Report: Brenden Morrow Agrees to be Dealt to Penguins.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Dave Molinari report via Twitter Dallas Stars captain Brenden Morrow has agreed to waive his no-trade clause and accept a trade to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Morrow headed to the Penguins.

Morrow headed to the Penguins.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Details to follow, and I daresay this takes the Penguins out of the Jarome Iginla sweepstakes.

**UPDATE** In addition to Morrow, the Penguins also receive a third round pick in 2013. The Stars, meanwhile, receive prospect defenseman Joe Morrow and a fifth round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As always with deals like these, in which an ageing veteran becomes a playoff rental player, time will tell how this ultimately works out. In the short-term, it should boost the Penguins depth on the left side, as Morrow could end up on Evgeni Malkin’s line. Still, Morrow is now past his prime, and was plagued last season by back and neck injuries, so it’ll be interesting to see how well he fits into the Penguins system. If he becomes another Bill Guerin, their Cup hopes significantly improve. It’ll take longer to determine how the return pans out for the Stars, as Joe Morrow is still playing for Portland in the WHL. 


  1. A lot of great leadership coming back for the Pens here and it certainly bolsters their depth and makes them an even more scary team. A 2nd line of Morrow – Geno – Neal is pretty sick, hopefully the Morrow for Morrow deal works out for both teams.

  2. Hey Spector, I believe Joe Morrow’s playing for Wilkes-Barre in the AHL.

    Regardless, I’m a little surprised by how little Dallas got for Morrow. I realize he’s well past his prime, has an injury history and is a rental player, but Im still surprised they had to give up a 3rd in this deal. Perhaps I’m undervaluing Joe Morrow’s potential. Time will tell I suppose.

    • Then again, Niewendyke gave up a 3rd in the Ryder for Cole deal. As a Habs fan I would have done that trade straight up without the pick.

  3. Horrible deal for the Pens … Shero gave up a young mobile puck moving d-man for a broken down aging 34 year-old who is an UFA after the season … would have been better off sending Morrow and a 2nd to Calgary for Iggy … bad deal

    • But if they win the cup does it really matter? All b morrow has to do is play well for 2 more months.

    • Pens have a number of good D prospects. They can do it because of decent drafting

  4. This deal has the potential of being a cup winning move if Morrow clicks with Geno and Neil, but does Bennett drop to the 3rd line and Kennedy to the 4th or is another deal forthcoming?

  5. There is no guarantee this is just a rental. Morrow is 34. Billy was older when the pens traded for him and they got another season out of him. Get that out of morrow with a cup or two and it becomes a steal. Also a 3rd for a 5th in a deep draft is nice as well.

    • “Get that out of morrow with a cup or two and it becomes a steal.”
      Your dreaming now…

      • Just a realist with faith in my GM.

      • I don’t see how that’s dreaming. I really do think that Pittsburgh fans are undervaluing Brenden Morrow. He has been a fantastic captain, and people forget that in 2008 he damn near single-handedly took the Stars to the Cup Finals (DAMN YOU, RED WINGS!!!).

        The Pens are getting a quality 2nd or 3rd line guy for an UNPROVEN commodity. You should be really excited about this.

  6. I have been a Pens fan since I was a young lad. These past few playoffs I couldnt put my finger on what the Pens were missing. They have firepower, and goaltending that can win a game. What they have lacked is solid veteran leadership. Ala Mark Recchi, Gary Roberts, and Bill Guerin. Had they had any one of those players last spring do you think they would have lost thier heads like they did in game 3? I doubt it. Solid move by a Ray Shero.

  7. I too, am not sure of the fit or the amount Morrow can contribute in the ways he was known to.

    Obviously, also getting that thrid rounder was a good move at another prospect in a strong draft where the third round continues to be loaded with strong possibles.

    Joe Morrow just hadn’t advanced in his short tenure as an AHLer. He was drafted to continue the upward spiral to be the same type of player he was in Portland, but seemed to me a bump in his development. Not saying he cannot continue to improve, just that he doesn’t look to fufill the high expectations as an all-around NHL defender.

  8. Well while no one can say for sure just how B. Morrow will contribute or fit in with the Pens I do like the verteran leadership he will surely bring and if nothing else i think it is definitely filling that void left by Guerin and never really filled since.
    As for Joe Morrow again I cant say whether he is going to be a HOF or a bust only time will tell, what I can do though is look at Shero’s record when it comes to moving prospects for pieces at the Deadline who then ultimately go on to do nothing or very little (Angelo Esposito, Luca Caputti, etc.)
    So in Shero we trust until proven otherwise!