Report: Briere To Join The Canadiens.

Reliable sources this evening report former Philadelphia Flyers forward Daniel Briere has decided to sign with the Montreal Canadiens.

Daniel Briere to join the Canadiens.

Daniel Briere to join the Canadiens.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: He can’t officially sign with the Canadiens until after noon ET on July 5, but it’s believed his new contract is two years, $8 million, for a cap hit of $4 million per season.

Six years after spurning the Canadiens for the Flyers, Briere is finally a Hab. Unfortunately, he’s now six years old (35), has a lengthy injury history (including concussions), and his declining numbers suggest he’s no longer a first-line player.

 Briere has always played bigger than his physical size, and has a well-deserved reputation for clutch performance in the playoffs. That being said, I don’t think he’s a good addition for the Canadiens. Six years ago, yes. Not now.

 Briere can bring some leadership and experience, but not first line skill on a regular basis. At best, he’ll provide depth for their second line, provided he can avoid injury. I’m not questioning his desire and his remaining skills, but it’s apparent he’s entering the twilight of his career. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, but I doubt it.


  1. Nope, you’re right Spec. This is a weird signing. Doesn’t address the Habs’ biggest issue (size) and creates a logjam of small centres.

    Will the Habs move Desharnais? If so, what would they get for him? How does this address the loss of a winger (Ryder)? How does this address the lack of physicality? And this still leaves the team with no bona fide first line centre.

    This is the first move by Bergevin I don’t really understand at all. (and I don’t think signing an aging French semi-star is enough of a reason)

    • I don’t think it was a smart signing for Montreal – but maybe they see Danny as a mentor for their youngsters. I wish he had decided to go to Bflo to help with the rebuild, but Danny might feel he has a chance to win the cup with Montreal.

  2. Even though his numbers are declining and he is far more fragile than 6 years ago, I think his character, leadership and mentoring ability will prove invaluable to a young habs team. Throw in a good amount of PP time and his clutchness and desire come the playoffs and he should prove worth the risk. Best of luck Danny!

  3. May we infer that Desharnais and/or Gionta are now in play? Just stirring the pot. Because by itself, this signing makes little sense.

  4. Why would you sign someone who rejected the Canadiens last time he was available. I do not think he is a good fit for the Habs…signing Grabovski would have been better. younger and better.

    • Why would Grabovski sign with a team that rejected him by sending him to the Leafs?

      But aside from that issue with your post, I agree that M.G. is younger and likely to be a better executed skill set but the difference here is Briere will always be a better team player, set up man, and leader and that is why the Habs signed him.

  5. I think the deal is a low risk one. Clowe and Clarkson will get terrible deals for whoever signs them. So, MB gets a heart and soul player, PP producer, great hands and playmaking ability, and is clutch in the the playoffs. All for 2 years at 4 mill. This lines up perfectly with the expiration of Galchenyuk and Gallaghers EL deals. So briere is cut loose and these guys get whatever they’ve earned. All the while he acts as a leader and mentor for the team. No risk all reward, IMO considering the FA group. And there’s still money for a D or experienced winger. Next year there’s lots of cap space for PK, Eller, and whoever is worth it on D. Gio, markov will be gone and one of Pleks, DD, or Eller will be traded. This team is being built for the next 3 years, with character reigning supreme. They are addressing size through the draft, and not going to drop 6-6.5 mill on a 25 goal large winger that will just decline in the last 3 years and handcuff the team.

    If they make any more moves I would like to see Scuderi picked up or Komisarek (1-1.5mill only) OR if they make a trade then grab that Brunner kid. Rumor has it he’s only seeking 2-2.5 mill per and he has some good skill.

    I am not trying to flame those of you who don’t like the briere signing, but I think it’s a better deal for the team than signing lecavalier for 5 years at 4.5 mill. I would have loved Vinny for 3-3.5 for 2-4 years, but 5 yrs at that money may be a problem after year 3. And believe me, I wanted Vinny but Brieres deal is way more team friendly and works out for the rise of the young guns on the team. Lets give this a shot and hopefully we get some vintage Briere playoff performances this next spring. Plus! Now I don’t have to want to spit every time i see that little bastard score on us and do that massive uppercut fist pump! God, I hated seeing that!!! Lol

  6. This deal is only two years and he still has top 6 talent.
    He plays bigger than his size. I think he could play right wing,
    If they can unload Gionta. I’d dump Gionta before Pleks.
    If they can’t trade either I’d role these top three lines…


    That could be a lethal third line.

  7. I read some stuff that suggested I was sort of right yesterday. Apparently the Habs offer was lower than both Nashville and New Jersey, I think it was from Lebrun. So the Habs soft pitched Briere and he accepted. That said, MB did make the offer. Smile man is right that the length and amount of this deal will not break the Habs. The other UFAs would have if Mtl signed them. I also think the attempted trade to get into the top ten draft spot this year was partly because Mtl punched way above their weight last year and we were drafting way lower in the draft than expected. If you look at how Chicago was built both Toews and Kane were really high draft picks. Mtl needs to draft higher if we want to be Chicago North.