Rangers Trade Del Zotto to the Predators.

The Canadian Press reports the New York Rangers have traded defenseman Michael Del Zotto to the Nashville Predators for defenseman Kevin Klein.

Michael Del Zotto dealt to the Predators.

Michael Del Zotto dealt to the Predators.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: After months of trying to move Del Zotto for a top-four defenseman, the Rangers finally got what they wanted. Klein is a mobile shutdown defenseman and an effective shotblocker. He’s also a right-handed shot, which the Blueshirts were also seeking for their blueline. He can chip in offensively on the power-play.  

As for the Predators, they’re seeking a boost to their offensive game, which Del Zotto, a skilled puck-moving defenseman, could provide. Playing for Barry Trotz in Nashville should help the 23-year-old improve his defensive game. They’ve also shed Klein’s $2.9 million per season cap hit, providing space to add Del Zotto now and for the future. 


  1. It’s an awful trade on value, but Klein will be a cheaper replacement over Girardi if he goes as UFA. Del Zotto still has lots of good potential.

    Rangers lose offensive skill on D, and i am sure Slats will look to grab it this season or at least in the off-season.

  2. I disagree (as my name moniker indicates). I am a big Ranger fan and have watched MDZ since he entered the league and he has regressed pretty much every year since his rookie season. He simply does not skate well enough to compensate for his lack of size. Further, as the league continues to get faster, MDZ’s lack of quickness narrows the passing lanes he used to hit more easily when he was a rookie.

    I do not know a thing about Klein but I view this as addition by subtraction for the Rangers.

  3. I am a leafer but this seems like a really bad deal… Filip Forsberg bad deal level…

  4. Helps the Predators get that skilled scoring forward they need … errr … nope.

  5. I feel bad for MDZ. I’m sure he worked hard to prevent this from happening. Thought he was playing well lately.
    Klein is not someone I know about. Good luck to Michael. We’ll miss him. Hopefully Sather did his homework on this trade.

  6. Del Zotto is basically John Michael Liles, and not even.
    Rangers got the more valuable player in this deal.

  7. I mean if this tightens up the Rangers’ defense and doesn’t affect their offense, then it’s a pretty good trade. That seems to be the case here. J. Moore gets to go back to the natural left side and I’d bet Klein gets some play time with Staal on the second pairing.

  8. Well, Del Zotto is young….