Report: Canucks Trade Luongo to the Panthers.

Various sources report the Vancouver Canucks have traded Roberto Luongo to the Florida Panthers. Details to follow.

Roberto Luongo returns to the Panthers.

Roberto Luongo returns to the Panthers.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Who says no big trades occur in the day prior to deadline day. This is a biggie, folks. The Canucks spent a year trying to moving Luongo without success, but suddenly they were able to ship him back to the Panthers, one of the few teams to which he would accept a trade.

Things obviously soured for Luongo in Vancouver over the past couple of years, though credit him for handling it well and not making waves.  This move has me wondering if Ryan Kesler could indeed be shopped by the deadline. The asking price for him is steep, much more so than what they’re reportedly getting for Luongo, so that one might have to wait.

This trade certainly addressed the Panthers’ starting goalie issues, though it casts some doubt on Tim Thomas’ future with the club. The Panthers were interested in re-signing him for next season but with Luongo returning there’s probably no need for Thomas beyond this season. 

It’s reported goalie Jacob Markstrom is heading to Vancouver as part of the return. It’s also believed center Shawn Matthias could be part of the return. No word yet if the Canucks are picking up any part of Luongo’s salary. I’ll have more updates as they become available. 

UPDATE: The Canucks receive Markstrom and Matthias, plus they retain 15 percent of Luongo’s salary for the remaining term. The Panthers also get minor league winger Steve Anthony. The Panthers’ take on an average cap hit of $4.533 million per season.


  1. This one goes in the Holy Sh!t category. Did not see this one coming. It appears that Vancouver is going to make some major changes. There must be some serious locker room issues in Vancouver. Luongo traded, Kesler apparently wants out. There seems to be a lot of disfunction in Vancouver.

    • Meanwhile in NY, the Rangers are in playoff position…

  2. Welp, here’s to everyone who was poo-pooing the trade deadline this year. LOL

  3. wha?!?!!?!? what?

  4. Um, wow. That was unexpected. Can’t wait to see the details on this trade.

  5. No goalie is safe! They are all in play.

  6. Wonder how long before they figure out that Torterella is the problem…

  7. This one should qualify for a review and suspension from Shanahan as a total blindside hit! Never saw this coming at all.. I thought that TSN had a glitch. wowsers! Cant wait to see the return..

  8. Well this should be fun – Luongo and Thomas on the same team

  9. Schneiders gone, Luongo’s gone, Eddie Lack better keep his bags packed because Mike Gillis believes you can never have too few good goalies.
    And John (open your mouth to change feet) Tortorella stays? Send in the clowns – don’t bother, they’re here.

  10. Guarantee Lu had a Patrick Roy moment with Gillis after 3rd consecutive Lack start, in the Heritage Classic…

    Something along the lines of, “If you don’t want me to be the guy to win a big game, I don’t want to be here…”

  11. just when i thought florida was serious about becoming a better team. i thought markstrom was supposed to be their goaltender of the future. was he unable to live up to the title? he’s still sort of young, i don’t see why they’d give up on him.

    • They just did getting a two time olympic goaltender. Say what you want about luongo not being able to preform in the playoffs, he is a great tender and he was one of the reasons that Canucks made it in the playoffs over the past few years- sans this year. Best of luck to him,he deserves it, always a classy guy. From a Flames fan.

    • I thought the same way, except every time they’ve given him the opportunity to run with the starters job in the last 2 seasons he’s choked. His play was a bit sloppy at times and at other times he looked uncomfortable and unconfident. He’s young and Florida wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of defence so he may find an address change helps restore his confidence. The talent is definitely there.

  12. The move that the Canucks must make is getting rid of Gillis.

    • Agreed.

      How we don’t have Schneids at the other other ed of this is irredeemable for Gillis.

  13. cleaning house and salary dump?
    here comes Captain Callahan to play for Torts until he is 45?

    • I hope not. Time to stockpile a bit of youth and do a proper rebuild. We don’t have enough depth to “rebuild on the fly”. The Luongo trade helps (Lack and Markstrom are two goalies to watch – and at good cap hits), but the defense is aging and the forwards aren’t scoring…

      Glad to have Matthias and Markstrom as the return, not so glad to have to eat 800,000$ per year.

  14. So we traded Hodgson, Schneider and Luongo for Kassian, Markstrom and Matthias and prospect Horvat.

    We traded arguably the top ranked prospect in our farm teams and a young goalie who push both Luongo and Martin Brodeur out of work, and what we have is those 4 kids with “potentials”. Tell me how these 4 kids have more potentials than Hodgson and Schneider. If these 4 kids are answers I want to know the question.

    The biggest mistake Canucks made is to hire a player agent to become GM. Please package him for a bag of pucks please.


    • If it helps, everyone agrees Matthias has the talent to be a top player, but hasn’t been able to get things together. He’s been needing a trade out of Florida for probably two years. Markstrom is the same. Your right, on paper the deals seem out of whack, but the potential exists for it to work out well still.