Notable NHL UFA Signings – July 3, 2014

Check out the latest signings for Day Three of the NHL’s UFA period.

Leafs sign former Canucks forward Mike Santorelli.

Leafs sign former Canucks forward Mike Santorelli.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed center Mike Santorelli to a one-year, $1.5 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An affordable move by the Leafs to shore up their depth at center. Santorelli had 10 goals and 28 points in 49 games before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury. He’s a former 20-goal, 40-point scorer. 

The Carolina Hurricanes signed defenseman Tim Gleason to a one-year, $1.2 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes dealt Gleason to the Leafs in a mid-season salary-dumping trade. Having been bought out by the Leafs, the Hurricanes get him back at a more affordable price. 

The Buffalo Sabres signed defenseman Tyson Strachan to a one-year, $600K deal.


  1. Next up the Canes will send the Leafs Semin so they can buy him out and he too can resign with th Carolina Hurileafs. :-)

  2. Seriously tho really like Santorellis upside, good signing, and the Finnish guy they got from the KHL looked great in the Olympics….not too shabby, better than Ott or Legwand, eventho they did not get a top type c the depth st C this year is 100 times better than last year with Kuli and JVR taking draws with Smithson.
    Bozak Kadri Holland Santorelli Kontiola and Komarov all can play center

    • santorelli has injury concerns with his shoulder…..i think legwand would’ve been the safer signing the other guy will be a 3-4th liner for the leafs but nothing wrong with having those guys

      • Ill take 2 cheaper guys who can score at 2.5 mill combined over another 3rd line center who doesnt at 4 mill if Santorelli can stay healthy he can maybe put up 30 points in a third line role, and honestly would not mind seeing what he could do with JVR and Kessel, the guy is shifty and some how managed to put up 20 goals and 20 assits on a pretty bad Panther team and last year when I seen him in some of the late games with the Canucks he looked like one of their best players. I know its not much but for 1.5…Ill take him over Legwand at 4 mill whos been in the league 15 seasons and has maybe 3 20 goal years?

    • Kontiola better then Ott and Legwand how do you come to this conclusion? Lol

      • Better for the Leafs than overspending on depth. Legwand wants4 mill per to play in the bottom 6, no thank you. Not like Ott or Legwand sre going to make that much of a difference. Id rather take my chances with a player like Santorelli for 1.5 mill. Players like Ott and Legwand would be good pick ups for teams that have lots of space that are a little closer to a cup. Imo

    • You must be humming that old song “look for the silver lining …”

  3. Hi Lyle: I am a Dwight King fan. I know he is an RFA – any intel on the Kings signing him?

  4. Finally Nonis goes out and does him homework. Finding an undervalued guy for cheap

  5. If Kontiola is given pp time he can easily score +40 points and if Bozak gets injured he can really feed Kessel. Kontiola has top 6 skillset and can be productive if he can keep up whit the speed of play.