Potential NHL Trade Deadline Rental Players.

ESPN’s Katie Strang recently listed several players she believes could be on the move by the March 5 trade deadline.

Could Ryan Callahan be moved at the trade deadline?

Could Ryan Callahan be moved at the trade deadline?

ESPN.COM: During a recent live chat, Katie Strang concurred with a reader’s suggestion the NY Islanders’ Thomas Vanek and Calgary Flames’ Mike Cammalleri could be trade deadline rental players.  She added Matt Moulson and Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres to that list, and possibly New York Rangers captain Ryan Callahan “as absurd as that may seem”.  While Strang admits having respect for Callahan and Dan Girardi she feels the Rangers should move one of them, suggesting Callahan as the trade candidate.

Strang also reported Penguins GM Ray Shero is staying patient with his injury-depleted roster but expects he’ll be active at the trade deadline. She also believes the New Jersey Devils could shop Jaromir Jagr if he keeps playing as he has in the first half of this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The NHL Olympic trade freeze period runs from February 7-23, while the annual trade deadline is March 5. Expect chatter to increase over who could become playoff rental players.  I believe Vanek, Cammalleri, Moulson and Miller are goners, but if the Rangers remain playoff contention I don’t believe they’ll move Callahan.

As for Jagr, there’s a recent story from NJ.com in which he says he won’t ask to be moved by the trade deadline.  Jagr lacks a no-trade clause so the Devils can move him at the deadline if they wish, but they’re currently battling back into playoff contention. As long as Jagr’s still playing well and the Devils are in post-season contention, I believe they’ll keep him.


  1. Letang for Matt Duchene

    • Ok… Ya right lol

    • Avs would be better off moving Duchene to defense.

      • The Avs would be better dealing Stasny or ROR to address that need instead of a core future piece that has a decent contract for the next 6 years.

  2. Eberle and Gagner for O’Rielly and Wilson

    • Try again…Avs need D why would they trade it away and pick up nearly 8 mill in Salary next year? Id resign ROR before Id replace him with Ganger at that price. There would be better deals out there. Cant see it. Eberle is a good piece but at some point I think they address the D. Before wing.

  3. Kadri and Kulemin for Cammalleri and Callahan

    • yes make a trade 2 for 2 when 1 plays for the flames and the other the rangers and totally not worth a 1 on 1 trade

      • LOL, That’s like Buffalo offering Miller and Ville to the Rangers for Callahan…not really a useful trade for NY.

  4. Going to be very difficult to trade Cammo and Vanek, very expensive rental players. Unless Calgary and NYI eat up some cap or take back cap.

    • Nah at the deadline they get moved easy enough…I could see Moulson to the Pens Vanek or Cami back to the Habs for a bump in the offense.

      • With Minnesota sagging I am guessing that they may take a shot at Vanek before the Olympic trade freeze with Heatly + prospects going the other way.
        That puts a little more offense in Minny for a playoff run and gives them a little more time to work out a future deal. For NYI also gives them a shot at trading Heatly at the trade deadline to maybe pickup a draft pick to go with prospects from Minny.

        • I just cant see Heatly getting any kind of return even as a rental, but depending on the prospects Minny would be willing to give up definitely a possibility.

    • Not really. With most of there contact paid out by March it’s basically not as bad as people may think.

    • Yes and no, the closer it gets to the trade deadline the smaller the overall cap hit is. Both players have a lot of value and I suspect both Calgary and the Isles would eat some cap space in the right deal. Buffalo is already paying part of Vanek’s salary though so I’m not sure how that works with regard to the CBA

  5. Vanek for Pacioretty