Penguins Acquire Iginla.

Earlier this morning it was reported the Calgary Flames had traded long-time captain Jarome Iginla to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for college prospects Kenneth Agostino, Ben Hanowski and a first round pick in 2013.

Iginla marches to the Penguins.

Iginla marches to the Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After apparently having a deal which would’ve shipped Iginla to the Boston Bruins, the Flames opted to sent their long-time captain to the Penguins, a move he obviously approved  As more than one observer noted, the Penguins are “all in” this season to win the Stanley Cup, having acquired Iginla, Brenden Morrow and Douglas Murray this week.

The trade does raise a couple of questions for the Penguins. First, how they’ll adjust their lines to accommodate Iginla, and if he’ll remain a Penguin beyond this season. It’s assumed Iginla will play on Sidney Crosby’s line, but Crosby’s had terrific chemistry this season with linemates Chris Kunitz and Pascal Dupuis. He could play on Evgeni Malkin’s line, though James Neal usually plays on the right side there. Iginla reportedly didn’t want to be a playoff rental player, but the Penguins already have over $53 million invested in 16 players next season, plus they’ll have to re-sign Malkin and Kris Letang before they become UFAs in 2014. They might not have enough cap space to keep “Iggy” beyond this season.

As for the Flames, management will be skewered for this deal, but honestly, they weren’t going to find a better return. Iginla only wanted to go to four teams, and two of them didn’t need him, or weren’t willing to part with a suitable return. The Kings and Blackhawks simply weren’t going to offer up more, and the Bruins offer wasn’t much better.

While most Flames fans see the sense in moving Iginla, the harsh reality is going to slap them in the face today. He’s been the face of the franchise for over a decade, a member of the Flames for 16 years, and the best player in franchise history. It’s going to hurt when the reality finally sets in that he’s truly gone, and this club must rebuild, but it had to be done. That’s the price of doing business in the NHL, and the Flames simply weren’t a good enough team anymore.


  1. There comes a time for every player in the NHL whose chance to hoist Lord Stanley’s cup decreases every year his team does not reach postseason play and does not improve. For Jerome Iginla, that time has come. The Flames are going nowhere anytime soon but upward, and Iginla wants to play for a contender, win the Cup, then hang up the skates.

    Having acquired Brendan Morrow and Douglas Murray, the Penguins set up a Stanley Cup winning roster. Adding Iginla, Pittsburgh continues to wow.

    As for the situation in Calgary, who knows what the future holds for Jay Feaster.

  2. It’s a pretty damn good Thursday morning in the Burgh

    • Is it just me or does anyone else find what Pittsburgh is doing disturbing? ALSO, the other teams in the league seems to be aiding. Personally, I think the Pen’s are greasy. Teams like Ottawa, Montreal, LA, Chicago will say “we like our team”. Pittsburgh has Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Letang, Kunitz, and yet feels the need to bring in 3 pretty big pieces. They are the Yankees and are trying to buy a cup. I have lost respect for this greedy organization.

      • I disagree. Pittsburgh has added these players either via the draft or trading for them. They are not a team continually adding top end talent in free agency. Pittsburgh is a well run franchise and the fact they have the ability to add these pieces speaks to that. With that said they are going to have alot of work to do with the cap going down so this is the year to make a run.

      • your jealousy is as pathetic as you are …

      • I don’t think Pitt is any different than any other team trying to win the cup. They made deals to get the “rental” players needed – no different than any other club except that they made their deals early and didn’t wait for the trade deadline. Because their additions essentially are rental players, the Pens received picks or young players in return. Iginla was in a similar situation as Bourque and I’m glad he was given the opportunity to try to get a cup this year.

        • Calling Pittsburgh a greasy organization is so misinformed. Every team that is trying to win the Stanley Cup tries to improve their hockey club if they can. While the Penguins are doing very well but they had room to improve with some physical players such as Morrow and Murray and now gave up some prospects to get arguably one of the best power forwards in the game. Jealousy, ignorance, plain lack of mental acuity. The fact that other teams say they “like their team” now will change if they get steam rolled by Pitts in the playoffs. There is obviously no guarantee they will win but boy do they look like the favorites now.

