Quincey Dealt to Red Wings.

Quincey moves from Colorado to Tampa Bay to Detroit.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, having acquired defenseman Kyle Quincey from the Colorado Avalanche, have subsequently dealt him to the Detroit Red Wings for a first round pick and minor league defenseman Sebastien Piche.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A rare “three-way” trade, and a nice move by Lightning GM Steve Yzerman as he continues to restock for next season, landing a first round pick (though it’ll be low in the first round) for Quincey, who should provide additional depth for the Red Wings defense down the stretch and into playoffs, plus could be a possible replacement for Brad Stuart, who could depart this summer via the UFA market.  It’s a homecoming of sorts, as Quincey began his NHL career with Detroit before being claimed off waivers by the LA Kings in 2008. Wings GM Ken Holland said he was looking for a player who could compliment his roster, rather than pursuing big name stars. Quincey could fit in nicely, especially if, like so many who’ve gone to Detroit, his game improves under coach Mike Babcock.


  1. Holland: Hey Stevie, I wanna get Quincy out of Colorado but They won’t give him to me because we are in the same conference.
    Stevie Y: No prob Kenny…give me 10 mins.
    Stevie Y: Kenny, can you do 1st rounder to make it look legit? Draft pool is shallow anyways this year.
    Holland: Yu Betcha Bud….I’ll throw in another chap too.
    Stevie Y: Got em for ya.
    Holland: Your the best Buddy.

  2. LOL, Bravo, DCHAMP, nicely done! Not the actual conversation, but an incredible facsimile. 😉

  3. Reminds me of the Hackett trade when the Sharks acquired him from Montreal and then shipped him to the Bruins.

    I hear conflicting reports on draft pool being shallow/deep this year.

  4. Haha.. That’s pretty much how it went down.

    Trading downie for a bottom pick- probably (statistically) a player who will not stick in the NHL is suprising. Downie added some grit to the lineup.

    My guess is that both 1st picks (TB+ Det) are going to be used as bait for something bigger, better.

    Or Stevie Y learned a thing or two about drafting and will happily take Tomas Tatar or Landon Ferraro at the bottom of the 1st round.

  5. Good move by Holland. Prepares the future without waiting for the draft, adds depth for a deep playoff run. It gives Babcock a chance to cut down the ice time of Lidstrom and company that log a lot of ice time. if Quincey, gives him good minutes from now until April.

  6. i don’t really see what this deal does for the bolts. downie is good at what he does and i would have expected more of a return for him.

  7. Spector, am I the only one who thinks the Wings overpaid for Quincy? He’s a 4th defenseman at best and how will Detroit rebuild with 2nd round picks? They are getting old and can’t expect to keep drafting star players in 3rd and later rounds..

  8. kudos to dchamp, lmao

  9. Stevie Y is a genius. How you get a 1st, two 2nd’s, a 5th and a prospect for Downy, Kubina and Moore is simply wow. Great moves by the bolts.

  10. good one DCHAMP, bravo

    as a Wings fan I was kinda excited when I first read the news I initially did not pick up on the 3-way and thought the Wings had acquired Downey which would have been ok by me after watching Abdelkader get manhandled by Clowe the other day. I still can’t get used to no Probert, Kocur, McCarty,Gallant type players in the line-up for the past couple of years. As much as I like the Wings the ‘turn the other cheek’ attitude kinda rubs me the wrong way at times.

  11. red wings old=cliche.

    it’s just not tru anymore.

    except for a few guys (lids, bert, holmer) on the team, they’re actually fairly young.

  12. Alex: considering the Wings are well-stocked on the farm, and Quincey’s a good defenseman who’ll like take over Stuart’s spot on the blueline next season, I think it’s worthwhile.

  13. @ Alex

    When compared to the Gill trade, or the Grossman deal, a First for Quincey is a steal. He’s RFA at the end of the year and while most likely resign when Stuart walks (thats pretty much garunteed now). And as far as the Red Wings rebuilding goes, they don’t rebuild, they reload. The only thing I don’t like about the deal is

    A) Wings already drafted the guy and let him slip via waivers.
    B) This essentially means that Kindl will be sitting in the pressbox. Seeing as he was a 1st round pick, I expected more out of him. (trade bait maybe)

    I think Its a good deal the Bolts and the Wings (not sure what to make of it in Colorado). Glad to see Yzerman learned a thing or two from Kenny H, turning Moore, Kubina and Downie into gold

  14. I think for Tampa the value is really good, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Quincey is just the kind of guy they also needed on their blueline, a solid puck mover good in his own end with some size. The blueline in Tampa is terrible and locking a solid young guy like Quincey would have been great for them. Then there is depending on who you talk to this draft is deep or it sucks … Either way I love the value they got for Quincey, just not sure I understand why bother making the move. Also Downie is a joke, glad he is out West!

  15. @Alex

    The Wings continue to draft best in the second round and well beyond. Their best offensive prospects – Gustav Nyqvist and Calle Jarnkrok – will move to the big club in the next year or two, as well as Brendan Smith, and a two player per year call-up is the pace the Wings move at, at best. In the meantime, I suspect Holland will push hardest for Zach Parise in the offseason.

    Also, should Lidstrom retire, and the Kings flounder, I suspect a trade rumor regarding Doughty will persist all summer. With the loss of Lidstrom and Stuart, and a lot of cap room to spare, there’s no doubt Holland will pursue two big fish – one offense, one defense – as the hole left on D is Hall of Fame gigantic big, and the club’s big guns get a year older.