Oilers Sign Bryzgalov, Trade Smid To The Flames.

The Edmonton Oilers have signed free agent goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov to a one-year contract, and traded defenseman Ladislav Smid and goalie prospect Olivier Roy to the Calgary Flames for forward Roman Horak and goalie prospect Laurent Brossoit.


Oilers sign Ilya Bryzgalov to a one-year deal.

Oilers sign Ilya Bryzgalov to a one-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Busy afternoon for Oilers GM Craig MacTavish. One of the moves I understand (Bryzgalov) while the other leaves me a bit puzzled (Smid).  

The Oilers need goaltending depth, and at this point they have little choice but to take a chance on Bryzgalov. Hopefully it won’t take him long to shake off the rust as his last game was with the Flyers back in April.  No word yet on how much Bryzgalov’s salary will be but considering he got an expensive buyout from the Flyers, it’ll be affordable for the Oilers.

As for trading Smid, he was their best defensive blueliner over the past couple of years, ranking among the league leaders in hits and blocked shots. Moving him for a checking line forward doesn’t make much sense to me. I know the Oilers need depth on the checking lines, but trading their best defensive d-man to get one is strange.


  1. This trade must mean there is more coming. Either that of MacTavish has lost his mind. Smid must have been trading to make room for another D-man’s because if it were to make room for Bryzs salary then they paid too much (anything above 1 million is too much).

    • The Flames just got a lot better. The Oilers must have a trade for a defenceman in the works or there’s something seriously wrong.

  2. Humongous Big Move!

  3. K soooo ….lets get this straight trade basically could viewed as Smid for Bryz?…bit of a head scratcher but I guess…

  4. Hate to see Smid go but love the fact MacT took action. Say what you want about Bryzgalov but he’s better than Dubnyk. Plus, if he gives Edmonton half decent goaltending nobody will care that he’s nuttier than a Snickers bar.

    • I too hate to see Smid leave as for Bryz being better than Dubnyk that remains to be seen.( only time will tell)

      • I agree time will tell. However Dubnyk has set the bar so low that it won’t take much to be better. Hence why LaBarbera is such a bust.

  5. Next you’re gonna tell me Yakupov and Hemsky are headed to New York for Nash and Girardi.

    *races over to twitter to pray it isn’t so*

  6. Bob Stauffer has said when Mac T coached the team he had very little use/ time for Smid yet this move is curious to say the least the Oiler brain trust must be very high on Brossoit.

    • So much for a tough stand up defensive defencemen. Hope Coburn and Simmonds arrive..

      • Thats my thought too.

      • Would definitely prefer Coburn over Schenn (who is rumoured to be in the mix)

      • You hope Simmonds & Coburn arrive? For who? It’s going to take more than spare parts to get that deal done but after tratrading Smid I definitely think MacT MUST have another deal on the go. Otherwise the Oilers terrible d just got a lot worse.

  7. Curious trade…

  8. Deal makes virtually no sense to me at all …