Post-Trade Deadline Day News – Part One.

Find out what moves weren’t made yesterday by the Blue Jackets, Rangers, Red Wings, Flyers, Capitals and Panthers.

Nash's situation in Columbus becoming a soap opera.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Shawn Mitchell reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson revealed Rick Nash requested a trade back in January. Aaron Portzline reports the NY Rangers made a late pitch, ” adding prospect J.T. Miller to an offer that already included NHL center Brandon Dubinsky, prospects Tim Erixon and Christian Thomas and a first-round draft pick.”

NEW YORK POST:Larry Brooks reports Rangers GM Glen Sather “stuck to his guns in resisting Columbus’ demands that the package in return would have to include either Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto plus either Derek Stepan or Carl Hagelin, plus Boston College winger Chris Kreider and Brandon Dubinsky”

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Arthur Gross commended the Rangers GM for not mortgaging his club’s future for Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Depending on the Rangers performance in this year’s playoffs, Sather could revisit his interest in Nash by the entry draft. Remains to be seen how much he’d be willing to part with then.

PHILLY.COM/CSNPHILLY.COM:  Flyers forward James van Riemsdyk is relieved he wasn’t moved on deadline day. It’s believed the San Jose Sharks made a pitch for him (rumored to have offered up goalie Antti Niemi), but the offer was declined. Flyers GM Paul Holmgren claimed he never had any interest in moving van Riemsdyk There was also interest in Flyers defenseman Matt Carle leading up to the deadline, but the Flyers didn’t get any inquiries about him on deadline day.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Now maybe “JVR” can relax, without being bombarded by questions about his future, and focus on playing hockey for the rest of the season…until the June entry draft weekend, when the questions over his future are bound to come up again.

DETROIT NEWS/DETROIT FREE PRESS.: Red Wings GM Ken Holland was shopping for a big, physical forward yesterday, but wasn’t willing to move any of his current roster players or part with prized prospects to do so. Holland also lacked a first round pick, which put him out of the running for Paul Gaustad, who went to Nashville.

WASHINGTON POST/NBCSPORTS: Capitals GM George McPhee explained he didn’t make a move at the trade deadline because he didn’t want to chase a bad deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McPhee’s critics weren’t pleased over this, urging him to move players like Alexander Semin, Mike Knuble and/or Roman Hamrlik for a player who could help turn the Capitals season around. Problem is, that mythical creature does not exist, and certainly not with any of those players in the offer, so the Capitals GM was wise to stand pat, especially with the lack of quality available in this year’s trade market.

MIAMI HERALD/SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon denied rumors he tried to move defenseman Jay Garrison because contract talks had soured. Tallon admitted Mikael Samuelsson’s former teams (Vancouver and Detroit) had interest in the veteran forward but the Panthers weren’t willing to move him.


  1. I am kind of surprise that Hamrlik was not moved. It could very well spell a bad locker room situation for the rest of the season.

  2. I’m glad Glen Sather stood his ground, as what he offered up for Nash was more than substantial! I hope the Rangers continue to improve with the players that they already have…

  3. I saw a bunch of people complaining that Holland didn’t make a big, some even said he should be fired for it. So many people forget there has to be a willing dance partner, and the cost has to be right. Same issue for Washington, the players that would help them would have taken the whole roster to get, and still wouldn’t make them better

  4. If I could compare the offers he got yesterday to the ones he gets in late June, it would be easier to tell whether you truly get better offers in the summer.

    The Jeff Carter deal really hurt CBJ and they made that in the summer.

    Who truly knows whether they would have gotten a better deal? Only the GMs do.

    And it’s hard to compare stars who are pending UFAs to dealing Nash. You can’t use Atlanta’s trading away of Hossa or Kovalchuk at the deadline and say “those are examples of bad deadline deals” because they were either going to get what they got or a second round pick for “the rights to a player”.

  5. The situation with Roman Hamrlik is a liitle sad for me. I was glad Montreal let him walk in the summer, since I believed a 2 year deal at 3.5 million for a 37 year old was over the top. That said, I would have been thrilled if PG had been able to give the Caps Kaberle and his 4.25 million over 4 for Hamrlik straight up. Would have even thrown in a late pick to make up for the salary dump. I know Kaberle is not especially marketable these days, but the Caps are clearly done with Hamrlik, and Kaberle may actually fit better in Washington’s system.

