams still have time and cap space to make improvements so its hard to say who is the strongest…

          • so who says you have the two best players in the world??? you??? Who are they???

  8. Shane, take your time! You can always re-sign with the Coyotes for 1 year and see how the saga pans out. The Coyotes currently are way under budget and Maloney has stated that he is willing to outbid anybody. Pacific Division winners and went all the way to the Western Conference Finals! Let’s see how much more the Coyotes can improve on that! And you wouldn’t have to move the family, find a school for the kids, or be far from your horses.

  9. I have to go a bit off topic, but it is summer after all. A story that seems to be very carefully kept quiet is the fact that Evander Kane hasnt signed or even acknowledged the 30 million offer from the Jets. He’s had it over a month and not even a counteroffer. And with everyone talking about players moving, why wouldnt someone look at a 21 year old 30 goal scorer.

    Back on topic, I think Doan ends up where this all started, back in Phoenix, with some loophole in his contract allowing him to move to another team if the team goes belly up or moves. His ranch and family are incredibly important to him, and I cant see him wanting to move even for a year or so.

    As for the Rangers/Penguins debate, I have to side with the Penguins, though what I saw in the playoffs last winter with their defence is definitely a concern. I am also surprised how many people just assume Nash will bring his game up a couple notches playing with Richards and the Rangers. Nash is 4 years removed from a 40 goal season, and as last years big prize in the market, Richards actually dropped 11 points playing in 10 more games for the Rangers. I really wouldnt be surprised to see Nash in the 25 – 30 goal, and 50 pt range.

    • Agree with your points. Surprised their isn’t any interest or mention about the Kane situation. Doan will likely stay in Phoenix. If he does go elsewhere I can’t see him getting much more than $5 million a year.

      It will likely take Nash a year to adjust. After that I see solid numbers from him and Richards. Granted aces won’t always win you the game but the Paneguins got two of them up their sleeve and they have been to the finals twice recently.

  10. Almost all of this summer’s signings have been over priced. Doan should attract a 3 year contract at no more than $17.5 million. When there are scarce pickins’ the cost goes up.

  11. LeafsAdvocate….the only reason that Doan is “holding out” is that he wants to stay in Phoenix and is letting it go as long as he can to see what is going to happen with the team. We all know he wants to stay, but is obviously doing his due diligence with meeting with teams in case it is getting close to the season and he has to move on. He is not getting greedy and money hungry. All true hockey fans and especially those that know what Doan is all about know that is not the case. Think you are just pissed because finally there is ONE player that does not want to go to the Leafs. SHOCKER

  12. I respectfully disagree about the Sharks not still being in it. The chance that Doan sees the Rangers or Penguins as better contender has to be weighed with his family wanting to stay in Phoenix. I still think that the Kings and the Sharks have to be considered the front-runners for that reason alone, as well as the fact that they are both top tier teams. I think Doan’s agent is just getting a feel for what Doan’s market value is. I think he will sign for three years at $5 million. A small overpayment, but it will play out his career, and he is exactly what the Sharks need. So glad they didn’t waste a bunch of dough on Nash, losing Pavs and Clowe in the process…

  13. @Jose

    1. Malkin may ask for more money or he may want to play somewhere else. Also, concussions are very tricky. Crosby might be healthy until that one good shot. Remember when Malkin hit him in the head in game 4? Crosby disappeared since that hit. Tell me if I am wrong.
    2. Just because you sell out does not mean anything. Pittsburgh used to sell out when 66 was around but once he got injured.. Franchise was done like dinner!
    3. Doan may get over 6M. Flyers and NYR will drive the price up for sure.
    4. Sutter is good but he is not Jordan Staal good.
    5. Losing Michalek does give the spot to Despres. However, your worst d-men against Flyers was Martin. Also, it does not mean that Despres will step up and replace Michalek. Does not always work like that.

    • Malkin will take the same as Crosby, and if not, the Pens would be willing to go higher to keep him. If he wants out, we will trade him for one of the biggest returns in the post-lockout era. Crosby was hurt for most of last year, yet they still sold out every game. Tickets aren’t an issue. The Pens have already offered Doan a 4 year at a $6 million hit to Doan, if he doesn’t take it, we will move on. Flyers are also out of Doan race. Sutter is as good defensively as Staal, and is only a slight drop-off in offense. Despres will be on our top-pair next year, and he will be great. Martin played with a concussion in that series.

      • You do not know what Malkin is going to do. Stop speculating. For all we know Malkin can pull Staal as soon as next year.
        Currently, Crosby is NOT the best player in the world. Malkin is and this is why you sold out.

        Sutter is not as good as Staal defensively or offensively. No reason to argue about that. Yes, both are ‘similar’. However, currently, there is a huge gap between two players. Staal is all around better and there is NO question that Pittsburgh depth at center is weaken. You are a bit delusional if you think offensively they are the same. I would look up his PtsPG average if I were you.

        Flyers are out of Doan race? Is that a fact? You must be Nostradamus.

        As far as Martin, concussion or no concussion.. He is not living up that contract and frankly he is not that good. It’s not the first time ex-Devil player signs big contract and fades away.

        Finally, I will not going to crap all over Despresa. He is a decent prospect with some potential but let’s not go crazy and call him a no miss prospect that will be on top pair as soon as next year. Please.

