Report: Doughty Rejects Multiple Offers From Kings.

SPORTSNET.CA’s Nick Kypreos reports via Twitter that LA Kings defenseman Drew Doughty has “rejected multiple offers” from the club, including one for  nine years and $61.2 million. The average cap hit of $6.8 million would’ve matched that of Anze Kopitar.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looking forward to reaction from the Kings and the Doughty camp on this. As someone noted, I don’t fault Doughty for wanting to get paid, but spurning that much money makes him appear greedy, and isn’t likely to sit well with Kings fans. More importantly, as Kypreos asked, where do the Kings go from here?  I smell the trade rumors coming….


  1. The LA Times reported long ago that Meehan/Doughty preferred a shorter deal than 9 years, which makes sense. If Kyper heard rumors about what the deals were, I wish he’d say.

  2. well if he turned it down i hope the kings let him sit.i have no pitty for anyone turning down that much money.i understand its a business and a sport.but why should the kings pay him a crapload of money for 4 or 5 years and then say he walks away because im sure theres a no trade clause in there want to stay and play cause you love it but 7 mill not enough .boo freakin hoo.go work a crappy reg job for a month im sure he will change his tune

  3. if so, let him sit. I know he’s a good player.. but he’s not great, and his cocky attitude on the ice could use a knocking down.

  4. I’m not sure what the multiple offers were…..but..maybe offering the same average approximately for a 5 year deal…or a shade under that average for that contract…or a 3 year deal worth about 4.5 mill….4 year about 5.2 mill…5 years at about 6.2 or the 9 at 6.8 mill….or maybe just a 1 year deal at 3.5…put them all on the table…say to him, these are your offers.

  5. Wow to turn down this much money??? And he is no a Kopitar, but still was offered the same money. Maybe he does not want to be here, it’s not cold enough for him. Trade him…i am sure you can get a very nice and healthy return.

  6. Maybe the term was too long. Realy He is only worth a mil more than wisniewski and he got over paid.
    Trade Doughty and Linden Vey for Bogosian, Cormier and a 1st rndr

  7. He probably wants brian campell money at 8 mil or so.but i believe the kings will not pay him more than kopitar. this could get ugly!!

  8. Why should he be forced into passing on his right to be a UFA when he’s eligible? Maybe he want’s to keep his options open for when he can become UFA if he doesn’t want to spend his prime years in LA? Possibly play for a cup contender if the Kings aren’t doing so good in 4 years? His option

  9. Anyone seen last olympics?? Stop seeing 6.8 trhough the prisms of your own salaries. It’s a relative game, not an absolute one. 6.8 for 9 years would be way too little. Salary cap ceiling raised around 9% last year!! (If you can’t see how important that is I can’t help you) Doughty, right now (in this cap ceiling economy), is worth close to 6 mil, for 1 year. I’m a habs fan and i would pay more to get him. (In fact, I hoped we offer-sheeted him the worst contract possible for a team :10 mil over the rest of his RFA years) A number 1 D is way more important than a number 1 forward, as a general rule, and that is a heck of a number 1 D. So, 6.8 over 9 years would seem like a joke from year 4 on, when cap ceiling has risen to like 90 mil. From year 4 on Doughty takes like 6.12% of the team’s cap (and being, by far, it’s most important piece), and dwindling. Not so palatable. Basicaly, if DL doesn’t want to pay big for long, Doughty’s right to insist on a Stamkos type deal (meaning: finishing only his RFA years for meager [6-7 mil] salary). This is of course very bad for the Kings and I would be pissed off if I’m a Kings fans that my GM would be lowballing a generational D. Right now, the best that could happen to Kings fans would be a 1 year deal so there would be no doubt as to his potential and DL would have to stop screwing around.

  10. Sorry Nicolas but are you nuts. A “Stamkos type deal” would be fine if Doughty showed Stamkos-like improvement. If the argument is well he had an “off” year so why should he be punished, the flip side is also true. He ONE good year out of THREE played so 62 million GUARANTEED dollars isn’t an insult or a lowball. You don’t pay people based on potential future cap increases – you get paid on results. 6.8 per is a damn respectable number.

