Report: Red Wings re-sign Kronwall.


Re-signed by Red Wings.

NBC SPORTS: Joe Yerdon reports the Detroit Red Wings have re-signed defenseman Niklas Kronwall to a seven-year contract extension. Kronwall was eligible for UFA status next summer. Details to follow…

UPDATE: TSN report the deal is worth an average cap hit of $4.75 million per season. No word if it’s front-or back-loaded. has the breakdown, and yes, it’s front-loaded. $4.5 million in the first season, $6 million per for the next three seasons, $5.5 million in season five, $3.5 million in season six, and $1.75 million in season seven. It also has a full NTC through 2016-17, then a modified one for the final two seasons, where he would submit a ten-team trade list.


  1. Good work Holland. Now we just have to start putting the puck in the net!

  2. Given the recent spike in what players are getting, this seems like a pretty good deal. The guy’s turning into a cornerstone of the franchise.