Penguins re-sign Neal.

Neal re-signed to six year extension.

The Pittsburgh Penguins announced the re-signing of left wing James Neal to a six-year contract extension worth an average annual cap hit of $5 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Penguins critics will claim they’ve overpaid for Neal, but he’s had three consecutive 20-plus goal seasons before this one, and is currently only pace for 42 goals and close to 80 points this season. They’re obviously pleased with his performance and believe he’s capable of more in the future. If he continues that pace over the life of this deal, it’ll be more than worth the money for the Penguins.


  1. Good signing, hope he is good for 25-30. But, the Pens are looking at serious cap issues next year as far as keeping depth guys around

  2. agreed SmielmaN good signing , if the Pens could get healthy and have their full lineup they would be scary good.

  3. Neal gets 5 mil a year, no way grabovski should be 5

  4. Doesn’t anyone else think that Pittsburgh should be able to wrangle a bit of a discount when they’re signing players? Especially wingers. They can dangle playing with 2 of the best centers in the league in front of any winger plus the prospect of being a contender all the time. Not saying 5 mil is a bad deal for Neal, but you’d think they’d try and massage their cap a bit.

  5. Will be interesting to see what the Pens get for Paul Martin this summer…

  6. This is why more teams should rebuild like the Pens! This team is scary good and I think they’ll be able to make moves for affordable character depth over the next few seasons.