Report: Rick Nash traded to NY Rangers.

Nash to become a Ranger.

TSN’S Darren Dreger reports via Twitter Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash is in the process of being traded to the New York Rangers. Expected to involved multiple players. Details to follow.

Dreger reports forwards Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov, prospect defenseman Tim Erixon, and a first round pick are headed to Columbus.

Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch also reports the Blue Jackets are also including a third round pick in 2013 and a minor league defenseman in the deal to the Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to Corey Poulton for the heads-up on this trade. I was enjoying a siesta in the midst of a family vacation when he called me about this. Looks like Columbus Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson finally realized he wasn’t going to get a better offer from the Rangers, or anyone else for that matter, and rather than let this thing drag out, agreed to do the deal.

It’s not a great return for Nash, but it’s not horrible either. Dubinsky and Anisimov are two  young NHL forwards with upside (which Howson wanted), Erixon is a promising blueline prospect, plus the Jackets get an extra first round pick they can use for themselves or possibly peddle elsewhere in another deal if required. No, it doesn’t replace the star power of Nash, but at this point, there was nothing out there in any offers Howson was getting that was going to do that. Nash wanted out, things had dragged on for months, the market wasn’t getting better, and the Rangers were the only team they could deal with.

The Rangers, meanwhile, had to do something after the Philadelphia Flyers – their division rivals – signed Nashville defenseman Shea Weber. This move should provide them with a significant boost to their offense, as he can play right and left wing, so we’ll probably see a Nash-Brad Richards-Marian Gaborik first line. It’s natural to assume this also means they’re out of the running for Shane Doan, but Larry Brooks of the NY Post reported Sunday Sather’s blueprint for next season includes Nash and Doan. We’ll see if this move might sway the latter to sign with the Rangers if he decides to leave the Phoenix Coyotes.


  1. Bob MacKenzie tweets that Stepan NOT part of the deal.

  2. My assessment is good trade for both sides. Rangers did not part with Hagelin, McDonagh or Krieder or a top 6 offensive piece or a top 4 defenseman…

    The cap money is half offset by Dubinsky who will do better in a different setting…plus Anisimov was approaching arbitration and RFA status…Erixon will be a good defenseman and will get a shot to play now vs sitting behind those ahead of him…The number 1 will likely be a high 20-25 or higher pick.

    Cap money washes out…with more Nash money committed over the duration of the contract.

    Still the biggest need was to improve the power play…and hopefully a big body power forward like Nash will do this.

    The best trades help both sides…I have to give the edge near term to the Rangers…better hope there’s no salary rollback in the new CBA…$28M now tied up in Hank, Gaborik, Richards and Nash.

  3. Nash-Richards-Gaborik


    That and Weber most likely coming to Philly (I think he will) the east is getting tougher to compete in. Come on MB, put an offer sheet in or do something lol!

  4. I think it’s actually a pretty good return for Nash. Anisimov and Dubinsky are part of those NY role players that kept their games close in order that Lundqvist steal their games for them. Erixon is a promising prospect, and hey, an extra first rounder. Might not be a great first round prospect, but it’s there.

    So if Philly gets Weber and NY Rangers get Nash, what moves do the Penguins and Devils make to remain in competition?

    • I don’t think Penguins need to do anything. Still have the two best players in the world last time I checked. The Devils on the other hand are toast won’t even sniff the playoffs.

      • I would agree with you if there were not some question marks on the D. When it comes to forwards, I’d put them up against any line-up out there right now but man as much as I like him, the prospect of Lovejoy being an every night player worries me.

        • I don’t believe Lovejoy will make the roster. If he isn’t dumped for a pick he will probably go on waivers. Still I would take him over Martin. That guy stinks. Ship him to Nashville.

  5. With improved goaltending the Jackets are a better team after this trade and the Carter trade. Plus with getting Murray at the draft. They are better now than with Nash.

    Why do I feel like the Rangers will be #1 in the East and be knocked out in the 1st round. Kinda think this is where the Rangers are heading. Still believe Sather should have stayed the course.

  6. So glad I’m not a Blue Jacket fan. Sure glad they’re in the Wings division.

  7. Howsen is the worst GM in the league. This isn’t even an argument anymore.

    I didn’t think Nash would go for much more than this in a trade overall, but Howsen didn’t even get a defenseman in return.

    Why did he wait this long to make this deal… ?

    What a fool.

    • By defenseman I meant either Del Zotto or McDonaugh… either of which could have been had with a lesser rou of other players/pick.

      • NikK: Howson DID get a defenseman in the return. Granted, Erixon has limited NHL experience but is believed to have considerable upside (he’s only 21). Furthermore, McDonagh was NOT available. Howson asked to him and Slats flat out told him to forget it. Del Zotto improved last season, but he’s only had one good NHL season so far (last season).

  8. Sorry to disagree, Spector, but it IS a horrible return.

    Just garbage back to Columbus: a third liner, a fourth liner, and a minor leaguer for Nash. Just garbage.

    How does Howson still have a job?

    • Dabroon I don’t always agree with you but I think you nailed it here. All I could think was , was that all they got back?

  9. Dubinsky will be better in Columbus and Anisimov will get more playing time. Howson is bad but I don’t think this is a horrible return at all.

  10. Will Erixon report ?

    • Good question. They are a little deep at the moment.

