Predators Match Weber Offer Sheet.

Weber remains a Predator.

The Nashville Predators have announced they’ve matched the Philadelphia Flyers 14-years, $110 million offer sheet for defenseman Shea Weber.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting how this one turned out, as the longer the Predators took to reach their decision, the more it seemed they wouldn’t match the offer. It’s obvious, given Ryan Suter’s departure earlier this month, they had little choice, but by retaining Weber, one wonders how this will play out, both for his long-term future with the team and how it might affect future signings by the Predators. Yes, they have Weber under contract for 14 years at a cap hit of $7.8 million per, which could be lower if the league once again succeeds in rolling back players salaries, but one wonders if they’ll come to regret it.  As for the Flyers, they could look elsewhere for a big name defenseman, but teams with RFA blueliners (Montreal’s PK Subban, NY Rangers’ Michael Del Zotto, Washington’s John Carlson) this summer don’t have to worry about them getting a mind-blowing offer like Weber did. If the Flyers go shopping for a big name defenseman, it’ll be via trade now.


  1. He’ll be traded next summer. Book it now.

    • So true.

  2. I am glad to see the Preds were able to afford to do this.

  3. Now what Philly ?

  4. Holmgren did what he had to do. He prevented Weber going to NYR and or Pitt. Outstanding move. He would do this 100 times over. The Players Nashville wanted via trade before the offer sheet was complete nonsense. So Holmgren shovedit up there ass. Now they can pay Weber more money then they make on ticket sales ! Best of luck!

    • Actually I think this whole situation sums up Philly. Low class. They did the jerk thing by trying to sign an rfa and ended up with egg on their face. Good thing they still have Pronger to anchor that shut down defense. Karmas a nasty thing when does Giroux go Restricted?

      • a few things…

        How is this low is fair game in the rule books, they did nothing wrong.

        How have they got egg on their face. This cost us nothing.

        Pronger is out with concussion symptoms, which will probably end his career.

        You really think Homer is dumb enough to let his star player(s) become RFA?….

        Giroux will be signed as soon as he is allowed to be…letting Carle walk is addition by subtraction.

        I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic, or are you just that dumb.

        • First off trying to sign restricted players is rare why? Its plain ignorant whether legal or not and causes issues between teams later on. Second they let Carl walk he was the best d they had left who they got now? Total crape asxalways which is why they never win the cup. And the egg of course is there because they look like total idiots as always with poor personnel choices just ask Richards gagne or Carter n

  5. The Preds will have to keep him for more than one season now though to justify paying him 26 Million in the first year. Even if you get a lot of players for him next offseason you basically just paid a guy 4 years salary for one season.

  6. So what does Philly do now to catch up to Pens & NYR ?
    If Ducks are forced to take back Visnovsky from NYI is trade of Bobby Ryan & Toni Lydman to Philly make sense and for who ?

  7. YES! just like I hoped would happen and have been saying for days – this is great for the Preds, and they HAD to do it to protect the franchise in the future from these kinds of raids.
    You NEVER let an agent get the better of you as a GM and Weber’s agent was crapping all over the franchise the last few days to tray and force his hand.
    I hope it hurts his tiny new agency he was pumping the tires on every stop he made on the radio dial.
    This is what i was talking about when I called Sam Carchidi on his ridiculous reporting. Remember, he wrote two days ago that “just one” phone call took place between Preds and Philly after offer sheet was signed, leading to “speculation” that a trade between the two teams was imminent.
    Dumb when he wrote it, even more foolish looking now.
    They would have been talking daily if a trade was to be worked out.
    He quickly backtracked yesterday and wrote a different blog, but his original article lays his foolishness to bare.
    Good for the Predators.
    Winner winner, chicken dinner!

    • How do they win? They are paying him over 20 mil for a year. If they would of not low balled Weber last season, they could of gotten something done

      • I do agree they should not have tried low balling him in the first place. I believe that is one reason Suter left and Weber signed the ridiculous offer sheet. Karma bit them in the kiester. I hope Weber is going to be content playing there.

      • He got market value – that is what happens when an offer sheet is tendered.
        Just like the NY Knicks letting Jeremy Lin test the Market by lowballing him and letting him see what he could get.
        If someone offers you a great deal as a player, that’s your market value.

        Preds win this by
        A – keeping the league’s best defenseman AND their Captain for his career.
        B – Showing the rest of the NHL they CANNOT be bullied by an offer sheet.
        C – Shows their team and their fans their commitment to winning.
        D – made the Flyers go 0-3 this summer (BONUS)!

        The ONLY loss for Nashville this summer is Suter, and Klein is (IMO) gonna be WAY better than Suter in the long run.
        Now Preds have Weber, Klein and others in Front of Rinne, who is alos locked up long term.

        I’m not a Nashville Fan, but I LOVE that Poile and Co matched and didn’t let an Agent get the better of them and poison the franchise.

  8. Will their be any takers for weber in trade with that contract? Maybe but I see that contract as being another albatross kind of contract….

  9. It will be interesting now to see what type of players Nashville signs to flesh out their roster. They are still under the minimum cap limit even with this contract. Can they afford to get anybody else of quality to help compete? Weber is good, I don’t see the Preds making the playoffs next year though.

    I will say that, yes they are better with him than without unless they could have paid for higher quality players to replace him with. But that’s something we will never know.

  10. Really suprised they matched.. as all that money in the first couple of years is a lot for a team apparently not making a lot in the first place.

    Still.. I guess I’m happy he’s staying out of the Eastern Conference.

