Predators Suspend Radulov, A. Kostitsyn.

Radulov, A. Kostitsyn suspended.

The Nashville Predators today announced the suspension of forwards Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn for one game for violating team curfew. The pair will be healthy scratches for Game Three of the Predat0rs-Phoenix Coyotes series on May 2.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Draw your own conclusions as to why the pair missed curfew. I daresay it’ll be splashed all over the media and blogosphere in the very near future. While GM David Poile is garnering praise for his “gusty” decision to suspend the pair, I can’t help but wonder if he’d make the same “gutsy” move if Radulov and Kostitsyn were playing better than they have so far in this year’s playoffs. If they were occupying the same rarefied air as, say, Philadelphia’s Claude Giroux and Daniel Briere, I have my doubts they’d be scratched for that game. Sadly, this will also reinforce the stereotype of Russian/European players (Kostitsyn is Belarusian) “not caring” about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 


  1. I think this is a poor move on the teams part. You are here to compete for the Stanley Cup and even though they haven’t been heart and soul these two are guys who are gifted offensively and CAN be game changers. This IMO is a diservice to the fans and a serious blow to their chances of getting by the ‘Yotes.

    Make an example by reducing some ice time or what not. I just don’t feel it was the right call in the playoffs to make, not down 2-0 games!

  2. I want to build a little more on this cause its so much deeper:

    – Radulov is the Preds leading scorer in these playoffs
    – AK47 is tied for lead in goals in these playoffs
    – Both were AMAZING offensively after joining the team down the stretch

    I mean there has been much worse play, these guys can be game breakers offensively. What is worse I think this move goes a long way in making them not come back next year. Radulov demands his rights are traded or bolts to Russia, AK 47 walks via UFA … Preds get booted 2nd round, lose two offensive stars bye bye Ryan Suter!

    Now if we watch as three of the Preds most offensive talents walk and look at a very shallow UFA market what is going to keep Sergei K and Paul Gaustad in Nashville? What is going to make Weber want to resign there long term? If Weber sees Radulov, the Kostitsyns, Suter, and Gaustad all not returning to the team … do you think he signs beyond one year if at all?

    I think this move will have SO much impact on this club and none of it will be good. If this move doesn’t spark a come back and make Trotz look like a genius than say goodbye to the Nashville organization because they are taking a serious step in the wrong direction. May sound far fetched but I’d put good money on it.

  3. We don’t know if this is the first time, or if the team simply felt that enough was enough. I suspect that this was more than a one-time missing of the curfew. No team would take this step lightly at this point in the season to send a message.

  4. It might not be more than a one time thing, it might just depend on the severity of the curfew breaking that made it become this bad. It could backfire, however it could also benefit the team now and in the off season. Guys like Weber and Suter want to win. With them bringing in players at the deadline and also doing this to guys that are known not to always show up regardless of their talent it shows that the Preds are serious.

  5. Who’s to say that guys like Weber and Suter even like a guy like Radulov or A. Kostitsyn? If the Preds want to keep their big two Dmen in town, then throw a boatload of money at an elite character player like Parise, not on a pair of dufuses like Rads and AK46.

    As I said elswhere, Poile brought in mercenary type players so that he could try to finally get one of his teams into the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in his 30 year tenure as a GM. That it may blow up in his face is one thing, but to think bringing in what are essentially rental players like this will convince a Suter or Weber to re-sign with the team is delusional. What reassurance do these moves give that the team will put together Cup contender type teams continually past this season? That’s what pending UFA player is looking at, not just the current season.