Penguins re-sign Letang.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have reportedly agreed to an eight year contract with Kris Letang worth an average annual cap hit of $7.25 million.

Penguins re-sign Kris Letang to an eight-year deal.

Penguins re-sign Kris Letang to an eight-year deal.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: As one scribe put it, the Penguins and Letang have essentially agreed to split the difference, as the Pens had originally offered $7 million, while Letang was seeking $7.5 million. That means the Penguins, starting in 2014-15, have eight players under contract for $45.2 million, which likely means the end of Pascal Dupuis with the Penguins.

This contract will also affect Montreal’s PK Subban, the 2013 Norris Winner, who’ll be eligible for RFA status next summer. Assuming the salary cap for ’14-15 increases back up to $70 million, the Penguins will have a little over $25 million to fill out the remainder of their roster.

Time will tell if Letang will be worth this contract over the long term. He’s rated among the league’s best blueliners, and is certainly among the elite puck-carrying defensemen, but there are concerns over his defensive game plus he has an injury history. 


  1. Good signing by the Pens, Letang makes our offense dynamic. What makes him a defensive problem is he NEVER has the same partner. Him and Orpik are good,but then he gets Eaton and Niskanen mixed in way too often and those guys are not top 4 not even close so why are they playing in the top pair? Despres is what Letang needs and he will come back and crush the pundits this year just like Fleury!

    • Wrong, Letangs defence is not elite no matter who he is paired with as that is just an excuse. Pens signed him for his offence only.
      He is like Mark Streit – great offence but, suspect defence and a liability.

  2. So he basically got $2 million more … that is peanuts at that kinda cash lets be honest here.

  3. Letang has broken up countless breakaways, his speed alone is a great reason to pay him. He needs a partner he can rely on to hold down the fort because we pay him to move the puck up ice and keep in it the zone. Hes only 26 so hes just getting to his prime years plenty of time to improve and mr Kaiser if you watch the pens at all he takes peoples heads off as well. Does he make mistakes, hecks yeah. But I would be willing to work with him, especially because Bylsma doesnt exactly preach defense in his system. With some of the big young mobile dmen like Despres and Doumoulin about to finally get looks, expect a change in fortune for not only tang but the team in general

  4. While a little pricey, this is not a major problem for the pens. Outside of the big 7 slaries (Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Letang, Martin, Kunitz, Fleury) the pens have $24 million committed to the rest of the roster (16 players). This signing doesn’t kick in until 2014-2015 when the cap will go back up and they will have 8 guys under contract at $45 million and $25 million to spend on the remaining 15 roster spots. Add to it that Orpik and Niskanen will be UFAs and can will sign for similar or less value if they want to stay or will be replaced by the depth in the minors and Kennedy, Jokinen, and Glass will also be UFAs who could be replaced by similar, cheaper free agents. The Pens are just fine.

  5. Letang is not bad defensively if he has his head in the game, which admittedly he does sometimes have issues with. He’s not quite a #1 defenseman, but he’s not far off either. That said, with the Tyler Kennedy trade today would that give the Pens enough space to keep Dupuis?