Rangers Fire John Tortorella.

The New York Rangers have confirmed reports out of New York they have fired head coach John Tortorella.

Rangers fire coach John Tortorella.

Rangers fire coach John Tortorella.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hands up, everyone surprised by this move? Honestly, the writing’s been on the wall for “Torts” throughout this season. His caustic style was wearing thin, and scoring stars like Rick Nash, Brad Richards and the now-departed Marian Gaborik struggled under his demanding defensive system.

The last straw may have been comments by superstar goalie Henrik Lundqvist following the Rangers second-round elimination by the Boston Bruins, calling this season a step backward, and his non-committal approach toward re-signing after next season.  

With no shortage of experienced NHL coaches looking for work, the Rangers shouldn’t have much difficulty finding someone who can improve their offense without jeopardizing their defensive play.


  1. Never been a Glen Sather fan (George Burnett’s a good friend and I don’t forget nor do I forgive) and so my fondest wish is that the Rangers hire Ron Wilson. As for Tortorella, he needs to step away from the game and re-set as a coach and a person.

  2. yaaaay more funny moments on the Quiz on TSN! Welcome back Torts! your seat is still warm lol

  3. Coach and GM had different visions of the style of play. Sather changed the type of player on the team (added Nash, subtracted Prust and others), and Torts continued to coach a defensive first system, when he no longer had the the players to play such a system.

    Torts’ a-hole act wears thin quickly, I’m sure.

    Sather should be the next to go. He has consistently tried to win the cup by bringing in high-talent players, in the style of the Yankees. That approach has failed miserably, as the high-priced talent has consistently failed to perform to the levels of their salaries.

  4. I was hoping that they would buy out richards so there would be more available on the FA market this offseason.

  5. I think the New York Rangers need to move in a different direction not only with a new head coach, but with a new general manager. Glen Sather did well with the Edmonton Oilers, but has struggled long enough in New York. The Rangers will need a bad season for Sather to separate.