Report: Plane carrying KHL team crashes in Western Russia

YAHOO! Sports: Dmitry Chesnokov reports via twitter a charter plan carrying members of KHL team Lokomotiv has crashed in Western Russia. There were 37 passengers onboard, and only one survived. Chesnokov reports former NHLers Pavol Demitra, Karlis Skastins and Ruslan Salei were part of the Lokomotiv roster. No word yet if they were among the passengers. Head coach Brad McCrimmon most likely was also on that flight.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is a horrible tragedy, and my thoughts go out to the victims families and friends. I’ll provide more updates here as they’re reported. 

The list of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl roster. Puck Daddy also has more on this story.

Chesnokov reports everyone from the main team plus four youth players were on the flight. Conflicting reports claim one to three people may have survived.

Bruce Garrioch has more details. It now appears only one player, Alexander Galimov, survived the crash. The other survivor is believed to be a crew member.

Former NHL player Alexander Karpotsev was also on the flight. He was an assistant coach with Lokomotiv.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Folks, I just don’t have the words to describe my shock and sorrow right now. I’ll continue to provide more updates throughout the day. This is a very sad day for the hockey world.

**UPDATE** Alexander Galimov has reportedly died of his injuries…David Staples and Peter Adler of The Edmonton Journal has more, included the list of names of players reportedly on the flight….ESPN’s John Buccigros reports the Czech Embassy in Moscow has confirmed the deaths of Joseph Vasicek, Karel Rachunek and Jan Marek….Pavol Demitra’s agent confirmed the veteran forward also perished in the crash…Dmitry Chesnokov reports the name of Ruslan Salei does not appear on the released list of the dead passengers….SovSports has released the list of passengers and crew who perished on the flight….Various sources now confirm Salei also perished in the crash.


  1. Ya this is nuts. Gave me bad chills when I first read it on tsn. Sad day indeed.

  2. Shock and horror are the only words that come to mind,,,,Gone in an instant.

    Please dont put too much stock in any one report about this tragedy as there will be differing reports on cause, passenger names, and numbers for days to come. Many Russian news sources arent known for reliability.

  3. Have the hockey gods turned their backs on us this summer or something…. this is tragic. Of course thoughts and prayers go out to the players families.

  4. this has been one of the most depressing summers in recent history.

  5. I agree with all the poster’s here, A very sad day indeed! No words can express the sadness of this event and our deepest sympathies and prayers go out to all those affected by this sad news. :-(

  6. Prayers to all the families in this horrific tragedy…..

  7. This is horrible. My condolences to the friends and family of all the victims in this awful tragedy.

  8. Shocking…

  9. Oh my God…. That’s terrible…. I hope their families and friends can help each other through this. I know the feeling when something like this happens and you only hope for the famillies to pull together and support each other. They have my prayers today.

  10. this is a sad tragedy no matter who was involved but it always seems to hurt more when its people that you remember watching or have met once before. i was a big pavol demitra fan and it seems weird that this is how his life and so many other ended today.

  11. This is just about to much to take. I watched all these guys, including McCrimmon, during their days in the NHL. All kinds of memories are flooding my mind of these guys playing. Wish I could do more than just offer up prayers for all their families and friends, but that’s all I can do. God rest their souls.

  12. Wow what a tragic summer. I can’t believe how many have passed. Giving my condolences seems like such a small token inlight of such catastrophe. My heart goes out to all families involved in these summer disasters.

  13. You said it Durt….seems way to small for such a huge tragedy to only have condolences to offer. That said, my condolences to the families and friends of all on that flight…

  14. The entire hockey family mourns for the losses of all the people aboard the plane. Here in the United States, it is very heart felt. There are some many great contributions that come from the sport and words can’t say enough about the ones we’ve lost.. For those who have lost loved ones………….you are in our thoughts and prayers

  15. I Hope that the NHL offers as some else put it, Places this KHL’s Logo on the all teams sweaters for at least one game in remembrance of those lost. Let Hope Gary Bettman show’s class here. It willgo a long way to building a bridge between the 2 leagues!