Rangers Re-sign Dan Girardi.

The New York Rangers have re-signed defenseman Dan Girardi to a six-year, $33 million contract extension.

Dan Girardi re-signs a six-year extension with the Rangers.

Dan Girardi re-signs a six-year extension with the Rangers.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: The deal breaks down as an annual cap hit of $5.5 million. ESPN’s Katie Strang reports it also contains a full no-movement clause in the first three years, followed by a modified no-trade clause in the final three years.

It’s not the seven-year, $6 million per season Girardi was rumored seeking but still a significant raise over the $3.3 million per season he’s earned on his current contract.  It was rumored the Rangers would shop him if unsigned before the trade deadline. No, this isn’t a “sign-and-trade”. Girardi genuinely wants to remain a Ranger and Sather wants to keep him.

 The question now is whether or not the Rangers re-sign Ryan Callahan before the deadline. The latest word is Callahan’s talks with Sather are at a stalemate. Perhaps that changes in the days leading up to March 5, but only if Callahan is willing to either reduce his asking price ($6.75 million per season) or the term (seven years).


  1. So with St. Louis trading Chris Stewart to Buffalo, what’s the verdict on the Rangers having a trade partner? The unlikely ones seem to be Tampa Bay (St. Louis) and Vancouver (Kesler), but they both seem far-fetched at this point. Seems to me Sather’s stuck at this point. Either take a partial return or suck it up and pay.

    Or don’t pay and lose him for nothing in July, because someone else will pay. They always do.

    • If Sather wanted to meet close to Callahans terms he would have done so by now. He knows that Callahan isn’t worth $6.5+ for 7 years, I’d be amazed if he’s still playing in the NHL in 7 years, or at least at a decent level.
      I think there’s a possible trade with Van, players going back to their former coaches (Kesler-AV, Cally-Torts). Failing that someone else will be desperate enough in the last few days leading up to the deadline but even if we got a few top prospects and a 1st pick from any team it gives the Rangers a potential of 3 good players in place of one current player who could ship out for nothing in a few months time.

  2. I like that Sather is not giving away Callahan as a playoff rental to another team(yet). It is not far fetched to see the Rangers making the conference finals-keep Cally and let him go UFA. Partners would seem to be Chicago, San Jose, LA, Anaheim…No way he goes Pts or Boston