Report: Leafs To Buy Out Grabovski.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have reportedly decided to use their second compliance buyout on Mikhail Grabovski, making him eligible for unrestricted free agency on July 5.

Leafs to buy out Mikhail Grabovski.

Leafs to buy out Mikhail Grabovski.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Buying out Grabovski frees up $5.5 million per season in cap space over the next four seasons. Whether the savings this season goes toward re-signing Tyler Bozak or an unrestricted free agent like David Clarkson or Stephen Weiss remains to be seen.

After two straight seasons with 50-plus points, Grabovski struggled after returning from the lockout this season, with only 16 points in 48 games. While the coaching staff and management commended “Grabo” on his all-round play, his poor offensive stats were a significant issue, especially given his new contract. He shouldn’t have much difficulty landing with another NHL club as a free agent, though he certainly won’t see another $5.5 million per season contract.


  1. Wakey, wakey Leafs fans….

  2. Love Grabo – but he just didn’t fit Carlyle’s system and became the odd man out… and 5.5mil is too expensive for the odd man out. Wish him all the best and expect him to find success on another team at a more reasonable contract. Good move, Nonis. Now, just don’t make the same mistake of signing Bozak to an inflated, long-term deal. Time to get creative.

    Sign UFAs Clarkson at 4.5mil x 5 years; and Scuderi at 4.5mil x 4 years.
    Re-sign RFAs Kadri, Franson, Fraser, Gunnarsson, Bernier.
    Trade for Liles, Holzer, & pick for Stastny at 6.6mil x 1 year.

    JVR – Stastny – Kessel
    Lupul – Kadri – Clarkson
    Colborne – Bolland – Kulemin
    McLaren – McClement – Orr / Hamilton

    Phaneuf – Scuderi
    Gunnarsson – Gardiner
    Fraser – Franson


    • I want this guy to run the team. this is exactly the team you require to bring home the hardware

    • Colorado has already said they will not trade Stastny. I don’t see any UFA centers on the market that you would consider the missing piece to building a contender. I’m not interested in wasting money on Weiss or Ribeiro for 4/5 years at 5 million dollars. This basically says that 1 of these guys is your no. 1 center moving forward. Forget it. Leafs will have to wait because the options are limited. Sign Clarkson and fix the defence for now.

      This doesn’t leave us in another overpaid Grabovski situation. This team is better suited for a Carlyle cycle/grind game. Commit the dollars to the backend with Bernier/Reimer. You can win with improved defense.

  3. Thought the Grabo contract was just a little high, maybe 500k or so per season, but never thought he’d be bought out. This whole role back of the salary cap and the resulting buyouts makes the NHL look like a joke. TO is a bit different as an organization as they have so much money, but to lose a half a season because owners were not making enough money and then to start throwing it all around again as if there were never any money concerns is laughable.

    My guess – more total salary will be paid out during the 2013 to 2014 season (including buyout annual hits, bonuses, etc… ) than the higher salary cap year of 2011-2012.

    How the lockout made any sense is somewhere in the noggins of GB and team owners.

  4. Not Grabo’s fault his numbers sucked, Carlyle misused him all season, he was set up to fail.
    He was relegated to the 3rd line checking role when his real talent is in offense (2nd line C)
    If Nonis did this to resign Bozak for the same $ then Leaf nation is going to explode in rage…

  5. Had he played a full season, he likely would have gotten back on track, but he just did not produce enough to earn the $5.5 Million. There are plenty of nights when he dragged the team to a win, but it is pretty obvious that Nonis thinks he has a chance at a more consistent first line scorer. I’m betting that somebody gets a steal at $3.5 million. I’m betting Calgary, Edmonton or Boston picks him up.

  6. While Grabovski was definitely overpaid at $5.5M per, the Leafs would have been better served to hold onto their second buyout option until after next season. It’s quite possible that the late start and abbreviated season threw a monkey wrench into Grabovski’s performance. There were a lot of oddities and performance issues associated with the lock-out shortened and tightly condensed schedule. Teams and players who never got untracked. Hell, Ovechkin earned an all-star berth at two different positions. I think it would have been worthwhile to give Grabovski the benefit of the doubt and counted on a bounce-back season from him.

  7. This is a dumb move unless they are freeing up cap room for a major trade where they are taking a high paid centre or d back. Grabo had trade value before the trade deadline would have received some great value for him. And they could have seen how his season went and keep him if he’s regained his form. That money can’t be for bozak. OR leverage the buyout as a major piece in a trade. I’m going to call Nonis tonight….

  8. Grabo can play on the B’s third line with Clowe and maybe Clarkson.

  9. Mixed feelings about this buyout. If the leafs are planning a big UFA move following this then it makes sense. I could really see JVR and Kessel on the first line with JVR crashing the net and Clarkson on the second line with Lupul and Clarkson being the pest in front of the net.
    From what we know Bolland will be in the top 6. I wonder if the Leafs are gonna take a shot at Kadri being the first line centre.
    Its possible that they make a pitch for Scuderi or Ference. Phaneuf and Scudri as the first defensive pairing would look awfully good.
    I`m not convinced of Stasny as a first line centre. I would rather go in with Kadri and wait for something better to come through the trade route. Patience might be key here. NOt in the case of Clarkson and Scuderi though, we need these guys to be realistic threat in the playoffs

  10. I think Grabo gets picked up in Anaheim, Calgary, Columbus,Florida, Minnesota, Tampa, Washington or Winnipeg. They all need a quality #2 centre. Anaheim may resign Koivu, so if he went there he would perhaps have to wait. However, whoever he plays for, t\when they play the Leafs expect Grabo to make them sorry. I liked Grabo. The contract was stupid. But paying Bozak just as much would be even stupider.