Predators sign Bergfors.

Various sources report the Nashville Predators have signed winger Niclas Bergfors to a one-year, $575K contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The well-travelled Bergfors joins his fourth team in three seasons, having bounced from the Devils to the Thrashers to the Panthers. A promising rookie season – 21 goals and 44 points split between the Devils and Thrashers – was followed by a 36 point sophomore performance split between the Thrashers and Panthers. Consistency has been Bergfors problem, but he’s going to a team which has a head coach known for getting the best out of his players. An affordable gamble on the part of the Predators.


  1. Trotz will decide this one. If Bergfors can really play, we will find out in Nashville, under Barry Trotz. Otherwise he sinks to the depths of the nobodywantsim. My prediction? He plays. And well.

  2. If Bergfors is just one small move in light of a bigger move to bring in a legit scoring threat, then it’s a fine move. But considering the trade with the Leafs today, much more needs to take place than just signing this guy.