Oilers Sign Nugent-Hopkins to Contract Extension.

The Edmonton Oilers today announced they re-signed center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a seven-year, $42 million contract extension.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins inks 7-year extension with the Oilers.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins inks 7-year extension with the Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s a $6 million per season cap hit, which is in line with the lengthy contract extensions the Oilers signed with Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall.The new deal takes effect next season.

While the Oilers willingness to invest so heavily in their promising young players is admirable, in the case of Nugent-Hopkins, this could prove a hasty move, given his injury history.

He had a promising debut, with 52 points in 62 games in 2010-11, but he’s since been plagued by a chronic shoulder injury, which currently has him sidelined until November.

Nugent-Hopkins could overcome this early setback and go on to justify that lengthy, expensive investment, but it might have been a better idea for the Oilers to gauge his performance this season before negotiating a new deal.



  1. Careless. Priming for another lockout.

  2. Awful… Has he been healthy for a full year yet? He’s to skinny and frail, injury prone career

    • 1. fyi he gained 10 pnds of muscle this offseason and prolly will gain another 5-10 in the next couple years
      2. he had a very common shoulder surgery that many other players have had and been perfectly fine after.
      3.) rnh is a stud and will be for many years

      • 4.) he originally injured himself by catches an edge and falling into the boards. its not like he cant take a hit.

  3. 1.) shoulder injury is behind him
    2.) This was a VERY smart (a little risky) move by Edmonton believe it or not fellows

    • Agreed and the amount of of years is perfect as none of the main 3 has a contract up the same year