  11. As much as I dislike the Kings, Drew Doughty is definitely worth more than $6.8M/year and especially on a meteoric rise…he is definitely of the same caliber of Scott Niedermayer in hockey smarts when it comes to defending against players like our own RPG line.

    Selfishly, I would love if Doughty is out of LA and goes to the East coast.

  12. I don’t understand the hoopla. For all we know this could be a game of chicken. What’s the rush? Camp is a few weeks away. If he signs tomorrow or a week from tomorrow, not much would change.

    I’d also like to point out that the Kings just signed Jack Johnson to a 7 year deal at $4.3M per season. Jack Johnson had two more points than Doughty last year (albeit in a few more games). Are you really going to go to Jack Johnson and say, “Great job being our highest scoring defenseman last season and signing a very reasonable contract but we value Doughty twice as much as we do you.” (for those who think Doughty should get $8M+ per season)?

  13. First he needs to prove that he is the #1 D-man and he has not done that yet. Prove it than demand it.

  14. @Alex

    I completely agree.

    And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In the 2005-2006 season, Jonathan Cheechoo finished his third NHL season with 56 goals and 93 points. If that happened today everybody would be suggesting that 10 years at $7M per season is a bargain.

    I always feel bad bringing up Cheechoo like this because I really like him.

  15. Why would Doughty want to play for the Kings of Failure? All they do is lose in the first round and cry.

  16. Anyone who is saying he’s good and not great doesn’t know hockey at all. He’s is 21 years old already at the same level as the best D men in the league. He is worth more then 6.8 do I think he should be pushing for more then 6.8 no. I think it’s more tern conidtions then dollar amount. But he’s already in the top 5 Dmen in the league and is much better player to build your team around then Anze Kopitar. 2 Years ago Anze put up 81 points as the top line center. Drew in 2nd year in the league as a Dman put up 59.

  17. I really like Doughty, but when I look at the top D-men who are earning over $7MM – does he fit in that category – sure, like Brian Campbell does. But, the thing is there is something called team chemistry and someone like Drew should take a little less (offer the home town discount) based on the fact that he has been with the Kings since he broke into the league in 2008 – making $3.475MM for those 3 years. To me, I think $6.2MM is fair market value. LA made some really good moves this summer and I think they are going to be a strong contender in the West. Maybe Doughty just doesn’t want to be in LA – so get him a deal with the Islanders – they need to reach the floor and could use a young d-Man.

  18. ^unless nyi wants to part with tavares or okposo i dont see how a deal happens there.

  19. hes only had one good year maybe two,so they say we belive in you heres 9 year deal,i understand thats a long time for any why not counter offer with a four or 5 year deal.they could get alot for him on trade value.if he holds out the kings should trade him.teams overpay for alot these days,ehrhoff,wisnewski,kaberle weber all over paid and with a new cba around the corner gms may be dumping salary at the end of this season.i think even marchand and schenn were expecting big pay days and now they are not signed.players agents are over pricing these guys.jack johnson great deal for team took a little less,helps free up cap and look at there roster now.if he thinks he deserves more than lidstrom and chara ,doughtys agent needs his head it stands those two lidstrom and chara are top two d men in the 21 he should be excited for 6.8 mill.not asking for more.

  20. As a sharks fan, I am hoping that he gets fat eating in’n out burgers on the couch instead of working out. Miss all of camp man! go for more $$$!

  21. So Crosby only had 3 good years before he was signed long term and huge money. Anyone who doesn’t believe Drew isn’t a top Dman in the league knows little about hockey and he hasn’t even peaked yet. At the olympics he was the one playing vs the other countries best stars.

  22. Salary cap will go down with the next CBA.

    This young man is a very good defenseman… but I believe he is coming out of his entry level contract.

    This is where the CBA has to be fixed. Too many of these young players coming out of their entry level contract are asking for way too much money. There should be a limit on the percentage increase from the entry level to their next contract. That’s why salaries are going crazy.