    • Kinda surprised on one hand, not so much on the other. Hell of a lot of money to pay out in the early years. Just hope it doesn’t sink them financially.

      Their was no one they could have replaced him with. Weber is one of the top 3 blue liners in the league and in his prime. Glad he didn’t come to the eastern conference.

  11. it will be interesting to hear what weber and his agent have to say about this and how weber will be on the ice and in the locker room. did he really want out of nashville as badly as has been suggested by the press and commentors? will he be the same player now that he was last year?

    • Good questions. Will be interesting to see how he handles it.

  12. Lyle, do you know if there is a salary rollback how it would affect Weber or the Preds cap hit with this contract? I remember reading that the actual salary was low and the signing bonuses were huge so that Weber wouldn’t really lose much money if there was a roll back. Would it just affect the cap hit for the Preds but not really affect Weber’s wallet?


  13. Aaaaaaand that’s a big “fuck off” to Philly. Rightly deserved. Glad the Preds matched. HUGE MISTAKE BY WEBER if he really wanted out (not that he will be crying while swimming through his Scrooge mcduck style money pit). He could have just signed for one or two and tested his UFA status, but he wanted garaunteed money and he got it. he’s going to become more of a banker and less of a hockey player now. Great for the Preds though. It keeps some respect for their franchise and they have virtually the same team as they had before the trade deadline, minus Suter (who IMO will not be as good as he has been in Bashville because he isn’t playing with Weber). Plus, I love seeing the Flyers continue to lose out on players. How did trading their captain and his best bud work out last year? Oh yeah, they propelled the Kings to the Cup and the Flyers looked like fools against the Devils (by that I mean they kept trying to engage them after the whistle and we’re ignored and thus easily eliminated). :).

    • The Flyers will win those trades from last summer. 2 rookies, and decent players. Couturier is going to be awesome. The way he played for an 18 year old against Malkin was very impressive. Simmonds had a career year, Voracek seemed to come into his own, and Schenn will have his breakout next year. He picked it up in the playoffs, and is primed.

      I would do thiose trades again this year..plusd not having those contracts for the next 10 years…

      • I know. Those trades suit the flyers long term (barring injuries). Im just not too fond of the flyers. An it’s funny how they felt they needed to rid themselves of those guys and then they win the cup.

  14. Nashville better make the playoffs each and every year going forward.If not this will inevitably sink the ship.

  15. Let’s take a look at the details before announcing a winner here. Weber wanted to leave Nashville and is now stuck there. Nashville wanted to pay less than this ludicrous contract but they’re now stuck with it. Philly wanted a replacement for Pronger and are left wanting. Everybody lost.

    • To quote Dave Hester: “YUUUP!”

  16. Nashville had to match as the draft picks would’ve been in the bottom 1/3 of the first round and statistically had only about a 50% of playing a single game in the NHL never mind being an everyday player or much less a top pairing defender. remember when Gretzky was traded to LA with Krushelynski, and McSorely? in return Edmonton received Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas and 3 first round picks … anyone remember who they got with those picks? of course not because they were in no particular order Jason Miller (pick was traded to New Jersey … Miller played a grand total of 6 games in the NHL), Nick Stajduhar who played a grand total of 2 games in the NHL and the most sucessful of the bunch Martin Rucinsky who played 2 games for Edmonton before being traded for Ron Tugnutt. Gretzky went on to win another 3 scoring titles in LA. Philadelphia tried to take advantage of Nashville being a small market team and if i was Poile i would sign the next 3 or 4 Flyer RFA’s to offer sheets if only to drive up their price.

    • Nashville’s ability to even pay their own player is being severely questioned and you’re suggesting they make ridiculous offer sheets to Philly RFA’s when the latter have a near endless revenue source with Comcast’s ownership at the helm? Have you met my friend Common Sense yet? No? You guys should chat sometime.

  17. To all of you Philly fans…your arrogance is intriguing as you act as if you know the WHOLE NHL. There is more to the NHL than the eastern seaboard. Nashville HAD to match the offer for Weber for a few reasons: This is still somewhat of new market and the fan base would have mutinied had the Preds let Weber walk. Four draft picks mean squat to a team that is trying to establish confidence with the fans. It would have also made it harder to attract future free agents as players would not want to sign with a team that could not keep elite players. It also would make it harder to sign our future FA’s on the team. Does the contract seem prohibitive…sure it does. Only time will tell if this helps or hinders the Preds. You Philly fans are obviously upset that Weber will not be suiting up in a Flyer uniform, so you simply show your arrogance by lashing out at a Preds team that you obviously know nothing about. Whiners. You have several all-stars on your team…you can live without one more. Also, thanks to the Rangers for getting Nash out of the Western Conference.

  18. So now that Nashville has matched and they know they still have Weber, can they still file a motion to have the contract voided by the NHL for cap circumvention (and come up with one that is less painfull)?

    • A couple of things:
      A) Don’t you think Nashville would have looked at that as a first alternative to matching?
      B) Pretty sure Philadelphia would have cleared it with the League before making the offer in the first place.
      C) When Team A matches Team B’s offer sheet, they MATCH TEAM B’S OFFER SHEET. They don’t match with a stipulation that they can void the contract and start from scratch.

      So in short, no. They matched the offer with the full knowledge of the financial bath they were going to take over the next 6 years (if the Preds survive that long) and beyond. I’m guessing Holmgren and Poile were talking trade, Poile wouldn’t budge on asking for Couturier/Schenn/1st’s/etc (deservedly so, as Weber is, at worst, a top 3 blueliner in the NHL) so Holmgren said “Screw it then, we’ll do it our way”.