Report: Senators Acquire Bishop From Blues.

Bishop headed to Senators.

OTTAWA SUN’s Bruce Garrioch reports via Twitter the Senators have dealt a draft pick to the St. Louis Blues for goaltender Ben Bishop. TSN’s Darren Dreger says trade call still needs to happen, but Bishop is headed to the Senators. Jeremy Rutherford of St. Louis Post-Dispatch also confirms deal awaiting NHL approval. TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports the Blues, before trading Bishop, re-signed him to a one-year, one-way contract extension.

**UPDATE** The return for the Blues is a second round pick in 2013.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A few points: first, looks like Craig Anderson won’t be returning soon from his finger injury (cut tendon). Second, we can probably forget about Brian Elliott being shopped this summer by the Blues. Finally, if all it took to get Bishop was a draft pick, and he’s supposedly considered the best goalie not in the NHL right now, why did it take this long for a team to pick him up?  If Bishop’s as good as advertised, this is a sensible move by the Senators to shore up their goalie depth.


  1. BUMMER! really wish the Oilers picked this kid up. Unless they have other plans for Harding or someone…

  2. Seems like a good pick up for the sens but what about lehner? Is he not the goalie of the future? And he seemed to do decent went called up this year

  3. Well, Auld is a UFA. Both Bishop ($600k again next year) and Lehner ($870k two more years) are cheap. They both can battle for the back up job next year with the occasional demotion to get more playing time with no drop off by calling the other guy up. Still, what a sweetheart deal for the Sens.

  4. I guess Yzerman wants Tokarski to be our no.1 next season because we can’t get ANYONE else.

  5. Good trade. Makes 2 young guys battle for the number one spot, plus will probably make them better as they compete and a second rounder is a small price to pay for a potential starting goaltender. Savvy move Mr. Murray.

  6. Geez Ottawa, your in the playoff picture in a rebuilding year, why in the world do you give up a 2nd round pick for a short term solution?

  7. Seems like maybe a steal for the Sens. I’m not sure about handing a kid with little NHL experience the pressure of being the goalie for a team in a playoff battle and into the post-season but they’ve over achieved all year so I guess there’s not much to lose.

  8. This one knocked me off my chair. I’m not a prospect expert by any means but I did continuously hear those “best goalie not in the NHL” monikers being said about Bishop. Considering the teams who have been so desperate for goaltending this season (TB, CLS, EDM, etc) how could it have taken only a 2nd Rd pick to land this guy. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop because this one makes no sense to me. STL just got robbed you’d think.

  9. The Blues were not dealing from a position of strength with Bishop being a UFA at the end of the season, so a 2nd rounder is actually a decent return. I hope the best for him, congrats Senators.

  10. I don’t think the Blues got robbed at all. They get a mid-round pick in the second for a guy who suddenly was not longer in their plans for the future. They have a pretty solid tandem already, and other than the Islanders teams don’t lose both their starter and their backup for long stretches at a time. At the worst, the pick gives St. Louis a little farm depth. At best, well, think of some superstars who have come later in the draft.

    On the other side of it, is there a goalie in the draft who can step in and challenge for the starting role in Ottawa? Even if there was, I’d probably take the guy who’s been playing in the minors than a kid fresh out of college or juniors. Makes good sense to me.

  11. This was a brilliant move by Ottawa. Bishop is young, 25, considered one of the best no in the NHL and likely not something they could quickly reproduce through the draft. GM BM has said that he wasn’t making any short term fixes, but only longer term moves. I am assuming Bishop ends up signed one year extension, then multiple years next year.

    I think this either signals two things. Ottawa going with two young goalies and a vet to train them both and get them NHL ready, then in a year or two move Anderson. OR they want to have two cracks at ensuring they get the real thing and now with highly touted goalie prospects in Bishop and Lehner, plus a pretty solid defensive core … Ottawa is going to be focusing on forwards. Truly surprised with the teams soon to need young netminders Armstrong didn’t put this to a bidding war.

  12. Wow, good move by the Sens. Have they finally acquired the stud goaltending prospect they have lacked for… Oh, EVER! I think there will be a few teams who will be liking themselves for not dropping a second rounder for a chance at this kid. Good move.

  13. JJB, I totally agree this seems like a really good move by the Senators to create some organizational depth at the goaltender position. Can they finally overcome the teams historical achilles heel? Only time will tell but I like this move. Since last years trade deadline G.M. Brian Murray has made some pretty savvy moves.