      • It’s not disturbing. It is pure jealousy for the people to criticize their actions. If their team did the same thing they would be ecstatic. Crosby, Malkin, Letang were Pens draft picks brought in the system and trained there. They are giving up valuable assets to obtain the pieces they have. They are well managed and are a very good team. You did not see Iginla wanting to be traded to the Isles, he wanted to win and the best chance to obtain the elusive cup is Pittsburgh. In the end, haters gonna hate because their team did not do this.

  3. It was reported late last night that he was traded to the bruins? and then no pitt gets him just woundering if Iggy said i want to go to Pitt instead??

    • Yes Iggy did say. Everyone wants to help the lowly Pen’s. Flames got robbed. C grade prospects….what a Joke. Hey Tampa, maybe help Pens out….trade Stamkos for Kennedy. Oh, Hi Shero, its the Blackhawks calling. We want Tanner Glass…..we are willing to give you Toews for him… does that sound.

      • How does that sound? Like sour grapes….

      • sounds like you need a puppy …

  4. DChamp bitter much? If those other clubs think they have te right pieces already well too bad for them!

    The pens realize that with the cap dropping and the shortened season, cap dropping next year, etc that this is the year to do this. They could lose malkin or letang in a years time, so what do they have to lose? A couple of prospects and draft picks. No big deal for the pens who have a pretty good stockpile of prospects.

  5. As far as I can see the Pens offer wasn’t any better than Boston’s. Going to be an interesting playoffs and ofseason when Iggy becomes a UFA.

  6. You guys are idiots. I think this is a great trade for pittsburg they play the style of hockey iginla loves. And boston are just a bunch of goons trying to push around every team its no wonder nobody wants to play for them. All these hater fans would have loved these trades if it was their team.

    • Looking at the stats I see about 15 other teams with more times on the PK than Boston. You sound like a Canucks fan. Kudos for Pitts for pulling this off, just wish it was in Boston where his physical style is a better fit.
      Game on!

  7. Buying the Cup…I remember hearing that about Detroit before the salary cap era.

    Getting Iginla does not give them the cup. Detroit has gotten better players, and more of them, at one deadline and did not win the cup.

    The move helps, but….

    He would have been better in Boston or Chicago, heck, maybe even Tampa, but the salary and costs don’t make sense. Maybe in the offseason when the Pens can’t keep everyone or just be a 5 man team.

    • I often wonder how detroit was able to do the same, even after a cap. No it’s the pens turn i’m enjoying the moment, and find it funny that a detroit fan is questioning how. It’s called, Pittsburgh’s turn.

      • Detroit “bought” the teams before the Salary Cap era when they were allowed to spend a great deal of money that in many cases were like twice of any other team.

        However, since the cap went into effect, they have not been able to.


        both teams do have cap space, as bases on a pro-rated contract amounts. The pens, today, are about 4 mill below the cap of this season. Next year, with the resignings that they will still need to do, they will not be able to keep everyone UNLESS most of them want pay cuts. Even at present salaries, they would be over the cap next year.

        Enjoy the moment while you can. It won’t last.

        ps, I just don’t like Crosby. He’s a complainer and a cry baby. VERY skilled. He’s a producer. Just too full of ego.

  8. Reminds me of the Canes run-Recchi and Weight. Similar to these players

  9. Penguins aren’t BUYING anything … Shero gave up a 1st rounder, a 2nd rounder, a 3rd rounder and a promising young mobile puck moving d-man in Joe Morrow … how is that buying it?

    • Not a third rounder in this years draft but good point anyhow.

  10. Looks like it is get even time! Great for pitts and iggy and calgary as he will return with the cup. Bruins will be hotter then all hell. What will they do to get even….and if you think that they are going to roll over you are nuts. It is a matter to what extremes they will go to….they have a pile of talent they can work with….say they want clarkson…..uncle lou will skin them alive …just an example. and so will other g.m.’s…..they know bruin anger can be of benefit to them.

    • Yes it’s true. GMs are gonna rob the bruins blind of talent if they try.

  11. The Bruins deal was FAR better than what the Pens offered for Iginla. The Bruins should be upset by these turn of events but Flames fans should be irate that they got nothing but a low 1st rd pick and a bag of pucks.

