Report: Flyers To Sign Vincent Lecavalier.

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports the Philadelphia Flyers have reportedly agreed upon a five-year, $4.5 million per season contract with former Tampa Bay Lightning captain Vincent Lecavalier.

Vincent Lecavalier is reportedly a Flyer.

Vincent Lecavalier is reportedly a Flyer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lecavalier cannot officially sign with the Flyers until July 5, but at this stage if he’s agreed to this deal, he’s effectively off the market. This move eats up the remainder of the Flyers $4.181 million cap space and puts them in the red, though under the CBA they’re allowed in the off-season to go over the cap by up to ten percent of the ceiling. If they’re still over the cap when the season begins, they’ll get some relief by placing Chris Pronger on long-term injury reserve, enabling them to be cap compliant.

Once again, another bold move by Flyer GM Paul Holmgren, but will it work out? Lecavalier is still a talented center, but he’s lost a step and in recent years was hampered by wrist and shoulder injuries. At this stage he may no longer be a reliably effective first line center. The dollars aren’t bad but the length of the deal could become a problem if his play noticeably deteriorates over that time. Still, because he’s 33, if he retires before the deal expires he’ll come off their books with no cap penalty.

It’s a gamble by Holmgren, especially when he’s reportedly in the market for a veteran goalie, but one he evidently believes will work out. Say what you will about Holmgren, but few GMs in the league can thrive so dangerously close to the cap ceiling year after year and still ice a competitive team. 


  1. Wrong team Vinny….Detroit was your team!!!

  2. This signing was non-nonsensical. The Flyers have big needs at goalie and defence. Now they absolutely need to trade roster players since there is no available cap. Especially since they have young future centres on the roster whom Lecavalier is going to steal playing time from.

  3. Not true. As a buyout, he can sign at any time and does not have to wait until the 5th

  4. Why?
    Why do we love aging stars so much? This trade , as it doesn’t address defensive and goalie issues and temporarily puts us over the cap, makes me nervous that Homer is going to make more trades ( too many ), which I think would be an over reaction to a bad year plagued by defensive injuries … I wonder if he’s expecting Morin to play this season? Lauridsen looked good last year, but its too early to say if how good he will be.. I’m assuming Bourdon will be back who also looks like he has an upside.. Timmo cant be much longer in orange and black.. Doubt we see pronger lace em back up ..

  5. Welcome Vin, good bye brz and good bye coburn. Flyers have to dump coburn now for cap space and money for a goalie.

  6. Come on homer get Timmy!

  7. I really don’t see how anyone can say this is a bad signing. The Flyers don’t need D! In fact they have a logjam at that position with Timmo, Schenn, Coburn, Streit, Grossman, Meszaros, Gervas, Gusstofson and with Bourdon coming back and Lauidson coming up they need to purge that position. I think the best way to do that would be to trade Meszaros for nothing to a team like the Islanders who need to make the cap floor once he is cleared medicaly, and bury Gervas. Then you end up with
    Timmo Schenn
    Coburn Streit
    Grossman Gusstofson
    With Bourdon and Lauidson for fill-ins. That would leave almost 6 million to resign Gange and bring in a Goalie like Emery or Thomas for a 1 or 2 year contract.

  8. I think Holgrem has one more big move in him. Place Pronger on IR

    Cobourn + Coutourier for Ryan & Pick

    Then the Ducks trade off Hiller for the Fasth + Gibson duo and maybe try and bring a cheaper winger of their own back, maybe Paajarvi out of Edmonton?

    Either way Holgrem has the balls to do it, the Flyers with Pronger on LTIR would still have around $4 million to get a cheap goalie, the Ducks would free up space and address their forward and defense issues, and if Edmonton or New York moved a winger for Hiller they address their goalie issue. Sure it sounds insane, but Philly has created cap issues and a log jam at center and has long been after Ryan.

  9. Giroux, B Schenn, and Coutorier are all RFAs (and Read a UFA) next year and will be expecting raises. Luckily the cap goes up a little. They will probably have to let Mezaros and Timonen walk. Still the hole at goaltender and eventual D replacements hasn’t be solved. Philly really needs Coburn at the end of the day. The idea of getting Bobby Ryan is laughable unless they move a collection of top 9 forwards. I really think one of B Schenn or Couturier will be dealt.

  10. Does Philly think they will get 2 more buyouts next year, Get Khabindrinkin out of oilervillefor a bargain.

    • let Vinny be the 1st to be bought out twice

  11. bet a six pack the flyers don’t make the playoffs this year

  12. I hope you guys do get rid of coutourier that’s just one less guy who can try and shut down Geno and Sid

  13. I understand how being a buyout, it allows Vinny to talk with other teams prior to the 5th, however, he is now a UFA and therefore should still fall under the same rules as the other FA’s regarding his decision.
    In my opinion, if a player is bought out before the FA signing date and AFTER the playoffs are completed, they need to follow the same rules as all other impending FAs which means no discussions or announcements of intent prior to the opening date of Free Agency. So essentially there is a moratorium for talks between the draft and the Free Agency date with UFA players.

    • Why do you think this should be the case? I am just curious.

  14. I love Spector’s take “can thrive so dangerously close to the cap ceiling year after year and still ice a competitive team”. Uh, what about last year, was that team only not-competitive because of the shortened season?

    But the big question is, when will players stop signing in Philly? They have no plan, they have no loyalty, they have no direction. They’re like a raccoon grabbing at something shiny.

    And the best part is, now they NEED to move a player or 2. What team is going to give them any value on that trade? “Oh, Paul, you again? No, I will not give you a draft pick to take Coburn, why don’t you give me a draft pick AND Coburn, and we’ll give you a player. One we don’t want, but yeah, I’ll make sure he’s cheap.”