  6. I’m surprised at the lack of deals, period. With the most bizarre being Hodgson being given away. Very shocked by that one

  7. I really love the fact that Darcy got a #1 for Gaustad and traded an underperforming Kassian for a solid 2 way Center in Hodgson. If Vancouver thinks they got two physical players with Kassian and MAG – they are mistaken. Kassian had the opportunity to step up and secure himself a spot on a 2nd or 3rd line, but while he showed glimmers in the beginning – he sure fizzled – he holds onto the puck too long, doesn’t pass and it seems he has been shying away from any physical contact – taking the man to the boards and even standing up for his mates. Darcy got the steals of the day and the hockey media is marginalizing the moves.

  8. Nashville wants it now true, but a first round for a UFA, that’s a lot. And if he pans out, they probably need to set aside $3 mil to resign him. A western conference final is the only thing that will make this deal palatable.

  9. Why would we trade for Rick Nash when we will sign Zach Parise on July 1st? Yes, we will sign Zach, he won’t even have to move. This is what gives us the inside track to signing him. Some rumors suggest he’ll re-sign with Devils, which won’t happen no $ or desire to play there, or even sign and play for the Wild, which is ridiculous lol! Can’t wait to see Zach wearing a Ranger jersey. Who cares about Rick Nash!!!!!!

  10. If Parise signs with the rangers, i quit NHL 😛

  11. Four teams I hate the most:
    1. NY R
    2. Pittsburgh
    3. Detroit
    4. Vancouver

    Easy to see why I am not enjoying hockey that much this year. My hatred for these teams (hatred older than ten years) seems to drive their franchise to succeed.

    I hate Vancouver much less this year, and am warming up to the Sedins are respectable hockey players. It’s one thing to bash them for having one flukey season but now they’re doing it three years straight and they’ve done it going long absences from each other. With their moves yesterday, they might well have the necessary tools to win the cup. This is their year to go for it.

    Repeat matchup of 1994 in the works, I think.

  12. @mJR

    Could you please start hating the Nluejackets please?

  13. Bluejackets I mean

  14. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!

    Wheres my buddy FIRE WILSON…….

    I wont say I TOLD YOU SO …to all those Kessel Schenn and Riemer lovers ……..Burkes biggest problem is he is listening to TO MANY people……he could have done at least 1 thing and 1 thing only and thats bring in someone to change up the room ….Steve Ott could have at least brought something to the room to say hey listen get the F going here ….

    burke was brought in to make the changes to do the big trades and create a new team …the way he has done it all his life …and hes changed lost his way …and when that happens its over …to loyal …..this isnt a popularity contest here …the LEAFS STINK …and the trade of the century was on his desk and he blew it ……….absolutely blew it …..he should have trade half the team and started over because now its embarresing and WORSE!!!!!!!

    I cant stand all you guys who said …..are you crazy TRADE WHO !!! NO way hes too good trade him …no way he great and our youth …trade him no way ….cant empty the cupboards ……guess what you guys no SHIT!!!!……… time when you guys buy a lfs Jersey …dont put a players name on the back ….and you will see what I mean ……BURKE MISSED THE BOAT ………and now Wilson is his anchor dragging him down !!!!
    Should have made the trade ……Fire Wilson …..move on before you get the axe too Burke …You blew It !!!!

  15. Kessel is the only guy that the Leafs should have traded at the deadline as I stated for the past 4 months ……he is the only guy who could have gotten you exactly what you needed in one fail swoop of a trade …#1 legit goalie …roster player and a prospect player …..and i would have sent KESSEL to Dallas with Schenn Riemer Colborne and a second rounder for ……leightenen……. Ericson Ott micahel ryder and sheldon souray ……………OH yeah one more thing ……….what the ( F ) is wilson doing sitting Cody Franson ….hes got your biggest shot …so heres a TIP for you WILSON AND BURKE ….put him on the POWER PLAY and have LILES feed him all night long ….get DION OFF the… PP…. NOW!!!!!!!USELESS he shoots over the net all the time …Franson has a rocket ….just ask Claude Julien how to do it ….does CHiara ring a bell…….mmmmmmmm…….idiots…..

  16. glen sather not giving in to jackets demands great move by glen. by next season nash will be an after thought sather cant wait to be able to try and sign zac parise. then if la kings are willing to move dustin brown use some of assets to get him. if rangers were able to land those 2 players wow what a summer that would be