    The Kings more than doubled his salary with this offer and he turned it down? Cue the trade rumours.

    Right now he is on a very good young team… which will be very good for a long time… and in the next few years will have good playoff runs… That contract offer was more than fair IMO

  23. whats with these defensemen anyways ! they all think they are worth so much , i know i shouldnt admit this but i am a coyotes fan and they resigned Keith Yandle for 5.2 mil for 5 seasons, i would take him over doughty any day at that price , teh owners and gms have to put a stop to these retarded salaries , then maybe smaller markets would be able to survive , ive watched it happen to many times were teams are going broke ,

  24. You know once upon a time players were drafted or signed and were committed to their teams as long as their teams were committed to them. Nowadays it’s all about show me the money. LA gave Doughty his chance, they groomed him and gave him the opportunity he needed to prove himself, and how does he repay them? He demands either more money or less of a commitment he has to give them. The reason is obvious. He wants to hit UFA status ASAP so he can really try and rake in that few extra million a year that obviously is the driving force behind his playing.

  25. @ Matt, @ JDBGiGC ans @ Alex and a few others

    Statistical evaluation of a player should be more in depht than only is points. There is of course +-, but also ratio of positive vs negative events in different zone (compiled in risk/reward rating), first pass completed %, you should adjust both of these to account for quality of competition, than there is corsi and/or fenwick and/or Goals_for_or_against ratio adjusted for teammate quality and quality of competition ….

    So you see that there is more than meets the statistical eye. Jack Jonhson, I am sorry to break it down to you all, is not the same kettle of fish than Doughty. Doughty has shown enough. He is a beast. Like someone said, he is already top 5. He is better than Markov and Subban, our two best D. He is better than Chara, although the latter does have size intangible. He was better than Pronger, and Keith in the Olympics, on par with Weber.

    And, yes, the value of a player has to take account cap ceiling rise. The value of a player is a relative thing.

    And for those who suggest to pay him for only 4 season (finishing his RFA years), i would point out that this is, from a team’s perspective, a nightmare scenario. Yes, he could be traded for great value, but there is no equivalent value for Doughty. In all likelyness, the team that trades him loses out. Unless you get, you know, a very big fish back. But no amount of futures (let’s say 4 first round) is worth such a player. In short, I agree with Eddie the greatest.

  26. @ Eddie is the greatest

    I was just curious about your handle. Are you a Belfour fan, Iron Maiden fan, or is it something else.

    @ Everyone

    Lubomir Visnovsky has 423 points in 703 games. Those numbers would be good for a top 6 forward. For a defenseman they’re lights out, hall of fame numbers. Last season he had 68 points, over 20 more than Doughty. Does Visnovsky deserve $9M per season?

    I think all stats are relative. Doughty is a top defenseman in the league and he may be the next Ray Bourque. But he isn’t yet. I think a fair compromise is for Doughty to sign a 2 year $4M per season deal. If he takes steps forward each of the next two years, then give Doughty the pen and let him write out the check to himself.

  27. And salary cap won’t fall. Nor will its rate of increase slow down much. Remember the NBA lockout. It will redirect some of the sport dollars to the NHL. There are also new TV contracts that will make revenue rise. Only thing that could slow it is the relative fall of the canadian dollar w/r the USD, and I don’t think this will happen either. So there you go. I would have been very comfortable offer-sheeting him for max money at rest of his RFA years had I been Gauthier.

  28. Also, US economy is bound to recover at some point.

  29. @#1duckfan
    Are you trying to tell me that if he would be on your team (wish) you will pay him more than Ryan, Getslaf or Perry at this stage. Are you telling everybody that he is Ovechkin, Crosby, Stamkos money guy?????? Or just simply hate Kings so much that you need to say something bad about them.

