Report: Gill Dealt to Predators.

Gill joins the Predators.

Reporter L.A. Lariviere reports the Montreal Canadiens have traded defenseman Hal Gill  to the Nashville Predators. Details to follow….

UPDATE: The Canadiens acquire minor league forwards Blake Geoffrion and Rob Slaney, plus a second round pick in 2012. The Predators also receive a conditional fifth round pick in 2013.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And with that, Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier officially runs up the white flag on the season and moves into “sell” mode. It’s a decent return for Gill, though it remains to be seen if Geoffrion (grandson of Habs legend “Boom-Boom” Geoffrion) and/or Slaney eventually make the Habs. Certainly more than I expected they could get, as I believed the most the Habs might get was a third rounder for Gill. The Predators have gained more experienced blueline depth, but it remains to be seen if they’ll add another scoring forward. And no, I don’t see this as a precursor to trading Ryan Suter or Shea Weber at the trade deadline.


  1. Basically a 2nd rounder for Gill which I can’t complain about…

  2. Good trade for both teams

  3. I wonder why Nashville of all teams would pick him up. They’re looking for forwards, aren’t they?

  4. Thats what I thought MJR.. maybe some insurance on D?

  5. Actually.. he does bring a boat load of playoff experience…

  6. I don’t know about you guys, but I expected a 2nd rounder. The addition of Geoffrion is a major plus in my books. He played well with the Preds last year and I was kind of miffed about the Canadiens not grabbing him in the draft. Very very happy with the return on this trade, plus full might come back in the off season as a 6-7 D man. Great deal IMO

    Gauthier probably realized, finally, that it’s more important to draft a stud center/ forward like Grigorenko/ Forsberg/ Gaunce then get bounced in the first round by the rangers. I like it. Actually I’m very happy with the deal boys. Good trade.

  7. As a Preds fan it’s definitely good to see them add a piece that’s been to the playoffs that much. This is a decent move to perhaps rely less on F. Bouillon, another former hab.

    I’m outa Wisconsin where Geoffrion played college, and I’ve seen him play for the Admirals (Preds AHL affiliate). He’s definitely got potential, it wouldn’t be unthinkable for him to be in those 40 games next year for the Habs.

    Guess Preds fans will just have to keep waiting for another scoring piece…… Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.

    LYLE: Would you say that giving up that 2nd round pick for Gill limits the Preds in other potential trades? Was that 2nd rounder too much?

  8. SmielmaN is right, PG did extremely well in this deal. Geoffrion is a hard working two way fwd that crashes the net and loves the physical side of the game. Very good deal for the Habs.

  9. Good deal for both teams. Nashville gets a good guy for the playoffs. Habs get a 2nd rd pick, a project, and a cast away.

    I thought they would get a 2nd pick for Gill, so I’m suprised to see them get more than that. My understanding is that Geoffrion hasnt progressed as Nashville would like, so they moved him. if there is one place where he may be able to be inspired by the magic is Montreal… but that is wishful thinking.

    As I mentioned yesterday, there are so few sellers now that you get max value if you make a deal.

    Stevie Y got the ball rolling yesterday!!

  10. Does this open Nashville up to trade either Suter or Weber for offensive help you think?

  11. @NikK , I agree , you called it , by trading now the Habs got more than I thought they would. I figured same as you a 2nd rnd pick would be decent value for Gill. Geoffrion is a wild card but the fans and press will love a 3rd generation Hab suiting up.

    I have feeling Nash ain’t done yet , they have a boat load of D men

  12. Great trade for PG
    Who is next?
    AK or moen?
    At this rate, the Hans could stock up the cupboard quite nicely.
    Patche, cole, bourque, geoffrion and slaney all have good size. If this is an indicator of the direction PG has in mind, then why would they trade AK?

  13. A 2nd rounder and Geoffrion is a solid return for Gill. Slaney on the other hand is nothing more than an average ECHLer, I’m guessing he is only in this trade to save the Preds a little bit of cash.

    I’ve never liked Gill ever since his early days in Boston but Nashville is probably the best fit for him in the league. He should fit in nicely with their defense first mentality.

  14. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Poile to trade for any offense before the deadline. As has been Poile’s M.O. over the course of his tenure as both the Caps and Preds GM, his obsession with defense blinds him to the real need his teams have almost always had and that’s being short a top 6 forward. He way overpaid for Gill, just like he did by trading a 1st round pick for Witt a few years ago. That he would only overpay for a forward instead………

  15. I think Poile has done decent in recent years adding some scoring depth and fully expect him to bring in another depth scorer this year, last year adding mike fisher ws a great move. Obviously we know nashville has spending limits and don’t expect them to add Nash but this was a good depth trade and I see another before the deadline to address more scoring. This could be the year for Nashville.

  16. The Preds have plenty of “depth” scorers, what they lack is a legit top 6 scorer. Consider: their top scorer is Erat who ranks 60th in league scoring. Their next highest scorer is Weber who ranks 88th. Depth scoring isn’t the issue for the Preds, it’s actual top line scoring that they lack. With Trotz making a statement that the team needs a “top 9″ forward, it’s clear the organization doesn’t realize where their shortcoming is at.