Report: Doan Remains a Coyote.

Doan signs four-year deal with Coyotes.

John Gambadoro of KTAR Radio in Phoenix reports via Twitter Shane Doan has signed a four-year, $21.2 million contract (with a $2 million signing bonus) with the Phoenix Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We all knew Doan really wanted to remain with the Coyotes, but his re-signing was contingent to the sale of the team to prospective buyer Greg Jamison. This move strongly suggests the sale to Jamison is near completion. His new deal averages $5.3 million per season.


  1. Sweet !!! Heart and soul of coyotes is here to stay !!!

  2. Guess that’s the last time we’ll hear about Doan on a rumor site for awhile i hope

  3. how can a team owned by the league afford a $5.3 million a year player? when the NHL pumps money into the financial sinkhole that is the Coyotes it affects the bottom line negatively and is essentially the reason why a lockout is all but certain. if the NHL wants the players to believe they’re partners then they should show some leadership and resolve the Phoenix situation once and for all.

  4. Thank god that’s over. Nothing worse than hearing your favorite team is in the bidding for him, yes he’s decent player but paying top notch for an aging player seems like a financially irresponsible thing to do. Glad he was able to stick it out with the Coyotes.

  5. That Cat never had the intention of leaving!!

  6. Well Greg jaimison will own the coyotes soon , so this contract has nothing to do with a team owned by the NHL , the team has done great things on the ice with limited cap space and no stars , just wait a year or so and see what this team will become with a bit of money sunk into them , last years playoff run help the coyotes finally get noticed , wait a year or so and all the kids will be running around in coyotes sweaters !!!!

    • Sweaters? In Phoenix?