Report: Sabres to Ship Jason Pominville to the Wild.

RDS’s Renaud Lavoie reports the Buffalo Sabres have dealt Jason Pominville and a fourth round pick in 2014 to the Minnesota Wild for prospects Johan Larssen and Matt Hackett, a first round pick in 2013 and a second round pick in 2014.

Jason Pominville goes Wild.

Jason Pominville goes Wild.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: The rebuild has apparently begun in Buffalo, picking up two promising prospects in forward Johan Larssen and goalie Matt Hackett, while shipping out a player who was going to become a UFA next year and would likely move on. They also pick up an extra pick in the first round of what is expected to be a deep draft. The Wild obviously weren’t among the clubs on Pominville’s no-trade list.

Wild GM Chuck Fletcher claimed he wasn’t planning to make any moves, but landing Pominville is a worthwhile move, bringing leadership, versatility and playoff experience to a Wild club poised to clinch its first playoff berth in five years. It’s a good short-term move for the Wild which could stretch beyond next season. Time will tell how this return benefits the Sabres.



  1. Wild really proving they want to be a force in the West this year. Another solid scoring threat added to the line up.

  2. Your one misstatement was “He (Pommer) brings leadership”. Leadership is what he lacked in Buffalo

  3. I don’t like the return from the Sabres perspective, Spector don’t you think they could’ve obtained more for Pommer? I’m hearing draft picks were included from some sources but nothing is confirmed.

  4. With picks in place Buffalo made off like a thief on this one.

    • I definitely feel a lot better about it now that we see picks coming back. If either prospect winds up being a decent regular in the lineup then I think you will be absolutely right. On the other hand, it looks like it’ll benefit both teams since Pommer will help come playoff time.

      With less expected of him he will thrive i think.

    • Darcy did good again. While Pommer has played well for Buffalo over the years, I just haven’t see the intensity there the past couple of years – especially since becomming Captain. I think it was just too much for him. Miller most likely will be dealt this summer. I think with Stafford he is overpaid and I think we are stuck with him.

  5. You think Calgary fans are pissed off? If they would of dealt Iginla two years ago, they’ve could of gotten something like this

  6. Wild are proving that they are going for it now. Pominville is a great pickup at a hefty price. Hopefully it works out for both teams.