Parise Goes Wild.

Parise joins Suter in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Wild have also signed Zach Parise to a 13-year deal worth $7.45 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is headline news for NHL fans, especially those in Minnesota, for the fans of Parise and Suter’s former teams, and for those teams (Red Wings, Penguins, Blackhawks and Flyers) who were also in the bidding for them. The thought of playing together close to home obviously held significant appear for the two.

For the Wild, it signals to their fans management is serious about improving the team, so much so they were capable of outbidding teams in richer markets to land the two best players available this summer.  

It remains to be seen how strong an impact they’ll have upon the Wild. Initial reaction is, “of course, they’ll be a better team, a playoff contender for sure!” As history has demonstrated, however, that doesn’t always work out as hoped. That’s not a knock against the Wild, or Parise and Suter, but merely a reminder that sometimes these great signings work out, and sometimes they don’t.  

This is also a blow to the New Jersey Devils, who were hoping to re-sign their captain. It may be indicative of the concern from the Parise camp over the club’s financial situation.

As for the teams which lost out in the bidding for the duo, expect the focus to shift toward Columbus’ Rick Nash and Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan on the trade market, and toward Philadelphia’s Matt Carle in the UFA market.


  1. OMG!!!!

  2. $98 million 13/y $7.5 cap hit

  3. A good solid signing! Good luck to the Wild! Glad to see a solid market reward their fans!

  4. Congrats to wild and wild fans. Big day!

  5. Said it was the beginning of the end when Lou brought him to arbitration.

    Ah well… NJ can go get Bobby Ryan on a far more affordable contract. They’ll have to give Anaheim an offer they can’t refuse.

  6. I would say they overpaid Suter big time. He isn’t worth that much money at all. When are teams going to ever learn?

  7. Minni’s management is on the bottom tier of the NHL along with the Edmontons and the Calgarys. They can thank their lucky stars that Parise was born in that state. He can go join their losing tradition.

  8. What a great day to be a Rangers fan. Yes, a Rangers fan with Devils fan friends. Happy Fourth of July indeed!

  9. Prediction based past signings of big contracts: Wild do not perform as expected next year, same for Parise and Suter. That said, year after, look out…that will be when the deals will really show their values….IMO

  10. Congrats to the Wild! Won a bet with my son on that one, I called both to Minny; he called both Detroit.

    They should be a contender after a run-in period.

  11. I’m very disappointed as a NJD fan. More than you can imagine. You give a man a captaincy and surround with him winning talent and then one day say “I don’t want this.” What will Zach do withouth Dany Heatley in two years and Niklas Backstrom after this season? Mikko Koivu can’t do it alone with you Zach. Dany Heatley lied in his texts to you. I reiterate MJR I’s last statement about the Minny tradition.

  12. 1) Can’t say we’re surprised by this turn of events. We were alerted to this liklihood a couple of days ago. The cap hits aren’t too bad considering everything
    2) The biggest loser is NJ. Regardless of there recent history of over achieving, I can’t see them rebounding and will be a stretch to even make the post season next season(if there is one)

  13. Suter now has a higher cap hit than each of this year’s Norris finalists (Chara, Karlsson, Weber) for 13 years…

    Parise is a great all-around player, but: he’s a winger. Paying this much to a winger is risky because winger’s always need good centres to reach their potential (example Ric Nash). Also, wingers generally don’t have as much influence on the game as centres.

    As much as I’d love to see these guys in the winged wheel, they would have handcuffed this team going forward.

  14. While I think the Cap hits are a little high, they apparently had higher offers but choose to go to Minnesota. The Wild needed this and I am excited and hopeful for them.

  15. These two contracts are absolutely ridiculous, handed out to two very good but not great players. It proves once again that owners and GM’s need to be protected from themselves. You have to be happy for Minny fans the consequences are going to be far reaching. It’s great for the headlines in the short term… creating a euphoria like a drug induced high but when that euphoria wears off, there is still a $15 million cap hit for two players