Report: Jets Sign Wellwood.

TEAM 1040: reports the San Jose Sharks have signed forward Kyle Wellwood to a one-year, $700K contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wellwood played 35 regular season games and 18 playoff games for the Sharks last season. 


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: is reporting it’s the Winnipeg Jets, not the Sharks, who have signed Wellwood to a one-year, $700K contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My apologies for the confusion, it appears I was the victim of a prank report.


  1. No worries, these things do happen Spec.

    Interesting signing by the Jets who should get some decent depth at a good price.

  2. Kyle Wellwood’s signing is a very interesting one for many reasons.

    3 Players want out of Winnipeg. They are Antropov, Hainsey and Byfuglien. All 3 of them have no trade contracts and have to waive them to be traded which all 3 are willing to do.

    Winnipeg want to sign Bogosian but do not want to go higher than the cap minimum of which they are approx $150,000 over with Wellwood’s signing.

    That means they have to make a trade.

    Who will be traded?

  3. Well, with Antropov scoring 41 points last year with a -17 +/- and at over $4MM, I don’t think any team is going to be beating the door down for him. There are plenty of “middle of the road” youngsters that need to be developed and are itching to be brought up. Wellwood is a center who brings some grit and energy – he will dig in the corners and do some of the dirty work in front of the net – he also needs to be in shape and he may have something to prove. So, I think it is a real good pickup for a team looking for a scoring center. Buf – we’ll see if he sheds the extra 40 lbs he has gained during the offseason – and Hainsey – well if he can find another team to take him – go ahead. I think I would rather have Chris Campoli or Anton Stralman – both can be had at under $2M and save the Jets some $.

    I guess my feeling is, if you don’t want to be on a club – then leave. Everyone is replaceable – and there is always someone ready to step up.