Penguins Acquire Vokoun.

Vokoun a Penguin.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have acquired goaltender Tomas Vokoun from the Washington Capitals in exchange for a seventh round pick in this year’s entry draft. Vokoun, 35, is eligible for UFA status on July 1, but according to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, he’s agreed to a two-year deal with the Penguins worth $2 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The depth in decent goalies in this summer’s free agent pool just got shallower. A surprise move by the Penguins, but one which addresses a need for a reliable veteran back for Marc-Andre Fleury, who struggled in this year’s playoffs. Some might interpret this as Penguins management losing faith in Fleury, but it’s apparent they want to ensure an experienced backup is on hand should the need arise to spell off Fleury, as well as avoid overworking him.



  1. This is exciting. It completely changes the free agent battle for goaltending.

  2. Here is my “Crazy” thought for the day.

    Kipper to Pens for Staal & Vokoun.

  3. Very crazy. That would be a hell of a trade for Calgary, Jay Feaster would have a statue made of him if he pulled that off. Yet it makes absolutley no sense for Pittsburgh. Unless they flipped Kipper for something else, but then why include Jordan Staal in the first place. I’ll be shocked if Kiprusoff gets traded period.

  4. realistically, what can Brent Johnson fetch as part of a trade or a draft bump-up?

  5. Considering Brent Johnson is a UFA in a few weeks, and is a marginal backup, I would guess he’s worth a beer or two, but not a whole case of beer.

    • Lol

      • zing.
        didn’t realize he was a UFA. Nevermind then.

  6. Would liked to have seen you participate in the blackout over the very bad environmental bill being considered by Harper. A good quality of life is more important than hockey any day Spector….

  7. Another day, another protest…(yawn).

  8. Shocking but smart move by the Pens. Everybody had the pegged as the champions at the start of the playoffs and Fleury shit the bed. I think this is also a signal from management that they intend to hold all their cards and make a run for the cup again with what they have now.

    A lot of teams are going to be shitting themselves right now they that missed this chance!

  9. Tomas Vokoun will be the Penguin’s backup goaltender for Marc-Andre Fleury. Fluery is a great goaltender who has stuggled at times and be overworked. Vokoun’s presence give Fleury some rest and the Penguins a 1/1A goaltender situation. Ray Shero made a good acquisition.

  10. I don’t think Johnson fetches much of anything in terms of trade value…he’s an older goalie who’s a UFA coming off off a nightmare of a season. It was a given that the Pens were going to try to upgrade their goaltending with a veteran guy that could push Fleury…I just didn’t expect them to get someone this high-end. For the rest of the Pens…I don’t know that it changes anything. Asham is probably leaving…I would try to keep Sullivan if I were them…and what to do with Staal remains the $64,000 question.

    Whoever suggested Kiprusoff for Staal and Vokoun…”crazy” ain’t the word. Why not throw in Letang, too, while you were at it? Seriously…I don’t want to be the typical anonymous yet condescending online jerk…but there’s a better chance of Shero signing the Loch Ness Monster to a contract this summer than agreeing to that trade.