Report: Kubina dealt to Flyers.

Kubina joins the Flyers.

SPORTNET’s Nick Kypreos reports the Tampa Bay Lightning have dealt defenseman Pavel Kubina to the Philadelphia Flyers for two draft picks. More to follow….

**UPDATE** The return is a second and fifth round pick in this year’s entry draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flyers GM Paul Holmgren is wasting little time trying to address his biggest need, blueline depth. Having recently added Nicklas Grossman from the Stars, he adds another experienced depth blueliner in Kubina. A tidy return for the Lightning. It should also be noted that moves the Flyers up to 51 players under contract, league limit is 50, so we can expect another Flyer to be on the move soon.

**UPDATE** Flyers also included minor league LW Jon Kalinski in the return. Flyers are at the 50 player limit. No further deals need to be made.


  1. doesn’t tampa already have philly’s 2nd round pick from the mezaros deal? whose 2nd rounder is this?

  2. Not sure, but point is, they get a second and a fifth. Done deal.

  3. Overpayment by Philly. Kubina is washed up.

  4. looks like it’s florida’s 2nd rounder

  5. Brutal, just brutal, I wanna cry

  6. Let’s hope the flyer moving is van riemsdyk and someone with a high cap hit to reel Nash in.. Not like it could or would happen but I’d deal JVR, Simmonds, Carle, and bryzgalov for Nash. Overpayment sure but it gets bryz off our books, let’s bobs get the chance he has more than deserved, and offloads Simmonds who I hate. Grossman and/or Kubina sign long term to replace Carle at a cheaper price that almost 4 mil plus.

  7. And here I am saying the Flyers are done trading. I’m shaking my head as to why they’re shuffling and tinkering so much. And now I hear they’re in on Nash. Why? Why why? Why why why?

    I don’t care… I’m a Devils fan, and if the Flyers wanna mess with their chemistry, one less threat in the division. They’re not going to do well if they continue to tinker.

  8. Goodness if Columbus is dumb enough to pick up Bryzgalov’s contract, their GM should be committed to a ward; someone take his cell phone away!

  9. Kubina will help but the price was slightly steep. It could all be for nothing though if the Flyer’s goaltending remains this brutal! I can’t see Holmgren adding all this depth if he doesn’t have some kind of plan for his goalies. Seems pointless. He needs to find a way out of the Bryz deal and maybe go after a guy like Harding and see how he does going into free agency.

    I don’t want Nash in Philly, it would cost far to much to get him and they may already have a ‘Nash in waiting’ in JVR.

  10. Justin, how do you hate Simmonds? He’s a beast on the forecheck, can hang on to the puck while taking all kinds of punishment and he’s scoring lots of goals…all for $1.7M this year and next. His play selection is questionable at times but most power forwards have that problem, that’s why they are power forwards crashing the net and not setting things up from the halfboards.

  11. Kubina for a conditional 2nd (from FLA either 2012 or 2013 up to them), a 4th round and a minor leader Valinski.

  12. @Boltsnation — Good price, don’t you think. And, I would not be totally shocked if a free agent Kubina re-signed here for a much more reasonable number as a 5-6 for a year or two –in this town you can come home again (Gratton, Prospal). His agent mentioned that this was a deal done by gentleman — no bitterness evident in the public reports.