Report: Canucks to fire coaching staff.

Various sources today report the Vancouver Canucks are set to fire their coaching staff, including head coach Alain Vigneault.

The Canucks have reportedly fired coach Alain Vigneault.

The Canucks have reportedly fired coach Alain Vigneault.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: No official confirmation yet from the Canucks, but these reports are coming from reliable sources throughout the Canadian media.  There’s also no word as to who will be replacing Vigneault and his staff. I doubt anyone’s surprised, though the timing of it is a bit odd, as the Canucks were swept from the opening round of the 2013 NHL playoffs by the San Jose Sharks over two weeks ago.

Vigneault was the Canucks coach for seven years, with a 313-170-57 record. He won the Jack Adams trophy in 2007, and coached the Canucks to two President’s Trophies, the Western Conference title in 2011 and a memorable appearance in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. Still, Vigneault’s coaching was questioned in the wake of the Canucks failure to win the Cup in 2011, and the criticism grew over the past two seasons as the club bowed out of the playoffs in the first round.

The feeling among Vancouver fans and pundits is the Canucks needed a new bench boss, as the players appeared puzzled by some of his decisions and failing to respond to his direction.  That seems a bit unfair, as Vigneault couldn’t be faulted for the poor decisions by management and its failure to bolster the Canucks depth, nor could he be faulted for the injuries to key players this season.

Still, when things aren’t going well for a team, it’s usually the coach who gets the ax. Given Vigneault’s credentials, I doubt he’ll be unemployed for long.


  1. Gillis the Gutless would never fall on his own sword.
    According to him he had a healthy team (Kesler was back etc) but did he forget they are all a year older?
    Oh, but wait, he brought in Derek Roy, that will put them over the top, right?
    And Kassian for Hodgson? No Brainer!
    But who can forget the “Who’s on first Goalie skit”?

    Oh, its definitely Vigneault and his Coaches. Wake up Gillis. You said the league has evolved. Look in the Mirror. You have not evolved.

    If I am Dave Tippett, Lindy Ruff, Tom Renney, Scott Arniel, Dallas Eakins or any other Coach, I would take a polite “no thanks!” on an opportunity to interview with you.

    • He should have fired himself with your logic right?

      This decision was made by owners.

  2. As for the timing, Gillis was probably stocking up on diapers in case he got fired before he got the chance to fire Vignealt!

  3. make no mistake Gillis played a part in the Canuck’s underachieving this year as well, he didn’t get Vigneault a 3rd line center until the trade deadline and while Kassian might well be the power forward this team desperately needs (it sure isn’t Booth) someday he isn’t right now. Vigneault isn’t without his faults either as he’s very stubborn about certain players and the roles they play and ultimately it cost him. AV felt it was so important to have a right handed shot in front of the net on the powerplay that he went all the way down the depth chart to the 3rd line and put Hansen (career high of 15 goals) on the 1st unit instead of the Sedins regular winger Burrows (who got 35 goals with virtually no powerplay time and played a part in all 3 of Vancouver’s goals in their last game of the playoffs against the Sharks). Keith Ballard was one of the Canucks best dmen the first part of the year but had a bad game and went back into AV’s doghouse (to the point where he was replaced by rookie Frank Corrado going into the playoffs). Jordan Schroeder was put on the 4th line with 2 plumbers for wingers until AV had no other options and had to promote him to a line with some wingers who could skate and score where he magically became effective. Vancouver finally had an effective 4th line until they felt career minor leaguer Pinizotto (who’d never played an NHL game at 28 years old) was what they were missing in their lineup so they waived the popular Volpatti (who Washington snapped up and signed to a 2 year extension). hiring a new coach won’t solve all of the Canucks problems but they have to start somewhere and now it’s up to Gillis to provide the players the new coach will need to succeed. going forward Vancouver will need at least one center and maybe two, a power forward and a backup goalie. they’ll have to buyout Booth and maybe Ballard, finally trade Luongo and they should also move Edler to give them the Caproom needed for the revamped lineup.

    • Nonis, is that you?