  12. I gave to say I don’t think I like thus deal for the penguins. I just think they shaking up their team too much adding morrow and Murray was ok now throwing in a big fish like Iginla… just seems like too much of a change to the identity of the team. We’ve all seen it in previous years where one team goes out and picks up 4 or 5 quality players and then falls flat in the playoffs.

    The pens have l looked great for a few weeks now. I think they have messed with a good thing. But maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

  13. well as a Bruins fan, I’m upset that we lost out, especially knowing that what we were offering was FAR better than what Calgary got from the Pitts. But i totally respect Iginla’s right to choose his destination. That’s why he had that clause in his contract and kuddos to him for having the balls to excercise it without feeling he owed Calgary anything, like a better return. He clearly wants the cup and thinks the Pitts is his best shot.
    I’m sure that Chiarelli knows there’s no honor amongst theives. He thought he had a deal and things changed. thats the business.

    As for the Bruins, IMO they are best to stand pat. Don’t waste draft pics or prospects on whats left out there, cuz it aint much worthwhile. they will probably be out first round, concentrate and this summers free agent market

  14. So Feaster played the Bruins.. and Shero played the Flames.

    To trade your captain and best team player and still a very good player in this league for a very late 1st round pick and 2 NCAA players nobody has ever heard of is not in the best interests of the Flames. There the Pens sit with a lot of great young defensemen in their system.. and Feaster didn’t demand one of them?

    You know what.. the trade did not have to be done last night. You had another week. If the Pens really wanted Iginla they maybe would have offered a better prospect.

    I feel for the Flames fans and their sadness today after seeing their long-time captain gone… and the rage they feel for being ripped off.

    Yes the Pens are loaded up front.. BUT if Fleury has the same type of playoff this year as he did last season.. then the Pens won’t make it to the conference finals.

    There are a lot of really good goalies in the Eastern Conference and if they get hot.. and Fleury doesn’t… well it’s all for not.

    • With Vocoun as a backup I think the Pens are ok in goal. The Pens had a pile of money to use under the cap, they chose to use it now instead of at the beginning of the season. They lost out on Parisi, Suter and Doan then pick up Iginla. Morrow and Murry. Seems to me they were able to improve the team exactly to their concerns. As far as buying a cup, are you serious? The Pens, with all of these aquisitions are still under the cap. Don’t be mad at the Pens be mad that your gm can’t get the results Shero gets.

      • +1

  15. i wish Iginla well in Pittsburgh but i’m not ready to just hand them the Cup.
    pittsburgh did improve their team but the 03/04 Avalanche managed to land Selanne & Kariya to go along with Sakic, Forsberg, Tanguay, and Hejduk with Blake, Foote, and Morris on defense with all of them in their prime. you’d of thought a lineup like that would’ve contended for the Cup but they were eliminated in the second round by San Jose (even before they acquired Joe Thornton). all these trades really do is make things a little easier for teams in the West (Dallas is a little thinner up front, San Jose’s defense is a little smaller and scoring just got a little tougher for Calgary) but a lot of things can happen between now and the Finals.

    • True. But it feels great when your team finally is able to field a team like this and be heavy favorites.

  16. Here is where it all is. Everyone is either upset or rejoicing in this. When it’s all said and done, it’s about time something finally went Pittsburgh’s way. The pens have had Hossa leave and Parise sign with the wild. Finally the penguins get a player say I love my chances better with Pittsburgh and everyone is crying foul and unfair. Why? The pens have been there. Now is the time for the penguins to have their day in the sun. For those haters, go take you pity parade to someone that cares. For now is the time for us pens fans and those new ones to enjoy a roster that we never thought we would ever have.

    • Wow, I dont know where to begin with this. The Pitts have had two of the best players in the world on their roster for a few years now, something a great number of teams in this league have never had, and that isn’t enough for you? “enjoy a roster we never thought we would ever have” seriously? While there are probably some haters out there, most of the people here are offering poignant commnetary and their own personal opinions which are valid and their right to have. for crying out loud you make it sound like the Pitts are the Columbus Blue Jackets with “their day in the sun” crap. I’ve noticed that the commentors here are pretty rough on homers, and this post makes you sound like a homer.