Report: Cammalleri Traded.

Cammalleri pulled from Canadiens-Bruins game, trade coming?

TSN and The NHL Network are reporting the Montreal Canadiens have pulled LW Mike Cammalleri from tonight’s Canadiens-Boston Bruins game, sent him to the team hotel to await instructions, as he’s apparently been traded. More to follow…

**UPDATE** Sportsnet reporting he’s been dealt to the Calgary Flames. More to follow…

Reports indicated winger Rene Bourque is headed to Montreal, possibly picks and prospects part of the deal too.

Goalie Karri Ramo and a fifth round pick in 2012 are also headed to Calgary, while prospect forward Patrick Holland and a second round pick in 2013 are headed to Montreal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bad trade by the Canadiens, a pure panic move based on his comments about the team’s losing atmosphere a day ago. Rene Bourque is a worse player than Cammalleri. The only good thing about this move for Montreal is it cuts payroll over the next couple of seasons by $3 million per season.  As for the Flames, it’s a gamble as they’re taking on salary, but Cammalleri had good chemistry with the Flames four years ago, and if he regains his scoring touch there, it could be the move that puts them into the playoffs.


  1. Somehow I’m not surprised but I was in disbelief when the first twitter post came up. Started laughing when the next 12 came up … What the heck are they doing up there?

  2. Speak your mind and you’re gone.

  3. reports indicate Cammaleri has indeed been traded to the Maple Leafs for 2nd round in this years draft pick and Komaseric

  4. rob…You wish!

  5. for Rene Borque apparently

  6. Analyzing Deal

    Last year: 1.05 (1st/2nd line coefficient),, +1 –> This year: 1.02 (2nd/3rd line coefficient), -6

    Last year: 1.03 (2nd/3rd liner), -19 —> This year: 0.99 (3rd/4th liner due to lack of assists), -3

    Panic move.
    Sorry, cammi, I know you just built a house, but it looks like you’re selling the place.

  7. I guess Montreal was happy to be a loser team and didn’t want people who wanted to win on their squad.

  8. A shameful year to be a Habs fan.

  9. Spector
    What’s your analysis on this? There are some reports that Bourque wanted out of Calgary. I see this as a win now trade for Calgary that helps keep them in a tight playoff race with LA and Colorado. Help on the powerplay and he had great chemistry with Iginla in 08-09.

  10. The worst part of this, as a Habs fan, is that Gauthier made the trade, meaning he’s not getting fired any time soon. Expect a debacle at the trade deadline.

  11. Habs get robbed mid game!

  12. This was a salary dump, pretty much. The team is having a fire sale.

    I saw the game tonight and realize why they’re losing…

    Last year, they had a wicked transition; though they spent a lot of time in their own end, they’d rush the puck up ice with their speed and score unexpected goals because of quick plays that happen in the blink of an eye in front of the net.

    This year, they’re playing dump and chase hockey and forechecking; this is the absolute wrong style of play for a team built on speed. Works for Cole, but even he had most of his success on the rush as a power forward. What’s Gauthier doing? Is he changing his team philosophy? I don’t understand it. The rush game worked for them because it draws a lot of penalties. The forechecking nonsense is a bunch of guys getting pushed around until the puck is taken from them. Montreal had what… two power plays tonight? Dump and chase works for the Bruins… they’re an awesome forecheck/cycle team… it doesn’t work for Montreal unless they traded all their small players for big players.

    And TSN were talking about contract talks with Hal Gill; that guy is done. He’s going out of Montreal and quite frankly, I wouldn’t want him. Philly might take him to *laugh* replace Pronger. But I doubt it.

  13. I still don’t get what was so bad about what Cammalleri said. Shouldn’t the Habs want guys who are pissed off and frustrated about the team having a terrible season?

    It is amazing that Pierre Gauthier still has a job.

  14. I honestly don’t think this was something drummed up over the last 24 hours just because of yesterdays comments.. trades today don’t work like that. As well, people might wanna check out these numbers over the last 3 years….

