Rangers Acquire Scott From Blackhawks.

Various sources reports the NY Rangers have acquired defenseman John Scott from the Chicago Blackhawks for a fifth round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers acquire some additional toughness with Scott. 


  1. Scott isn’t even a guy I would play in the playoffs unless they are trying to just kill the other team via fights.

  2. Hawks dressed him last year when they were playing the Canucks in the playoffs and were getting pushed around. He didn’t hurt them and came back to tie the series. He’s gotten better this year, worked on skating, footwork etc. He’s clearly the Rangers answer to big, tough teams like Boston and Philly. None of their big players will go near the guy.

  3. Scott was a pylon in the playoffs. He was never on the ice against the top 2 lines. Christ on a crutch, Henrik skated around him!!!