Report: DeBoer to become Devils new head coach.

Various sources reports former Florida Panthers head coach Peter DeBoer has been hired as the new coach of the New Jersey Devils.

Spector’s note: Given how quickly the Devils have blazed through head coaches since they fired Jacques Lemaire back in May 1998 (since then they’ve gone through Robbie Ftorek, Larry Robinson (twice) Kevin Constantine, Pat Burns, Claude Julien, Lou Lamoriello (as the GM stepped in on an interim basis twice), Brent Sutter and John MacLean, plus brought back Lemaire twice on an interim basis), it’s gonna be very interesting to see if DeBoer lasts the season. Best of luck to him. He’s gonna need it.


  1. What I would really love to know is whom and if anyone, when asked to coach the Devils, told Lou, no thanks!

  2. now is anyone surprised there were no takers on Craig MacTavish?

  3. Kovi gets back to the 50 goal mark under DeBoer.

  4. Tux,

    I am a bit surprised only because the pendulum seems to keep swinging back and forth.

    Experienced coach, then AHL, no NHL experience coach. I think we will start to see more of a hybrid , pardon the expression going forward.

    Ie. Ron Wilson (although not his idea) is pushed to hire two younger AHL/ NHL experienced coaches. Craig Ramsay, is hired to assist new younger coach Kevin Dineen.

    I see more of this happening, and at some point even Mac T may be hired again somewhere. While every Head Coach likes to hire “their guys”, who are usually comparable in age and experience, or who they have always coached with, they are coming to realize that their bench staff needs a blend of experience, knowledge of the game, and the ability to relate to and motivate both 18 year olds and 40 year olds.

  5. Let’s face it, DeBoer can’t really do much worse than he did in Florida. Not saying he was a lousy coach, but you can only do so much with odds and ends. At least NJ still has the shell of a competitive team, albeit a very tired and old one. His only real problem is that the Atlantic stands to be tough this year which is a huge change from the weaker Southeast.

  6. Elias, Rolston, and Brodeur… those are the only guys who are “old”, and Elias probably still has four good seasons left in him.

    I have a feeling this might be Brodeur’s last season, (or second last with more of a split role in 2012). Rolston they have a hard time getting rid of.