    Cammalleri 55 goals 65 assists 120 pts…. 5’9” 190 pounds
    Bourque 67 goals 57 assists 124 pts 6’2” 211 pounds

    Toss in the cap differences and Montreal getting a higher pick, I just don’t see how this is a hands down win for Calgary like some are making it out to be.

  15. Awesome.. when I wake up I want to hear Horcoff, Hemsky, and Renney all dealt. If not by tomorrow evening.. I want to hear tambi’s name to the list. Trade them all to the rangers for redden and call it even.

  16. Montreal trades a Smurf with attitude for a hulk with indecision ( am I going to show up tonight..or not?) This helps Calgary ultimately. Don’t be surprised if the Flames test drive Camilleri at Centre. Gauthier is hanging on by his fingernails.

    Using the Vulcan Mind meld we read his thoughts “Trade shit disturber..bring in big forward with a perfect French name..who knows only a few words of French.. must get through this week…then another brilliant move is required next week..Trade 6 foot 7 inch guy with 10 foot stick for power play defenseman…”

  17. This is an awful trade by the Habs! Gauthier should be fired immediately. Bourque has 5 years left after this one, and he’s already 30, so he wont be getting any better. Holland projects as a 3rd of 4th liner, brutal. That 2nd round pick better be the second coming Stamkos or the Habs will be screwed, but I have a feeling that its too late. I don’t about you Lyle, but as a Habs fan, I am pissed off by this move, and I am usually not one to stick my nose into something in which I don’t know all the details. But this is just ridiculous. A wild monkey could do a better job than Gauthier.

  18. @ Remi..

    Oui Monsieur!

    As A Leaf fan, even I could do better. Tabernac. its okay, I said it , not you!

  19. lol..Not surprising seeing Habbers jump off a cliff after a deal of this nature..

    Stringing guys up before they even have a chance to play a game in MTL..

    Cammy wanted out, Gauthier did him a favor..Simple as that..Bourque can play physical and has a decent scoring touch..We got a 2nd round pick which could be used as a decent bargaining chip going forward…

    There is a culture change going on in MTL, if you didn’t realize it..They are switching from a transition team to a dump and chase team..You can’t do that with 5’8″ 180lbs. forwards…

  20. HABS_FTW: Take a closer look at those stats again. Bourque amassed his playing in more games. Cammalleri has a better points-per-game average, and is a proven clutch player. Yes, he’s struggled this season, thanks to a combination of injuries and the wild line juggling that’s been going on, but he’s a far better offensive player than Bourque will ever be. Bourque is wildly inconsistent, and his suspension history indicates his judgement isn’t the best. Sorry, but bigger isn’t better in this case. Gauthier can also deny Cammalleri’s comments had anything to do with this move, but what team yanks a player off ice in the middle of a game and then ships him out? One whose higher-ups are pissed at him for his comments. The fact it wasn’t known, outside of Calgary, that Cammalleri might be available also makes observers doubt Gauthier’s explanation.

    The only good thing about this deal is it frees up some cap space, and they get a second round pick. That, however, depends on how they use both. With Gauthier as GM, let’s just say that there isn’t much confidence now in him using that space and that pick wisely.

    Bourque will have to step up and play the best hockey of his career over the remainder of his contract to make this deal worthwhile, and Cammalleri will have to suck on toast in Calgary. I don’t see either happening.

  21. Call it a partial salary dump, but Calgary won this trade. Montreal just gave up what every team is looking for a proven goal scorer. Sure they got back a bigger forward but not as skilled. When I heard Montreal may trade cammelari I was thinking maybe they could use him in a trade to finally get there big scoring forward and given that there may be 3 avaliable in Anaheim why wouldnt gauthier wait a little longer to make this move. Montreal better hope they finish in the bottom 3 this year so at least they have some good come out of this season.

  22. Lyle is right on the money! I have a hard time understanding how Geoff Molson can let this guy continue to remain as the GM! This is not a good trade period, Habs got fleeced! For what ever reason he will not get a tough guy to help provide protection from the goonery displayed last night by the Bruins cavemen! Habs should have won this game! Bad bounce and a puck off J Jorges stick, shows the way this season has gone! Lyle, any ideas on who may be available to replace PG?
    What are your thoughts being a habs fan your self and having closer ties to what goes on inside the team, What do you think is going happen? In in 34yrs of being a fan this reminds me of Houle/trembley!!!
    Thanks Lyle and Happy New Year!