  30. @ Alex

    It’s just normal that newer guys come in and make more money than Crosby or Ovechkin. When these guys signed, cap ceiling was like 48 mil ! And, yes, he is IMO as important to a team as Crosby or OV. Rejoice Alex, he is better and more useful than any of Anaheim’s player. When people “respect” the salary of star players of their team and don’t go over it, they are being very bad negotiators, foolish, unnecessarily “moral” and “friendly” or are just so much enamored with the city/team that they knowingly take a discount. Even if I would be a generational D who would be worth 15% and up of the team’s ceiling, I would take a discount to play for the Habs. Anyone else would need to pay me my just value. I don’t get how not getting one’s true value is esthetical, ethical, moral, or otherwise admirable. It’s ok to take a slight discount on market value to keep one’s team competitive, though. But this discount should not be of the 6.8/9years variety, starting in a cap ceinling economy of 64.3 mil.

    Also, all of you keep in mind that at the next CBA negociations, there is likely to be a coalition of NHLPA with rich teams that will push for salary bonuses not to count against the cap. Rookie bonuses penalties are also likely to be revisited by the same coalition. If escrow goes down, revenue split might shift 1 % in the direction of owners, but not more than that. If owners try to have non-guaranteed contracts, the revenue split might move the other way.

  31. It’s like buying a stock that had one promising year but couldn’t achieve that same promising peak in consecutive years. With a stock that already has unpredictable results from each year to the next in the first three years how could any GM comfortably mortgage the future of his team for an inconsistent, albeit promising, asset? Most teams can’t afford to bet everything, even on the safest stock, and risk the possible crash that it doesn’t work out. Pick any rising new product on the market today and would you honestly mortgage yours and your families future on this promising new up and coming product. Would you feel comfortable taking this risk and signing up for 9 years of whatever happens? If you did your friends would probably call you insane instead of savvy. And that is just the money aspect of it, but this kind of signing has implications and impacts all across the board. And if Doughty is showing a personality short-coming here how confident can a GM be contracting himself to this player when the stakes are this high?

    Drew Doughty’s a real good player, but it’s starting to look like “Buyer Beware” could be in his fine print. A GM can’t let his players’ ego’s run amok.

  32. Doughty is a moron and so is his agent. Why take a shorter contract? 6.8 million average per year for 9 long years is like winning the lottery for like the next decade, i mean come on now, with headshots and concussions going up year after year it seems, i know personally i would like that type of security. All these players don’t realize they are one dirty hit away from having there career ended. I bet you Marc Savard could’nt be happier that he signed on through till 2016/17. His career is over but the guy is still getting paid, and will continue to do so until he retires at the end of his contract. Doughty needs to wake up, lock himself up for as long as he can get. Some guys need to go the Darius Kasparaitis route and sign a contract (2002 i think with the NYR) without there agent butting in and screwing things up.

  33. Yeah, Stream, but it’s not so much risk as it is evaluation, although they merge in the end. I’ll readily admit that i’m evaluating from afar. Such is the luxury of the carefree stand’s managers. If he has an attitude problem than, from the gm’s (and from the market’s) perspective, is value should diminish. It could even do so sharply as this is very important. Are you saying that there are issues? apart from his holding out i mean?

    Iceman, from the player’s perspective, and keeping in mind that there are more risk-averse people, it’s like that:

    Negotiate until you reach equilibrium. Equilibrium is achieved when all tactics are exhausted. Tactics include public perceptions and so things get played out in the media.Note that they don’t have to, if all sides respect the other’s argument. Then settle. Yes, Marc Savard is happy to have signed for longer. Still, from an actuarial point of view, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the best decision, from the GM’s point of view, to secure a player of Savard’s caliber for 4 mil/year for 7 years. This was a great signing. Hindsight doesn’t change a thing, if you know what I mean (I mean you would do it again, not knowing what would befall). I assume of course that Savard’s injuries, statistically, were just bad luck, and not the previsible outcome of some known and assessable situation. But from Savard’s, his worth was likely 28 mil over 4 years (7 mil/y) or over 5 (5.6 mil/y) but he agreed to spread it through his 37th, 38th and 39th birthday at a discount, essentially giving a cap relief to his team, which is not only acceptable but expected, in this situation.