        You got your butts kicked by very injured and very young Flyers team in both regular season and playoffs. It was no fluke.

        • I specifically said there is a drop-off in offense, but their D is very similar. The Pens would pay Malkin whatever he wants, if he wants to leave, we will trade him for a gigantic package. Doan is either going to the Coyotes, Rangers, Canucks or Pens. My bet is on the Canucks. Martin was better than Michalek, it’s that simple. They would have traded Martin if that wasn’t true. Bylsma has said that Despres will be on the top pair next year with Letang. I’m not making that up, he actually said that. And I never took a shot at the Flyers, so why are you taking a shot at the Pens? Low.

          • You have no problem calling readers dumbasses in one of your postings and at the same time calling me low because you think I attacked Pittsburgh?

            Must be Sidney Crosby fan.

          • I called someone a dumbass who deserved to be called a dumbass. I tried to stay civil in my other arguments.

          • Your not only a stupid ass but blind at that. Your points with exception of the sell out, were never solid. It is all based on your opinion. You dont know how good a rookie d is gonna be, you dont about sutter. And you dont malkin is happy or not and that some gigantic trade would take place. You assume all and discredit others opinions. look at the history of the league you never know whats gonna happen. I was 100 certain Detroit was gonna get suter, along with a lot of people and guess what…….nodda. So before you call names see the big picture dumbass

      • just like Columbus got for rick nash?? Say a Philly or Buffalo are the highest bidders is he gonna pull the trigger?? I think not ala detroit and columbus howson said he wasnt sending nash to detroit and took less of a package to send him to NYR. So dont just sit here and say it’ll be the biggest deal in the history of the NHL.

  14. I guess one team is really desperate to get him by outbidding most other teams that would never pay Doan 7.5M a season.

    All of this while the CBA talks going on and the owners/GMs crying foul over the high price of contracts.

    What a bunch of hypocrites. They need to be protected from themselves…

  15. I don’t think Pittsburgh will get out of the east with all the physical teams there.
    They need more grit to match up with Phily,Boston and New York.

    • Agree that they lost some grit on their bottom six that they need to replace.

  16. Listen no one know what Malkin is going to do. Unless your Malkin. But I do know this when Crosby is hurt which is more often then not these days Malkin can carry the Team. But in return he gets no franchise player talk from the Pens. Management or Owner which to me is a slap in the face. This guy can hold his own with Crosby yet he plays on the second line with lesser skilled players when Crosby is playing. The Pens. Are riding the NHL poster boy to the end because the NHL chose him to be the face of the league. And the Pens are basically taking it to the bank. Any other team that had a player with his concussion history would have trade him to the highest bidder. It would be in his and the pens best interest if the league went on strike. So that he could get healthy again. But make my words and I hope I’m wrong for his sake and the league. Crosby’s career will be a short one. These concussions will put him behind the bench and take him off the ice at a young age. He has a glass jaw which is very unfortunate.

    • He plays with Neal and Kunitz, the 2 best wingers on the team! If anything, Malkin is on the 1st line now. Malkin knows how important to the team he is, and he realizes it. And honestly, if he wants to leave, do you know what kind of package we would get back for him? I’ll take that.

  17. This argument is ridiculous. This a rumour website lol. The content invites speculation no matter how silly and narrow minded it is.

    I could care less about the Pens. The Pens D looked totally exposed in the Philly series. I imagine that even if the defense remains similar the coaching staff will reassess their defensive system during training camp in order to improve it overall. A single new defensive recruit would not have stopped the fireworks.

    Even if their defense is worst in the league which it is not, their offense will win them games more often than not.

  18. I don’t mind good-natured “trash talk”, but lately I’ve noticed some of the comments here are getting rather insulting. If you can’t disagree with someone without resorting to childish name-calling, then don’t post here at all. First and last warning, folks. After that, I start deleting posts and blocking access to the comments section. Your call.

  19. I dont think anyone can argue that Sutter is not Staal, but part of that comparison is that Staal was a 1 or 2 C playing 3c. So comparing a 3c to a 1/2c is apples and oranges.

    I absolutely agree that Crosby is not the best player on his own team, and hasnt been for a while. I had thrown out a suggestion before Crosby signed that they should have looked at a possible trade. With his injuries, and a team like Toronto willing to give you their 3 firstborn children, Pittsburgh would be looking good no matter what.

    Here’s a question, if you had to, for whatever reason, who would you trade? Malkin or Crosby…..I dont think its an easy decision (I would move Crosby).

    I have to ask how are the owners “hypocrites” by paying competitive prices to get the strongest assets they can to improve their teams. I dont think Wild fans think their owners are hypocrites. As long as you playing under a set of rules like the current CBA, that doesnt mean you cant say you wish the rules would change.

    I am a proponent of the owners sticking to the hardline. The average NHL makes over 2 million for an avg career of 5 years (surprisingly higher than the NFL). Thats an average total income of 10 million. It would take the average couple (both working) 96 years to make that much. And as far as the short career complaint, where does it seem reasonable that an athlete should make enough that his grandkids wont ever have to work? And yes I expect a lockout, and yes Joe fan will bitch and moan, but we will all come back just like we have all the other times.