  23. And in other Hab news, scum bag PK Subban leaves his feet to target David Krecji’s head with an elbow. When Ference respondes, the cowardly Subban turtbles, Claude Lemieux-like. The buffoons in the striped shirts don’t call the elbow, but the Bs come out of the deal short-handed. Amazing. Hopefully, Shanahan fines or suspends this scum bag.

    Subban should be traded to Vancouver. He’d fit in perfectly there with their other cowards.

    Over my 5 decades as a hockey and Bruin fan, I’ve always had great respect for the Montreal organization. They’ve always been classy and played hockey the way it should be played.

    That’s no longer true.

    Gauthier is a terrible GM. I liked Button’s comments last night that Montreal is not being run in a professional manner.

  24. If they traded 6’7 offense liability, they’d be doing themselves a favour. I wouldn’t touch Gill with a 10 foot stick (though he could probably touch me with a 7 foot one)

    If they are shifting to a chip and chase style, they’re likely moving Kostitsyn next. Let’s hope he’s not completely brain dead to deal Desharnais or Pacioretty.

  25. Lol
    A joke of a gm strikes again!!!!
    If gauthier had this trade in the works for more than a month, and the Habs picked up kaberle a month ago, then what direction is he driving the bus?

  26. Wow, didn’t think Cammy would go. But, you can’t call the entire team and staff losers when your making 6 mill to score 9 goals. I would have expected a first rounder though if they were only getting Bourque. Strange days in Montreal. The GM has to leave for someone who can get better value for his players. Cammy should have included a first rounder and a 1st-2nd liner just on his playoff performances. A GM can sell that aspect in a trade. This just seemed hastily thrown together. I don’t know why this team has imploded this year. Before the season started virtually all media outlets had the Canadiens in the playoffs. This is just lunacy now. Is this a deliberate rebuild for a pick in this draft?

  27. Calgary just corrected the worst mistake they’ve ever made (after the Hull trade). I expect Bourque will briefly flourish in a new environment.

  28. By picking up another goalie makes me wonder if the flames falter before the deadline, will Kipper be on the block? Since Flames only trade for former players. Kipper for St Louis

  29. @Moto

    After calling up Irving from the AHL, I think they really noticed they’re really shallow in the goalie department. Hell, the main guy in Abbotsford right now, is a loan player that’s not even in the Calgary organization.

    I like this deal. It’s so hard to love Bourque; he shows up and steals the show one night, and then just goes away for games on end. He’s a relatively greedy player, who has that shoot first mentality in every situation.

    It’s hard to look at this trade from an even perspective and say that Calgary doesn’t win the trade (I don’t like the “win, lose” term) in the short term. They don’t get older, the get more skilled, they pick up 3 more million dollars… but pay it for less years, they get a guy who wanted by all means to stay in Calgary… and they get an impact player.
    Montreal gets bigger (good), gets edgier (good), get a player who comes and goes (already have a lot of that)… and gets a guy who apparently likes sitting in the press box more than playing.

  30. Subban did get called for the elbow. When a guy gets his elbow that high is there any other intention but to injure a player. Then Subban turtled so drastically his shoulder pads slipped over his head so that they were strapped across his back. All this after Mike Johnson praised Lars Eller for not backing down to Lucic twice, but standing up to him and jawing back. Despite decreased ice time PK racks up another minus 2. Sophomore jinx, the effects of an horrible team or just his true worth? Even if the Leafs don’t make the playoffs, the debacle that is the Montreal Canadiens have already made their year a good one.

  31. When I get the news, I agreed with you Lyle that this is a terrible trade for the Habs. But after this I read the article of Bob McKenzie at TSN.Ca and I have to say he gave me another perspective of this trade! Like most trades we will see in the future who’s the winner of this trade!