Oilers Re-sign Hall.

Hall signs seven-year contract extension with Oilers.

The Edmonton Oilers have announced the re-signing of winger Taylor Hall to a seven-year, $42 million contract extension, worth an average cap hit of $6 million. Hall, 20, is entering the final season of his entry-level contract. His new deal will take effect in 2013-14.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite being hampered by injuries in his first two seasons, Hall has posted 42 and 53 point performances respectively. If he can overcome his early career injury woes, Hall has the potential to become a top NHL power forward. The Oilers believe he’s worth the gamble, and if he stays reasonably healthy over the next seven seasons, he could prove worth it. 


  1. Is he really worth the same amount as Jordan Staal? That isn’t me being an ass, I really don’t know.

    • Hall has the ability to be a perennial 80+ point player. He’s not there yet, and he’s struggling with injuries while playing in a … *cringe* a “small” market … His career to date reminds me a bit of Marian Gaborik’s early years. Different kind of potential, but quantitatively similar results.

  2. He’s definitely worth the same amount as Jordan Staal providing he can avoid more injuries. Watched this kid play with the Spits through his years there and from his first year there you could see he had awesome skills.

  3. It is a gamble.
    He could have a good year and get an offer sheet next year.
    He could have a bad year and make less.
    If he plays to his ability and we do have a season this is a good signing.
    I would like to see Boston lock up Seguin long term.

  4. Ouch. I understand the was a top overall pic, but paying $6mil to a kid with 2 years of experience in the NHL seems a little steep. Didn’t the oil realize that they had all the negotiating power over Hall and his agent? He was still going to be Rfa after next year right?

    • Agreed, nothing like breaking the bank on a kid with 2 years in the league. Funny to see all the money thrown around for potential by the leagues GMs. So basically they’re paying him based on his potential to become worth that $6million a year cap hit. He just hasn’t “earned” that type of contract. I have a hard time having sympathy with the owners and the league.

      After this contract Kane is going to up his price in Winnipeg.