Report: Bruins to Re-sign Lucic.

Lucic to be re-signed before lockout.

BOSTON GLOBE’s Kevin Paul Dupont reports via Twitter (hat tip to Kukla’s Korner) the Boston Bruins will announce this morning the re-signing of left wing Milan Lucic to a long-term contract extensions. More details to follow…

**UPDATE** Lucic’s new deal is three-years, $6 million per season. That’s before any potential reduction under the next CBA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Bruins got Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin under contract over the past week, no one should be surprised they’re getting Lucic under contract too. Like Marchand and Seguin, his current contract expires next summer. 


  1. They can say bye to Horton now. I really hope the Pens pounce on him, but knowing Shero, he won’t do anything because his team “is good enough”

  2. Considering Jeremy Jacobs is a “strong voice” in the new negotiations, I find it perplexing that he is providing the go ahead to Chiarelli to sign these players under the existing CBA. My question to Mr. Jacobs is….If the current CBA is not meeting your needs, why are you scrambling to sign all these players? The owners actions are contrary to what they are trying to achieve with the new CBA. If Jacobs feels that the new CBA will be “worse” than the existing one, then why not extend the existing CBA while continuing to negotiate? All these GMs are rushing to sign their players yet are all “unanimous” to lock them out based on a perceived inadequate CBA. Ridiculous!For all other owners…Hey we want to cap the length of contracts to 5 years in the new CBA…..but hold on….let me rush and sign all my RFA players to 6 year….who’s dumb and who is dumber in this real life movie?

    • Great point Angelo. I can’t take the owners and GMs serious either. They are creating their own problems and then wanting the players to pay for it. “Yeah, here is a new contract but we are going to want you to give some of that back to us soon.” Get real. I can’t side with the owners because of this crap. The players are just trying to hold on to their piece of the pie and the NHL keeps wanting more.

  3. I think he is signing everyone to slightly over paid deals (6 mill for lucic is over paying. He’s 5 mill) because he knows there’s a chance there will be a salary rollback. If not he’s paying for hopes of progression. I think looch has just about peaked though. He seems to be a 50-60 pt guy.

  4. I am a HUGE Bruins fan, but 6 million is too much!

  5. Well said Angelo. Completely agree.

  6. What Lucic brings to the table, 6 million seems fair enough. Guys that put up 60 points, and plays the tough game as well don’t grow on trees

  7. $6mill is way overpaying for that player. My opinion is he isn’t worth a penny over 4.5.

    “Hey free money, but we want you to give some of that back.”