Oilers Re-sign Hemsky.

Hemsky to remain an Oiler.

Various sources report tonight the Edmonton Oilers have re-signed winger Ales Hemsky to a two-year, $10 million contract extension, worth an average cap hit of $5 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Poof! There goes another possible trade target heading into this weekend. It’s obvious the Oilers are gambling on Hemsky staying healthy the next two seasons and regaining his 60-70 point form. If he stays healthy, this could be worth it. If not, this contract will provide GM Steve Tambellini’s critics further ammunition to call for his firing.


  1. Terrible. Just terrible, 6-8 would have been acceptable.

  2. i blame Tuomo Ruutus contract on this one

  3. Wow… Seems like much considering his performance this year. But, IF he can regain his close to point per game form then great deal. Time will tell.

  4. He has done nothing in five years , a soft no defence forward who is no longer getting points .. Edmonton needed to over pay a defenceman not a soon to be injured small forward .. They are wealthy in small underperforming forwards why overpay for another one . This is a crazy signing , they would have been better off with a second round pick , which is what he is worth ….

  5. Suddenly Stajan’s contract seem reasonable..

  6. They better hope Hemsky comes back to form. With Gagner and Smyth now seeing this contract and Eberle + Hall seeing it next year, if Hemsky doesn’t make it worth it they are going to shoot themselves in the foot trying to retain other players.