Potential NHL Compliance Buyout Candidates.

With the NHL offering to allow teams two compliance/amnesty buyouts prior to the 2013-14 season, speculation has begun over which NHL players could become buyout candidates.

Scott Gomez appears a certain compliance buyout candidate.

Scott Gomez could become a compliance buyout candidate.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch listed Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, Philadelphia’s Ilya Bryzgalov, Montreal’s Scott Gomez and NY Rangers’ Wade Redden as four possible candidates for compliance buyouts under a new NHL CBA. Garrioch believes Luongo could be bought out if the Canucks are unable to trade him prior to next season. He believes buying out Bryzgalov, entering the second season of a nine-year deal with a cap hit of over $5.6 million, would be a bad move by the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gomez and Redden appear certainties to be bought out. I believe the Canucks will find a taker for Luongo via the trade market. Flyers fans might want to see Bryzgalov gone, but even though the buyout wouldn’t count against the Flyers cap, they’d still have to pay out the remainder of his contract for years to come.

YAHOO! SPORTS: “Puck Daddy” Greg Wyshynski examined CapGeek’s recent listing of “most popular buyouts”, which listed Rick DiPietro, Tomas Kaberle, Mike Komisarek, Chris Pronger, Vincent Lecavalier, Shawn Horcoff and Zach Parise. Wyshynski believes Gomez and Redden are goners, as could Horcoff and DiPietro, but doubts the Maple Leafs (who aren’t pressed for cap space) would buy out Komisarek, who has only one season left on his contract. He doubts the Canadiens buys out Kaberle (whose contact runs through 2013-14). The politics behind buying out Lecavalier could be tricky for the Lightning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wild won’t buy out Parise, whom they just signed last summer. As for Pronger, he’s been on LTIR since the mid-point of last season because of post-concussion symptoms. If he’s still unfit to play, he’ll be ineligible for a buyout, though the Flyers can keep him on LTIR and get some cap relief that way, just as the Boston Bruins have done with the concussed Marc Savard.


  1. Why on earth would the Wild buy out Zach Parise? I really don’t understand this? I’m assuming they signed him to be the face of the franchise, to sell tickets and eventually win!?

    • No one thinks Parise is going to be bought out, it was likely just a stat from people who wanted to see the math on a Parise buyout.

  2. Why would the Canucks buy out Luongo?? FAR FAR BETTER to trade him for a 6th round pick than to pay him 41 million and lose him for nothing…. Sure are some idiot colomnists out there…

    He’ll be a Leaf or a Panther for sure.

    • Not only that, but Luongo would then go sign for Florida or some other team and collect two checks.

    • What you say is self-evident, so much so that even “idiot colomnists” know it. Buying out Luongo would be an undesirable fallback if a trade cannot be reached, which of course Mike Gillis’ limited trading partners in Toronto and Florida realize.

  3. With Bryz being so bad. I wonder if we could see a Bryz buy-out Luongo trade? I really don’t care either way … just a thought.

    • Luongo will likely be traded almost immediately after the lockout ends so he won’t really be an option for the Flyers since they won’t be able to buyout Bryz until the summer.

      And yeah, there is no chance of the Canucks buying Luongo out. Why would they pay him all that money, not get anything in return for him and risk him signing with a division rival when there are teams like Toronto and possibly Florida who would love to trade for him?

      • There’s a chance Luongo could be bought-out. There are only a few teams that would be interested in signing Luongo. So they may just decide to sit back and wait for the buy out and pursue him then.

      • You say they will love to trade for him? Wouldn’t they love even more for him to be bought out so they could sign him to a more resonable deal in length and even money. Seems to me that the canucks will be forced to buy him out if no one bites on a trade. There are alot of rules that we don’t know yet in the new cba that could make it stupid to pick up a contract like that.

    • @ JJB

      You may be on to something. It may not be the Flyers and Vancouver, but the Flyers could trade Bryzgalov to a team who will not be doing a compliance buy-out and have them eat the money.

    • Speaking of goalies, Rick DiPietro is a cinch to be bought out unless the NYIs have worse management than any of us imagined. Let’s go with Nabokov and some kids (Poulin, Nilsson and/or Koskinen. By the way, Poulin at 6-2 is easily the shortest of the trio. How much longer before Chara is joined in the NHL by a 6′ 9″ goalie?

  4. If there are two amnesty buyouts, Gomez is gone. If there is only one, I think the Habs should buy out Bourque with the amnesty buyout and buyout Gomez with the normal buyout. It ends up less of a cap over future years according to cap geek.

  5. I would use one of my amnesty buyouts on Gary Bettman, or use both if I had to.

    • Well played, sir!

  6. Why do people think that Luongo would ever end up in Florida? Jacob Markstrom has been fantastic in the AHL and will be on Panthers next year for much less money than Luongo. Panthers do no need Luongo nor do they want him. Jacob Markstrom is the real deal and for now they have Theodore & Clemmensen who both played great last season.

    • Thank you for bringing common sense to this thread. This is why Lou will be difficult to trade is because there is NO market for him, if he is traded to one of the very few teams that MIGHT have interest (Toronto) it won’t be for much.

    • 2.69 GAA, .916 SV% this season is hardly fantastic. Those would be league average numbers in the NHL at a level he should be close to dominating given his talent and the 2.32/.927 he posted at the same level last season.

    • if Florida is smart, they’ll have interest in Lu.What if Marksrom ends up with a case of “Riemer Fever”?dont you think Markstrom would be better off mentored by Luongo than by Theodore?

  7. no chance the Canucks buyout Luongo as long as Ballard and Booth are on their roster. Ballard hasn’t been bad as a dman but he’s getting paid like a top 2 dman when he plays best as a 5th who can move up if there are injuries, he’s been good when paired with Tanev on the 3rd pairing. Booth is a one dimensional player and having him and Kesler on the same line doesn’t work as neither one of them is willing to pass the puck which makes them easier to defend against. Kesler’s best year came about because he had Raymond and Higgins on the wings 5 on 5 and then went to the front of the net on the powerplay with 2 Art Ross winners looking to get him the puck. the year before that he had Raymond and Grabner on the wings and the speed they generated gave defenders fits. you might see the Canucks start the season with Luongo and let the pressure build for goalies, in a shortened season you can’t afford to fall behind as you never catch up.

  8. Because Gomez can not be demoted, the buyout only in June and the fact that the salary floor remains high, I think Gomez is going to be traded due to his front loaded contract. That is almost a 3M$ saving. After this season there’s only one year remaining to his contract.

    • Im sorry Layvack but not one team in the NHL is interested in Gomez at any price. Well, maybe a new net and a bag of pucks.

      • Teams trying to make the floor will be interested. You essentially get to spend three million less than the minimum by having him on your team. There will be a market for him. My money is on the Islanders and that cheap so and so Charles Wang.

  9. Absolutely zero chance of Luongo being bought out.