Report: Parise re-signed with Devils to 1 year deal.

Various sources report this evening the New Jersey Devils have avoided salary arbitration with winger Zach Parise, inking him to a one-year, $6 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: GM Lou Lamoriello claimed this was by mutual consent to avoid the arbitration process, and will continue to try to re-sign Parise long-term. For now, Parise’s back for another season, but don’t assume this means he’ll bolt the Devils next summer via the UFA market. It appears both sides remain keen on getting a longer deal in place at some point prior to next July.

This signing also means only two players remain scheduled for arbitration hearings next week: Nashville’s Shea Weber (August 2nd) and NY Islanders’ Blake Comeau (August 4th).


  1. Question- How does Garth Snow still have a job?

    Answer- Mr. Wang is his Boss.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    One bad move after another after another after another and so on….

    Burke will not get rid of Komisarek until Komisarek asks for a trade which he hasn’t.

    Lamoriello getting rid of the elephant in the room named Rolston was not a genuis move it was just easy when you got a bad GM named Snow to deal with who it seems has no inclination on how to manage a team.

    Only a one year deal for Parise? Like I have mentioned in the past Parise’s and Lou’s “friendship” is on the rocks and has been for quite some time.

  2. Even if that were true, friendships can recover, especially between men. Unless your name is Kevin Lowe and Brian Burke.

    But this does put Parise in the driver’s seat and will be like a stormcloud over NJ all season long. If they don’t get this resolved and soon, Lou’s gonna have hell to pay. If we lose Parise for free…

    I can’t even emit the words as to how much of a nightmare that would be for Devils fans.

  3. If they miss the playoffs again this year.. I say he’s gone. Simple as that.

  4. If it comes to that, they could swing a deal with LA to fish out Jon Bernier.