  11. All that waiting for that return?!??? Wow… Someone in Columbus is going to unemployed at some point next year. So the rangers have Nash now but have lost a lot of their depth since FA started. Philly may get weber but if they don’t their D looks very suspect heading into next year. Interesting.

  12. Terrible deal all this time,the drama,the climax is this?? Second tier players,not even one All Star back,reminds me of the Joe Thornton deal that O’Connell engineered,Sturm,Stuart and Primeau.Terrible deal then as well.What a joke Howson is,maybe O’Connell can hook him up with a scouting job like the one he has now.Those three will really sell season tickets now.OMG.

    • Not saying the Bruins return was great for Thornton. But in my opinion that was addition by subtraction. Thornton should not have been named the captain. Bruins were expecting something out of Thornton he wasn’t. The summer after that trade Bruins signed Savard and Chara. Savard was the same kind of player (pass first centerman) for a couple million less and Chara was/is the Leader Thornton never will be plus a shutdown defender. Always said Bruins would win a cup before Thornton.

  13. Thing is.. Nash in my mind really isn’t THAT good. Huge contract.. long.. dude didn’t even break 70 points last year and has never touched 80 points.

    Will that change with the Rangers? Who knows.. but just look at his stats.. I don’t see him as ever being that amazing. Thus the decent return you see.

    • Agree!!!

    • Got to disagree. Nash by himself has scored at least 30 goals in 5 straight seasons. He has twice scored 40. Not bad for a guy who hasn’t had anyone decent to set him up. Now you put him with a playmaker like Richards…well I think he will change your mind.

      He was by far the best player on his team. If Montreal got him instead I think your tune may be a little different.

      • He WAS the best player on his team. As a result he played a huge number of minutes and every power play. He should have had more than 59 points even playing with Junior linemates if he were truly an elite player. He may show us yet, but at 7.8 per season, I’ll take the 3 guys they got plus a pick.

  14. Now it gets interesting with Nash out of the picture. Still think San Jose needs to do something.

  15. I would suppose the focus is now on Semin/Doan. Not much left without a trade.

  16. Hawson is an idoit, he had a better offer from the wings, but he made a crappy deal

  17. Doan will be the focus for the Sharks. They really need a captain with an edge…something that Thorton and Marleau haven’t had, in spite of their great talent and effort…Just don’t overpay or give too much length to the contract please!

  18. howson boggles my mind with this one. beyond being a rather mediocre return for nash, i can’t believe this is much different than he could have had months ago. why pull the trigger now? at least wait until semin and doan are off the market. i have to believe the rangers, in response to the weber signing, said, “listen we are doing something today. take this deal now or we’re making another deal with a different team and we will no longer be interested in nash.”

    if howson wasn’t done in clm before he is now. get him out of there.

  19. I wonder if this is Craig Patrick whispering in Howson’s ear, “Of course you can jump out the fifth floor window and land in that baby pool…..”

    • haha, nice.
      first thought I had – Howson just sealed his – and Craig Patrick’s Job futures.

      • Shocked it hasn’t happened yet.

  20. Honestly Nash’s numbers look similar to Kessel’s. I think they are different kind of players, but on a pure numbers basis Kessel actually had 82 points last season with Bozak setting him up. Nash’s highest point total is 79. He had 59 points last season.

    Granted Nash has scored 40 and 41 goals. Kessel’s highest total is 37. Nash is 3 years older then Kessel and has the “star” power over him.

    If Nash gets motivated to play in New York it will be a really good deal for them. Columbus couldn’t get enough for Nash unless they picked up a star. Generally as a Leafs fan (Ducks and covers) I probably wouldn’t have been that happy with that return for Kessel, but if I knew he wanted out then you have to make the best deal you can. The Columbus GM handled the whole situation poorly.

    It might make sense for them to sign Semin to a deal. If they do and he scores 30 they might be better off.

  21. Seems the Sharks offer was better with Pavelski and Clowe being offered up. Glad it did not happen since GM Wilson was giving up too much, but how does the Columbus GM still have a job?

  22. It’s funny how everyone was crucifying Howson for asking for too much in return for Nash, but now he’s finally traded, you’re all saying what a rip-off it is.

    I agree though, this was a horrible return. Howson got nothing but a couple disposable spare parts, a crappy 1st rounder, and a defensive prospect with attitude problems who will probably just backdoor tamper his way out of Columbus like he did with Calgary.

    Worst. Trade. Ever.

  23. I guess my POV is different, being a Rangers fan. “Welcome back to 1998″ was a real fear for me, but it seems like there’s a really good chance this will work out for both teams.

    Dubinsky and Anisimov played just fine for a number of seasons, in both New York and Hartford. Last season was definitely an off-year for both, particularly in light of the prior season in which they and Callahan earned career stats. From a realist’s standpoint (which is always worthless in hockey), they seemed to be the future of the team. This should be the expectation of them in Columbus. They have three picks in the first round and, if used wisely, can build alongside Dubinsky and Anisimov.

    In short, Columbus is not in these dire straits some would have us believe.

    Nash probably won’t play with Gaborik by virtue of Gaborik and Richards were particularly ineffective together last season. As things are now, it makes better sense to play Callahan with Nash and Richards, and keep Gaborik with Stepan and Hagelin after his recovery (or the start of the season, whichever comes first).

  24. No, the worst trade ever: Joe Thronton to SJ.