Ponikarovsky Dealt to Devils.

The Carolina Hurricanes last night traded forward Alexei Ponikarovsky to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for minor league defenseman Joe Sova and a 2012 fourth round draft pick.

Ponikarovsky dealt to Devils.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes “fire sale” has begun. Ponikarovsky is eligible for UFA status this summer and obviously no longer fit into Carolina’s future plans. He’s a former four-time 20-plus goal-scorer, but over the past two seasons hasn’t come close to those numbers. He’s a versatile forward who can play both wings, and was acquired to add depth to the Devils third or fourth line. And no, he isn’t being brought in as a potential replacement for Zach Parise! If anything, this is an indication the Devils are loading up for the playoffs.


  1. Essentially NJ gets a Maple Leafs, Coyotes, and Hurricanes reject.

    My reaction: Nooooo what are you doing?!

    Liability at both ends. Someone called him a two-way player… I call him a two-way contract type player.

  2. Forgot Pitt and LA but no Yotes. But I agree with ya

  3. Oh that’s true. Sorry, the hurricanes jerseys looks like the yotes jerseys. You’d think teams would try other colours or something.

  4. I know what happened now. I remember they dealt Poni-boy to Pittsburgh; I was recalling Lee Stempniak. It was part of the Toronto migration from Burke taking over the team.

  5. Third line pick up with some size. He’s not expected to their new star, just a depth player

  6. If this guy grew a pair, played with a bit of edge, and went to the net, he would be a valuable pickup. He has size and skill, but apparently tries not to showcase that. I can see Lamorello seeing the potential, but I do not see why Deboer will be the one to get that out of him when his previous 4 coaches could not. He has the size and skill to be 2nd line, but lack of effort and intensity makes him 3rd or 4th line.